US Government, “Time to Make War on the Populace.”

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Vatic Note:  Hackers Unite.   Your job is going to be the drones.  If the low tech Afghanis can hack into the drones and bring them down, then so can we.  We will need a rallying cry like our forefathers had to keep us going no matter what.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  They have everything to lose and very little to gain, since they are cowards.  This may well just be another "fear porn", but they have actually begun movements toward this, so now, its better safe than sorry, AND NO FEAR, ONLY RIGHTEOUS ANGER.  How dare they attack the greatest experiment in freedom ever devised and try to take us back to their perverted dark ages.

We need our RH negs, in mass,  to begin visualizing and instructing the earth and suns DNA to bring the dark forces down.  Those who believe in God and Satan to pray to God for Satans loss in all that will be done in his name. These things on all levels must be done without FEAR, and must be backed by Righteous and pure anger at the demonic perversions about to be visited upon us and our children and old people.  They will brook no mercy to any of them as they have already shown, recently in carrying out their duties as shills for the powers that be.

We must let those who wish to switch sides to do so easily.  Forgive and embrace them deeply, let them know we are theirs and they are ours as family.  We must purge the planet of all that the evils ones represent in darkness, evil and Satanic demonic perversions.  Let them know there is no room for them anymore on this planet or in this time.   This is Gods' dominion and we have committed to protecting and serving all that has been created by the light.

Ron Paul's campaign in 2008 PROVED that decentralized action by creative individuals operating in true creative "lassaiz faire" fashion  can threaten and bring down experienced, centralized, anal retentive controlling forces, like no other strategy or tactics.  It actually took the powers that be to break both state and federal laws in order to steal the nomination from Ron Paul.   That was within the system that we all used, but now, we are moving into no system and that is our strength and their weakness.  God Bless and good luck.   We will see.

US Government, “Time to Make War on the Populace.”
by Lisa Haven, Before its News

American citizens are soon to become endangered species under the current tyrannical regime that is now in charge of our country. Secretly and behind closed doors the Obama administration has been asking high ranking military commanders if they would fire on American citizens.  

These military personnel, who once swore their allegiance to protect Americans, are now being asked to fire on the very people they swore to protect. The irony!
The only question that dangles in my mind is will the American troops follow genocidal orders delivered by our communistic minded government? Will they actually arrest perceived dissidents and shoot citizens who are looking for their next meal?

For our answer we don’t have to look to far. Think of Nazi Germany during the rule of Hitler. Thousands of troops heeded the call of their commanding officer to round up citizens by the millions and lead them to their death in concentration camps. (VN:  lets be fair, remember history is controlled by the same people now trying to do in the United states.  Hitlers military had 150,000 zionist troops that did that rounding up and most of those killed were Christians just like in Russia in the 1917 revolution and recently in Syria.  All communism leads to pure and steroided fascism and accompanying "police state" for "control" of resistance and the masses who are to be used as slaves for the corporations.)

What is it that caused them to do that and why didn’t more stand against it? The answer, rather shockingly, is found in the programming of the soldiers. They were taught to obey orders without hesitation and without questioning their commanding superior. Likewise this is exactly what we see happening to our US soldiers today.

Thankfully there are some military personnel who refuse to comply with such heinous orders. These honest, good, and godly soldiers, are now being relieved from their command because of their moral stance.
In the video above, Jim Garrow predicted that the US government would ‘weed the chaff from the wheat’  by removing all personnel who refused to fire on its citizens.

Since the creation of this news cast, back in Jan. 2013, many high ranking commanders have been forced to resign simply because they refused to fire on the citizens they once choose to protect.  Garrow warned us months ago this would happen, and it has now come to fruition.
Seven high ranking officials and sixteen commanders have been releived from their duty these past months alone. Could it be because they refused to submit to the governments plan to fire on its citizens? I believe so!


If that’s not enough, the passage of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) gave our government the right to openly operate with impunity, overriding Posse Comitatus and granting the military unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate and even assassinate its citizens with impunity. Including the ability to detain citizens indefinitely without cause(VN: they are currently doing that and using the prisoners as slave labor for the Zionist bankers owned international corporations, so they are serious about their hatred for us and intend to make us feel it hard.  Lets make it cost them to do so)


The next step will be Gun Confiscation through martial law.
Since this administration couldn’t succeed in constructing a gun removal law, they established plan B, massive gun confiscation under martial law. This is the key step which will precede this impending holocaust. The populace  must be rendered defenseless in order for this administration to carry out its plan. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all enforced it, and now the Obama administration has initiated their plan. They’ve passed the law and setup the military all while keeping it from the populace.  (VN: She is right, they just finished purging the top patriotic generals, from the pentagon, who wanted to follow their oath of office.  I am sure the regular troops have been vetted as well.  Time for those who "know" to step up and help us with their expertise and we will go all the way that is required to go, in order to support all your efforts on our behalf.)


My friends, you have been warned, now is the time to prepare yourselves with food, water, etc.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Observing as a non-us citizen my immediate query is why didn't these high ranking officers initiate a coup ? The position they had surely gave them a greater opportunity than from a resigned position.I recall reading some time ago that to get to and over a certaim rank in the military such as a general they had to be of the illuminati mindset.so is this reAl or a form of propaganda

Vatic Master said...

Very interesting and intriguing comment. Lets start first with the assumption that all who make it to general or over a certain rank, you had to be of the illum mindset. If that were fully the case, then why would the illums purge so many out of the pentagon over the Cheney/Bush admin as well as the Obama/biden admin?

I think to some degree you are right, in that most of those designated early on as future officers of high rank, were directed into the secret society schools where these illums were paired with seasoned illums to be mentored within that occupation. They did this with every field of endeavor such as science, university professors, etc.

So the question would be "Are all generals part of this? No, not really! While many may be, many were also politically appointed to West Point, and other military schools. Many communities had brilliant students who wanted into the military and their families were heavy supporters of the current senator in office who might not have been an illum, who then appointed/recommended the student to that school.

Its only recently that the illums, through their bankers have obtained complete control of our government and can now clean out those who are not illums. That would explain why some of the retired ones are speaking more aggressively.

Now to your other point. As a non citizen, its hard to understand how such a coup would not take place. Well, during my life time, our schools train us to understand that civilian "elected" leaders are of higher rank than generals. Everyone was trained to think that way because of our constitution and why it was drafted the way it was. Americans, theoretically are sovereign in this country.

In Britain, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, the Queen or King is sovereign. Anywhere there is royalty. If a sovereign does not uphold their responsiblities to the people, then a coup has happened in hte past to take them out and replace them.

In the US, there is a very specific and legal way to do that, further, military has always been subordinate to civilian control by the elected reps of the massive number of sovereigns who are citizens. Its complicated, but it has always worked that way here. Even our revolution was done first by civilians, then military became the "tool" of those civilians to aid in the overthrow. But never has our military ever risen above civilian control.

I hope this makes sense. If someone can explain it better, please feel free. I would like this person to understand why and how its always worked.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous #1, you are so right about what Eisenhower did. I have never understood that part of his service. He had to have been part of the zionist cabal to have done that. Keep in mind most Germans at that time where Christians and that is why they were basically murdered. Many of us world wide have only recently become aware of this fact, since our history books published by these zionists who own the publishing companies, were never allowed to print such stuff. The Russian revolution was basically done the same way. Camps are a big part of their agenda for population control along with murder of segments of the society, to keep resistance down and accountability directed elsewhere. That is exactly what they are doing right now, here, using others to front and take responsibility for their crimes against humanity.