Multiple UFO Sightings In “Washington D.C.”–Nephilim Meeting With Government Leaders? The Reason They Are Here! (Original Video Footage)

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Vatic Note:  We are back to the question again,  are aliens or have aliens been here on this planet?  If they have, then how are the powers that be manipulating that fact to our detriment, since they never let anything go out without first molding it to their purposes and always against our best interests.  I would love to have someone list at least 1 instance where they did something in our best interest?

The very best video, of those below, which sums all this up, is the last video.  I have had some experience as some of you remember, about 2 years ago with just such demonic forces that resulted in my false arrest.  It was a miracle that saved me, and I reported all of it on this blog as it was happening.  This video also, inadvertently explains the abject hatred that exists for Christians and who the khazars may well be and why they massacred Christians every chance they got.

Having said all that, let me make it clear that I am suspicious of every piece of information that conveniently leaks out like this did.  That does not mean it isn't true, but it does mean we should read and keep it in an open mind for now without judging or accepting/rejecting the information.  Bill Cooper and Majestic 12 keep cropping up in my mind.  Further, Bill Cooper disclosed the plans of the elite to create an alien invasion to get us to globalize.  According to Bill Cooper there were good guy aliens that the bad guy aliens wanted destroyed so they would not rescue us.

So the evil ones were going to make the good guys into bad aliens for our consumption.  Now, Was Bill telling the truth?  Well, the 1966 Iron Mountain report seems to confirm the recommendation was made to use Aliens to get us to globalize. That report first recommended some kind of "ECODISASTER" and if that did not work, they recommended then the alien invasion scenario.  There were 3 different ecodisasters that did not work,  so the alien invasion is definitely on the table now, since no citizen in Japan died from Fukishima radiation. Bill Cooper and Phil Schneider were killed for what they were disclosing.

I have found that the answer eventually comes out in a most sure way and thus we have time to consider it without fear, belief or judgement.  Simply keep an open mind, read, dig, and then decide later.  Its what I do.  I ask all the unanswered questions and I seek the answers before making any decisions and many times, I share those questions with you to also ask.   Other times, I have found the answers and share those as well.  It works so far.

One last thought on the matter....Who runs and controls Hollywood?  Who has done massive false flag productions like a professionally done movie and only got caught because of the actors who were recognized from previous false flags."?  Are these  coincidences or facts that bear close scrutiny?  I keep thinking of the Sandy Hook "production" as well as the Benghazi production.

Well, this is not even up yet and they gutted the first video already.  So, there apparently is something to this, but then again, if these ships are triangular in shape,  then they are ours.   And maybe that is why they don't want us to see them.  As I said, you view and read all this, and you then decide.  I would revisit some of Bill Coopers work on the subject as well as Phil Schneider, since I believe the truth lies in a complicated mess that requires diligent sorting out.  

Multiple UFO Sightings In “Washington D.C.”–Nephilim Meeting With Government Leaders? The Reason They Are Here! (Original Video Footage)
by By Lyn Leahz, Before Its News
Friday, November 15, 2013 19:08

UFO sightings have been on the increase all over the world. However, the ones I find most interesting are those that are being seen around government facilities, especially the White House!

But first, let me begin with a blast from the past, then we’ll slowly move forward to today. Allow me to give you a taste of that time so that you can truly feel the moment.

The year is 1952. It’s just four months before the Presidential Election, in which Dwight D.Eisenhower will win by a landslide vote:
The United States presidential election of 1952 was the 42nd quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 4, 1952. Republican Dwight Eisenhower was the landslide winner, ending a string of Democratic wins that stretched back to 1932. He carried the Republican Party (GOP) to narrow control of the House and Senate. During this time, Cold War tension between the United States and the Soviet Union was at a high level.
Foreign policy was a main issue in the race for the Republican nomination. The nation was polarized over the stalemated Korean War, and the extent of corruption in the federal government became a major issue as well. The economy was prosperous, and economic and social issues played little role.
Unpopular incumbent President Harry S. Truman decided not to run after a poor primary showing. The Democratic Party instead nominated Governor Adlai Stevenson of Illinois. Stevenson had gained a reputation in Illinois as an intellectual and eloquent orator. The Republican Party saw a contest between the internationalist and isolationist perspectives.
Eisenhower the NATO commander and war hero defeated Senator Robert A. Taft, the isolationist, for the nomination and crusaded against “Korea, Communism and Corruption.”
Ike, as they called him, did well in all major demographic and regional groups except the Deep South.
Eisenhower, at 62, was the oldest man to become president since James Buchanan in 1856.


