Gun Control: EPA Joins The U. N. To Target Ammo Supply Lines, America’s Last Lead Producer Closes

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Vatic Note:  Well,  once you read this, its time to delve into our creative genius and think of ways around it.  Thinking outside the box is good exercise for us at this point in time.   Its long overdue.   I came up with an idea almost right away.  First identify who has all those rounds of ammo!  Both the billions of rounds held by the Gestapo dept of homeland security run by the Zionists and identify the other major purchasers of such ammo.  The trouble with only having 10,000 of you, is that 380 million can take the ammo away from you if they so decide.   Hey I just heard about fused alloy ammunition.... its suppose to replace lead.  Anyone know anything about this? 

The next thing to do is scope out the storage facilities where its all kept.   Then map all avenues of transport out of that  facility.   Then work out a plan of action based on your research.   I am sure most of you can read between the lines.  We have been raised with enforced limits not  only on our thinking but on actions that are considered acceptable. 

Well, all of those limits are now gone.  There are no  limits to your imagination, nor to your actions,  when the time comes, so preparing, and practicing exercising that imagination is a good idea in advance.  Begin the process of looking for those underground entrances, venting, and delivery doors both in the side of mountains and underground.  I strongly suggest starting with the national forests in your area since that is what was shut down during the gov shut down, but activity in the national parks increased with construction equipment and banning of entrance to the parks of regular citizens... so why?  What were they hiding?  

Where ever there are people there will be signs and we must train ourselves to see them.   Lots of work in preparation to do right now  before they decide to bring the hammer down. Can you imagine what someone with experience in this business could come up with?  I can hardly wait.   We certainly have a slew of talent in our country that can lead us into that creative unrestricted area of solutions.   The British in 1796 underestimated American ingenuity and paid the price for doing so.  I am sure we can do it again.

This is the game plan of the Zionists controlling the Dept of Homeland Security, who were involved in the nazi take over of our country and are training our police to brutalize our citizens for the first time that I can remember.  This is what they do in Palestine until there are no more Pals left.   Its a form of genocide.  Without ammo, they can murder millions of Christians with impunity.

But we are a creative lot, so it won't be as easy as it has been for these zionists when they did this in Russia, and now we know about how these zionists killed 50 million Christians from Poland and Eastern Europe before they ever did their own as we have proven several times on this blog.   These nazi Zionists are also training our police under their gestapo storm trooper organization called Dept of Homeland Security.  We warned all that would listen, way back when we first started, that the dept was created to serve as storm troopers for the nazi zionist bankers who are doing all this and always have been behind it in all revolutions and world wars.

The illuminati's will be next after we are suppose to go down since nazi Zionists don't want any royalty to survive and reclaim their leadership positions in this new slave work force world.  They had the arrogance to even put that fact in writing so how stupid are the royalty to buy into this and have no one left to protect them when its their turn.   I just want to be around to watch them all betray each other. An whoever is left will be able to watch the remainder succumb to the Nuremberg trials that will follow.

Gun Control: EPA Joins The U. N. To Target Ammo Supply Lines, America’s Last Lead Producer Closes

By Josey Wales

They are pulling out all the stops, EPA joins the U.N. on tightening the ammo supply line. Doe Run is the last producer of lead in America, they are now closing their door and laying off their work force in December. This will cause America ammunition manufacturers to have to import their lead from China. California bans all lead bullets as per the EPA. California Assembly Bill 711 for 2013, Rendon. Hunting: nonlead ammunition.

The anti gun establishment has found a loophole for the Second Amendment and that rather than targeting the banning of all firearms, they would instead turn their attention to ammunition.

The government’s most recent efforts to reduce open market availability through taxation, individual purchase restrictions and a massive stockpiling effort by the Department of Homeland Security has forced ammunition prices to nearly triple, while also dwindling supplies of many popular calibers.

But they’re not done yet.

In fact, they may have finally found a way to circumvent U.S.-based domestic production altogether.

The all-out attack on Americans’ gun rights is now being taken to the next level.
The goal is to regulate all forms of ammunition out of existence, and they’re starting with Doe Run, which is the last of America’s domestic lead processing and manufacturing facilities.

