WARNING !!! NASA - The End Of The World Leaked Document 2013

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Vatic Note: Take my word on this.....This is a MUST READ and must listen to video. If you read all this below in my Vatic Note, along with all the links and then listen to what she found on NASA's website on how all this below was planned years ago and been moving forward ever since.  As usual, we will find ways around all this. What Ron Paul's 2008 campaign proved, is, we are a creative, resiliant and self directed people.  Most of you know, that I do not pump out fear unless I am certain that what is being disclosed is real and I have verified it myself.   Well, over the past 11 years I have verified most of what she is reading and saying.

What I did NOT KNOW, was that NASA and global intel agencies were heavily into developing this document on orders from the British who are the Rothschild/Israel protectors and I did not know this was derived from the Protocols of the Elders of zion, that is the khazar nation and their zionist leaders, even though I did know much of it was, but not the entire enchilada.   I did not know this document even existed til a friend sent this to me.   Now, so much makes sense.  I had published many blogs showing how each step she lists has been implemented. And WE did so without knowing the very big picture, so we were lucky to fall into the pieces that prove what she is saying. Remember, we also proved these royalty and khazar Zionists were also satanists, and evil is their sustenance.

We did a blog on Israel's Project Bluebrain.... then we showed in another blog, the scars on Obama's head on both sides.  I kept saying "Obama has nothing to do with all that is going on.  He is handled by his foreign controllers".  Then we did a blog just on why Presidents are afraid of the CIA.  I could add Mossad into that, since MI6, Mossad and the CIA work jointly for the globalists and not for their nations people.  Then we published the "The Lawful Path:  Silent weapons for quiet wars".   That was first put out by Bilderbergs in 1958 as we stated and then it was revised in 1979, given the technology at the time, to incorporate its use into the social engineering. Then we documented the assault against the family as part of reproductive control over humans, by teaching kids at grade school level about Gay sex.

Then we discovered they were making artificial ovaries...where eggs can mature outside the human body, so that the state can control the input and outcome.  They also created an artificial womb, and as of march 2011, they had it partially working, and by now is probably done.  It appears that my blog was gutted, so I had to quickly find something else.  Here it is.   See how much of this has been verified by this document she found on NASA's website?  All of this above and below is the total genocide of human kind as a species.  If they succeed, humanity as we know it will no  longer exist.

That is not the half of it.... what about the plasma weapons, and low frequency weapons that we covered on a blog on here?  We documented what they were doing with those as well, which we, the people, do not have.   They use the false flag fight about gun control  to cover up the advanced weapons they now have that we do not have access to and could legally demand access to them.

All of  these have shown up on our blog over the past 3.5 years that we have been doing this blog.  This woman did a similar interview with Rense.com and it was trash.  He totally interrupted her at key points she was trying to make etc.  I am glad she contacted this guy. 

We, at vatic project,  could not connect these different elements and proofs to a major conspiracy that incorporated all of them as well as other nasty aspects of their plans.  Like Robotizing our children,  taking away reproductive rights from parents,  The state now has the technology to create test tube babies EXCEPT FOR RH NEG.  They  also have created a working artificial womb.... probably with no heart beat so the child may not even survive  in such an environment, unless Obama has proved me wrong on that.

NASA - The End Of The World Leaked Document 2013
Published on by NWOTruthChannel Jul 14, 2013

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