How Stuff Works News:


The 1952 Washington D.C. UFO Incident

A few minutes before midnight on Saturday, July 19, 1952, an air traffic controller at National Airport in Washington, D.C., noticed some odd blips on his radar screen. Knowing that no aircraft were flying in that area –15 miles to the southwest of the capital — he rushed to inform his boss, Harry G. Barnes.
Barnes recalled a few days later, “We knew immediately that a very strange situation existed. . . . [T]heir movements were completely radical compared to those of ordinary aircraft.” They moved with such sudden bursts of intense speed that radar could not track them continuously.
Soon, National Airport’s other radar, Tower Central (set on short-range detection, unlike Barnes’ Airway Traffic Control Central [ARTC]), was tracking unknowns. At Andrews AFB, ten miles to the east, Air Force personnel gaped incredulously as bright orange objects in the southern sky circled, stopped abruptly, and then streaked off at blinding speeds. Radar at Andrews AFB also picked up the strange phenomena.
The sighting­s and radar trackings continued until 3 A.M. By then witnesses on the ground and in the air had observed the UFOs, and at times all three radar sets had tracked them simultaneously.
In case you’ve never seen it, here is the original film footage from 1952:

Is there something going on in Washington D.C among the ‘elite’, or better, the Illuminati-Freemasons, that we’re not aware? Certainly there is! To prove my point, I have collected various clips of UFO’s spotted over Washington D.C. I do not know the accuracy or realism of all of them; however, I am posting it here for you, and you can be the judge.
Here is one from 2012:

Real UFO space ship flying over DC, Washington


UFO Sighting Over Washington DC Capital Building On Sept 3, 2013, News



YouTube Desc:
I was looking over the live cams and caught this dark disk on the Washington DC cam. The cam video looks small but when you pick up the photo and move it to desktop is really big. I took a video while it was there, but my audio driver was out…so I will show the video anyways.

Washington DC cam: CLICK HERE

Diamond UFO over Washington DC | April 21, 2012


Washington DC Webcam UFO (05-02-11)


What’s going on in Washington D.C.? Those of us who research and study this know that our government leaders are a bunch of Nephilim bloodline Illuminati Freemasons. In fact, they even boast about it, yet so many people refuse to believe.
It looks to me like their relatives are flying in for regular visits to see how things are progressing with the NWO plans and the alien Messiah deception.  This has been in the works for ages, by the way. But it’s getting closer to the “big event”, as we well know.

In case you didn’t see this video recently posted by Now The End Begins, it definitely gives more clarity to my point here:

“Spirits” Filmed Around Obama and Bush (2013)


YouTube Desc:
Sometimes we see glimpses of ‘other dimensions’ that surround us. Sometimes, the spiritual realm reveals itself, so obviously, it’s even more difficult for most people to “see”. Check out these unusual anomalies surrounding Bush and Obama.

Obama Syria Speech–Satan the Puppet Master Rrevealed–Illuminati Freemason–NWO–WW3–Armageddon


Don’t believe me? Do you remember this clip from 2011? Well, in case you didn’t see it, let me explain. They are ALL related through royal bloodlines because the royal bloodlines have been preserved over the generations, very carefully, as the serpent seed—the nephilim! This is NO mistake. It’s purposeful.  No matter which president gets elected in any election, they are still in the bloodline of the Nephilim.


All U.S. Presidents Except One Related To One British King, Found By 12 Year Old Girl


Randy DeMain with Rick Wiles on the entire subject of Lucifer’s lie in the last days concerning Nephilim/UFO’s/Government Elite. You’ve got to hear this!


“Austin pastor Randy DeMain tells Rick why he believes the escalating sightings of UFOs is connected to the New World Order plan to deceive humanity in order to usher in a Pre-Great Flood world government.”

And check out TSM International News:

Did President Eisenhower Meet with Aliens?

According to a former Pentagon consultant and prominent author and lecturer, President Eisenhower met with aliens on at least one occasion during his presidency. Timothy Good, who worked with the Eisenhower administration, made this claim on a recent BBC program.
Good’s story centers around a meeting between Eisenhower and some “Nordic-looking” aliens while the president was vacationing in Palm Springs, CA in 1954. The meeting, which also included FBI officials, allegedly took place at Holloman Air Force Base. According to Good, “Aliens have made both formal and informal contact with thousands of people throughout the world from all walks of life.”
There’s a reason for all this! There is a reason “aliens” are meeting with goverment leaders! They’re NOT aliens—they’re nephilim—disembodied spirits manifest! The government leaders are Illuminati/Freemasons. They worship Satan and have kept their bloodline ‘pure’ just as God kept the bloodline pure for the Messiah! Satan has done the same thing, except with his fetid descendants.
Be aware! Because the ‘great’ deception is here! Do not be deceived!

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Anonymous said...

This explains the strange happenings in the nations capital since Sept 1. Backing off war with Syria. The two fake terrorist incidents are now easily analyzed. They were done to alert people with eyes to see, that DC is under control by 'foreign agents.' The whole stenographer going to the podium directed by Congressman Bill Young, then him 'dying' the next day. All these events can have no social or political import due to their fakery. Yet given the timing, the about face by the administration, the dearth of real news from DC that a coup of some sort has occurred.

Vatic Master said...

Excellent observations, analysis and deductive reasoning. I believe you have a point there. A good one, and it will be worthwhile to see how long this reversal by our leaders last. The more we observe, the more we learn and finally can deduce the truth for real.