The United Nations Office For Disarmament  States: Small arms are the weapons of choice in modern-day intra-State armed conflict and armed violence. But heavier categories of weapons are being used against civilians as well. Therefore, it is important for the United Nations that the Arms Trade Treaty covers all conventional arms, and their ammunition.

In the U.N. Small Arme Treaty On page 5 under article III the UN treaty goes on to say each state/country shall establish a ammunition control system to regulate and track exports of ammunition.

Then on page 5 article IV goes on to say each state/country shall establish and maintain a control system to regulate and control parts and components where the export is in a form that provides the capability to assemble conventional arms.

This Link takes you to the small arms treaty. 

This Link takes you to the United Nations office for disarmament.

Visit these links and to better understand the UN’s agenda. Knowledge is power!

Now, the only ore-to-lead producer in America… the largest in the Western world… has been shut down by EPA regulation.
EPA’s regulatory uncertainty and an estimated $100 million to convert [to non-smelter manufacturing] caused the company to finally throw in the towel.
It’s not just ammunition that’s dissapearing. American industry… American jobs…. are being regulated out of existence as well.
Lead’s still going to be manufactured in China, but it’ll be done without any environmental oversight, it’ll be scarce, it’ll be expensive, and we’ll have fragile supply lines.

It’s party of multi-pronged attack on ammunition.
  • Drying up the market by hoarding billions of rounds
  • Shutting down the market with background checks, registration, and banning of online sales
  • Environmental regulation to ban the use and manufacture of lead
And after we can no longer manufacture ammunition domestically we have the UN Arms Trade Treaty to stop the importation of ammunition.
…If you look at the multiple ways they’re trying to remove all ammunition… not just certain guns they believe are dangerous… there’s no question that this is about all-out gun control.
Via David Knight of Infowars.com


Doe Run is scheduled to layoff its workforce and close its doors before the end of the year.

With no more lead being processed in America, we are now completely dependent on our largest creditor, China, to supply the necessary base metals for ammunition production.

This will have the immediate effect of further limiting supplies, while also increasing prices, and we can expect this soon after Doe Run’s closure this December.

Furthermore, in April of this year James Rawles of SurvivalBlog.com detailed new importation restrictions set forth in a Presidential Executive Action following the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, which bans the importation of military surplus items that include magazines, firearms accessories and, of course, foreign ammunition.

Couple this with the implementation of U.N. “authorized” trade restrictions set forth in the new UN Arms Trade Treaty, and you can see where this is headed.
It is not an over-exaggeration to suggest that ammunition supply lines will soon be cut, effectively making it nearly impossible to acquire. – SHTFplan.com

There’s more to the shutdown of the last lead producer in America, Doe Run, than just shutting down American industry and exporting jobs. It’s part of a multi-pronged attack on ammuntion:

— Shutting down the market with background checks, registration, and banning online sales
— Drying up the market by hoarding all ammunition
— Environmental regulation to ban the use and manufacture of lead
— after we can no longer manufacture ammunition domestically, UN-ATT to stop the importation of ammunition.

Some are now openly admitting that total gun confiscation is the goal. But if you look at the multiple ways they’re trying to remove all ammunition, there can be no question that they’re enacting total gun control by a war on ammunition.
Time is running out America, will you stand up for your constitional right to bear arms as per the 2nd amendment?

Watch this video and watch these politicians state that the lead ammunition ban is for public health reasons. Lead is toxic.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject, please comment below. Also, if you know people who truly believe it can’t happen here in the United States Of America, please share this article with them, invite them to follow the blue links to the source of the Disarmament information I have provided in this post.

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The Evil Snakes will do all in their power to have Gun Control. But keep this in mind. Whitey is creative and smart. New Gadgets and weaponms will be made to replace powder shooters from Start Trek to Buck Rogers---Ray Guns to Microwave Weapons. We have had AIR GUN CONTROL SINCE NAPOLEON. Napoleon cried to the Pope about using Air Rifles and they were weapons of the devil. So the Pope got all the nations at time to agree not to make any standard Issue Air Weapoons like Air Rifles for the military. This is the reason why we only have Pellet and BB Guns today. Also there is a few Big Bore Air Gun Makers - but they are expensive. Whitey will invent new weapon systems to replace powder shooters--you camn count on it. The UN Agenda is to disarm all nations of world so the Khazar Banking Families and Khazar Elite will fill more safe...