Terror Attack in Chicago Now Trending

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Vatic Note:  As you know, I seldom put up these "fear porn" warnings, but this time was different.  I decided to do it to point out several things for us to watch out for in the future to give us a heads up.   There is no way to know whether a terror attack was scheduled for that game between the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens.  All actions by the evil ones point to the fact, it could have been scheduled, but the early exposure of all the elements could have forced a retreat from their plans and thus saved the day.

His very good point about the truly massive  advanced war games and drills is for "some" purpose, either this one or some other one in the future, so studying this at this time, is a good idea and that is why it was put up.  I don't know anyone anymore who does not know that Homeland Security is now our "Storm Troopers terrorist group" who do the required false flags, terrorist acts against the American people, intimidation acts such as that done by TSA. In Chicago, their go to man is Rahm "never let a good crisis go to waste" Emmanual whose brother is a eugenicist, which means they do not value human life as such. 

The FBI has now become the DHS tool to implement whatever it is they plan.  He gives a perfect example of that in this blog, using Chicago bogus police who were not real police but posed as real police doing very bad things, which would build distrust between the chicago police and their citizens.  Typical deception used in the ME to overthrow ME arab governments  AND were practices for here.  I truly believe we have our limits and they will never get what they want, but they may get something they don't want. 

DHS is filled with Zionists and Zionist organizations that have worked overtime to pit one group of Americans against another to try and facilitate the advent of a civil war they want and need in order to do martial law and to grab our guns.  That is why the comparisons between Obama and Lincoln, since the same bankers did the previous one under Lincoln and he betrayed them, which is why they killed him.

Any civil war must only be between ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS AND KHAZARS SUCH AS RAHM EMMANUAL.  Not the good khazars that are not involved in all this, only those who have infiltrated our gov at the top at every level,  federal, state and local.

Our job is to identify who they are, what assets they deem valuable of theirs to protect etc.and ways to get them out of the country or off this planet, which is preferable, since none of us wants to go through all this every 30 years or so, as we have in the past.

Terror Attack in Chicago Now Trending

David Chase Taylor
November 17, 2013

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Considering that a “race war” bio-terror attack at the Champions Classic basketball tournament in Chicago, Illinois was planned for November 12, 2013, there is a real possibility that a redux of the foiled terror plot may be planned for the November 17, 2013, NFL game between the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens at Soldier Field in Chicago.

Aside from the fact that 18 people were shot in Chicago this weekend, reports surfaced prior to the start of the game which stated that severe Chicago weather could affect the game. Predictably, the game was allowed to start before being temporarily suspended due to severe weather threat.

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The stoppage in play has subsequently resulted in fans exiting the stadium. When the game resumes, there is a real possibility that weapons and/or explosives will be brought back into Soldier Field by an off duty police officer or another state-sponsored terrorist affiliated with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The premeditated game cancellation was executed in order to provide the necessary window in NFL security to allow for the terrorist with weapons to enter. This gives the NFL and its security team plausible deniability in the wake of the attack.

Operation Urban Shield 2013

As with most state-sponsored terror plots, a massive terror drill is executed just prior. Operation Urban Shield 2013 was executed in San Francisco, California, from October 25 through October 28, 2013. The terror operation was a “full-scale regional preparedness exercise” whose overarching goals include “managing large scale events” as well as “respond[ing] to, and recover[ing] from terrorist incidents or related catastrophic events by providing planning, training, equipment and exercises to the UASI region”.

Aside from the 110 regional fire departments, 14 national agencies; 56 federal agencies, 7 international agencies, and 158 corporate sponsors, the Chicago Police Department, Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) Special Response Team 4, and the Illinois State Police also participated in Operation Urban Shield. According to the ILEAS website, “Under ILEAS’ auspices, nine WMD Special Response Teams and seven Mobile Field Force Teams have been created.

In total there are 822 officers from 245 different agencies represented on ILEAS Teams”. Evidently, Operation Urban Shield was preparation for an ILEAS-related bio-terror attack in the state of Illinois.

2013 Chicago Terror Plots

Aside from the aforementioned Champions Classic terror plot, Chicago, Obama’s home city, has been home to two recently foiled terror plots. The first incident was a “race war” massacre which 2013 Civil Rights Game in Chicago on August 24, 2013. The second incident occurred when Obama and Emanuel were once again caught red-handed attempting a “race war” attack against Chicago area schools on September 9, 2013. Clearly, the Obama administration is working in concert with the terrorist mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, to bring about a domestic “race war” terror attack on the scale of 9/11. Although they have been thwarted thus far, it doesn’t appear that they will stop trying anytime soon.

Chicago Police Impersonator Terror

Prior to a high profile “race war” terror attack by terrorists wearing Chicago Police Department uniforms, the public must first be psychologically programmed to accept that this is in fact possible. Starting in March of 2013, there has been an unprecedented amount of police impersonators arrested in Chicago which has been subconsciously programming Americans for an impending policeman terror attack. Aside from the 16 police impersonators listed on the Chicago Police Department’s official website which span every gender and ethnicity, there has been a recent rash of arrests in respect to police impersonators which indicates that a terror event committed by a real or alleged member of the Chicago Police Department imminent.

