Arrested For Trying To Feed Himself – Man Leaves Judge Speechless (Video)

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Vatic Note:  Well, I have to say this is a first for me.  I have never seen a judge speechless before, rather most bring down the hammer on the contempt of court issue.  I wonder how it turned out.   He did a good job in understanding and explaining the difference between him  as a security for a loan as a corporate asset and the sovereignty of a natural man who has the right to feed himself.  He was being charged for fishing without a license which was a $500  fine and time in jail. 

The state does not own those fish, unless they were in a state owned, controlled and operated fish hatchery.  It does not appear that was the case.  He seemed to fully understand the different between being sovereign natural citizen, and being an asset of a corporation.  I think the issue was above her head. 

We did a blog not to long ago about the DHS doing training of police officers on how to act and what to do and say when these officers come up against a "declared sovereign citizen".  It wasn't pretty.   WE had a sovereign citizen who refused to sign the traffic ticket issued to her and when she got to court, she tried to explain to the judge that she had not signed the ticket and the officer was suppose to arrest her on the spot if she refused to sign. 

But she had a document from the state acknowledging her as a sovereign citizen and thus not subject to the same rules as "corporation assets" which is why our names are all in caps.  The judge threatened to have her assigned to a mental institution to be evaluated and treated if the evaluation showed she needed it.

At that point she moved to have the judge recuse himself for saying that, proving he could not be impartial on the issue.  Without going into a long story, she won, he recused himself from the case.  We do not yet know if she will win under another judge, but will keep you up to date on this since more and more are doing this sovereignty natural citizen thing.

The point this guy below makes about juries and who gets to select them, is valid.  I have not been called for jury duty in probably 7 years now, and I am a registered voter in a small town.   I used to get called all the time, but since I started the blog, I have not served.   I wonder why?  hehehe

Arrested For Trying To Feed Himself – Man Leaves Judge Speechless (Video)
By Susan Duclos of Wake up America, published by Before Its' News
November 21st, 2013

The video below is raw footage of  Ernie Wayne at his “visitation” in Three Forks Justice Court, where he is charged for fishing without a license, but he maintains that he belongs under natural and universal law where he is entitled to feed himself and fend for himself without some “license.”

Quote: "I am a “living man" and have the right to forage for food.”

The back and forth between Mr. Wayne and the judge shows how the “law” sometimes goes against everything natural and right and how this one man, fights back, speaks up and is one of the best raw video court footage interactions I have ever seen.

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet, Mr. Ernie Wayne.

 If after you have watched this video to the end, you want a word with the judge you see in the video, that contact information is:

Wanda Drusch, City Judge 206 Main; PO Box 187 Three Forks, MT 59752 285-3444; 285-3431 fax

Contacting the City by webform can be found HERE.


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