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Vatic Note:  Wow, we do still have heroes and I am happy to see it so blatantly, clearly and courageously.  LISTEN TO EVERY SINGLE WORD THIS MAN SAYS.  He is saying all that we have exposed on this blog.  This is a must watch/listen to every single word this man says.  Our founding fathers would be most proud of him. Good for the State of Texas for having such a great soul speaking from OUR Hearts to those who would squeeze every last drop of humanity out of us if we let them.    

I will say no more, for he more than does the job, so very well.  God Bless you Chuck Smith for your courage and integrity and your patriotic call to service to all Americans.  Whether we like it or not, this all needed to be said in the serious, quiet manner in which he said it. We can no longer deny what is directly in front of our faces. 

We Are Your Enemy
Published by Chuck Smith on Nov 18, 2013

Kill me, I am Legion.
Attack me and make me stronger.
Strength and Honor are anathema to you; to us they are the key to salvation here and/or in the next life.


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