Chicago Police Impersonator Headlines:

1. March 25, 2013: Chinatown Police Impersonator Charged (Chicago, IL)
2. July 25, 2013:Man who impersonated police in 2009 arrested for doing same thing (Chicago, IL)
3. July 30, 2013: Police impersonators pull over wrong guy: a cop (Chicago, IL)
4. September 27, 2013: Man Posing As Federal Agent Robbing People on South Side (Chicago, IL)
5. September 30, 2013: Cops link 4th South Side robbery to police impersonator (Chicago, IL)
6. October 16, 2013: Sex abuse by police impersonator triggers warning (Chicago, IL)
7. November 8, 2013: Teen cop impersonator gets 18 months in prison (Chicago, IL)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events or headlines]
Chicago Sports Violence

Prior to a high profile sports-related terror attack in Chicago, the public must first be psychologically programed to accept that this is in fact possible. Since September of 2013, the city of Chicago has suffered numerous incidents in respect to sports and terror which indicates that sports terror in Chicago is currently being planned.

Chicago Sports Terror Timeline:

1. September 2, 2013: Cops arrest Wrigley trespassers
2. May 8, 2013: Woman Dies after Choking On Hot Dog at Wrigley Field
3. September 19, 2013: 2 gunmen open fire at Chicago basketball court, at least 13 wounded
4. November 6, 2013: Surveillance Video Captures Flash Mob Robberies At 3 Chicago Area Stores
[Does not purport to be a complete list of events or headlines]
Terrorist Mayor of Chicago

Aside from the fact that the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, is the son of a Israeli Zionist terrorist, the city of Chicago has experienced 532 murders in 2012 and more than 200 murders in 2013 since Emanuel took over the mayorship. In the month of August 2013 alone, Chicago has suffered an unprecedented 53 homicides and 224 others have been shot.

These murders are in large part a result of Emanuel and the crew of Israeli terrorists which are currently having a free-for-all terrorizing the unarmed Windy City. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Chicago is slated to suffer an unprecedented gun related “race war” massacre. Interestingly, Emanuel participated in a cameo on the television show entitled “Chicago Fire”, which coincidentally features Chicago fire and medical teams which would be called to a future gun-related school massacre.

Chicago Trending

Recent headlines from Chicago over the last few days are indicative of the apocalypse and indicate that the Chicago is being primed for a major event. While some of the documented headlines may in fact be real-life events, a majority of them appear to have been fabricated in order to bring unprecedented attention to Chicago just prior to a major terror attack as well as to give the impression that Chicago has spiraled out of control—making the notion of a major terror attack all the more believable.

Chicago Headlines:

1. November 13, 2013: Chicago sinkhole eats up residential street
2. November 14, 2013: Boy, 3, hurt in possible coyote attack near Columbus Park
3. November 14, 2013: Jon Stewart rips Chicago pizza
4. November 14, 2013: Hundreds of Underground Tanks Leaking in Chicago
5. November 14, 2013: Former Bears receiver Hurd gets 15-year prison sentence
6. November 14, 2013: Chicago boxing pro found shot to death in South Side gangway
7. November 15, 2013: USGS Says Chicago Area Did Experience Quake Nov. 4
8. November 15, 2013: Appeals court reinstates ACLU suit over police deployment in Chicago
9. November 16, 2013: Man Charged With Attack On Nephew Using Shovel
10. November 16, 2013: 3 Arrested After Dancing Atop SUV in Busy Chicago Intersection
11. November 16, 2013: Nine people stuck in elevator in Cook County building
12. November 16, 2013: Naked Woman Causes Delays on CTA Red Line
13. November 17, 2013: Chicago Sun-Times website was hacked
14. November 17, 2013: Man Charged after Running on Tarmac at O’Hare Airport

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events or headlines]
Illinois Gun Laws

As previously witnessed in the Rahm Emanuel terror plot targeting elementary schools in Chicago, controversial gun legislation was passed just prior to a planned gun-related massacre so that in the aftermath of the attack, the gun laws can be cited as motive for the attack. Predictably, white American gun owners who think Obama and Emanuel’s gun policies are unconstitutional will be scapegoated in the terror attack.

Illinois Gun Headlines:

1. April 24, 2013:Five people killed in Illinois shooting, gunman dies after police chase
2. July 17, 2013: Chicago Lawmakers Unanimously Vote to Beef Up Assault Weapons Ban
3. July 28, 2013: Sheriff’s Team Working To Seize Guns From Thousands In Illinois
4. August 25, 2013: New Illinois Gun Law Requires Owners to Report Missing Firearms

[Does not purport to be a complete list of events or headlines]

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of Truther.org. Taylor currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland where he has applied for political asylum after the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Taylor has also authored The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the 2013 global bio-terror pandemic. To date, Truther.org has identified and exposed over 50 Obama sanctioned terror plots, as well as the Alex Jones’ links to STRATFOR.

Truther.org Legal Disclaimer
Truther.org’s stated purpose is to prevent terror attacks by drawing unwanted global attention to these terror plots prior to their fruition. State-Sponsored Terror Threat Assessments (SSTTA), assertions, and forecasts made by Truther.org DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility they could theoretically occur based on the cited date. Historically, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed (e.g., the Super Bowl XLV Nuclear Terror Plot), the terror plot is immediately canceled or postponed. State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, as well as mislead the public from the true perpetrators of terror. By first identifying and then connecting the dots of the terror related paper trail, Truther.org has successfully blown the whistle on numerous terror related plots. Please spread the word in helping make terrorism a thing of the past. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Namaste

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