Nibiru August/September Update: Prepare For Visible Star System In Our Solar System:

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Vatic Note:  Well, I am happy to say that we have been consistent in pointing out  the anomolies that heavily suggested this body was on its way and we have been saying that since we have been blogging.  This makes two confirmations, with the first one much more scientific, but this behind it makes it confirmed.  Remember, Bush Sr went into the City of Ur and it was reported that he went in to get the stargate for this system.  True or not, that is what he believed, so that is all that mattered in understanding his behavior, when Bagdad was the goal.

How we know here in my part of the world that they are coming is because of all the preparations for going underground that we have seen and as many of you know Colorado seems to be the hub of it out west.   We had the CIA move their headquarters out of Virginia and into Denver, and royalty in Europe have been buying land near the Denver Airport.  That is not for "no reason".  There is a purpose behind it and we did two blogs or more documenting what and why the Denver airport.  Revisit those when  you get a chance.

For us in my town, the biggest indicator was the chemtrails and weather clouds early every  morning and at sunset every night without fail.  That has never happened since I had been living here and that is 17 years now.  I had never seen that done so consistantly.   In Fact, this year, it rained when it should not have and did not rain when it normally does.  Then the sun was rising more and more from the south, while the sunset was more and more from the North.  That indicates poles shifting.

Add to all that, the CME's coming from the sun caused by the influence of gravity from some large object, close by.... add to that the Antarctic and various archeological finds also supporting previous history of this.  Stitchen translated the Sumarian writings which indicated this happens once every 3,600 years/  The Mayan Shaman also said it was the "return of the ancestors and the wisemen".   He also said there was nothing to fear.   I suspect the only real threat are the various debri that the twin star is bringing with it. 

Nibiru August/September Update: Prepare For Visible Star System In Our Solar System:
by Indian in the Machine,  Before It's News

Nibiru August/September Update: Prepare For Visible Star System In Our Solar System:

it is claimed by Andromeda Council, Nibiru aka Tekoma will be seen by naked eye in our sky, very very soon… it’s good to know they aren’t saying the fireball scenario is happening… because that was going to be messy…. it calls to mind the shield… remember that triangular shield seen on our sun, and the mayan artifact released by mexican government? It fits the Andromeda scenario.  Ya know… these days it’s fun and rewarding to be a space commander… hehe… we’re the ones not scared knowing as much as we do… not afraid of our earth credibility being shattered…. sending out the invite to all of Creation, to help us recreate earth with our dreams and not our nightmares.

Status Update
By Dave Stewart
To all fellow Light workers: Here is a bulletin from The Andromeda Council : Announcement: 08.15.13. Expect to see in Earth’s day time & night skies in the near future – the brown dwarf Tekoma as it travels to its new stationary orbit near the planet Venus. It only brings one (1) planet with it, Nihohia. This event is not expected to cause any problems for planet Earth. Consider this sighting to be a harbinger of the many more changes to come to this planet
Dave’s site… check it out! http://lightworkersxm.wordpress.com/

Nibiru & Apocalypse signs: Bleeding trees, fishkills, sinkholes, red water, more (Photos)

For those with “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” the signs are there in abundance – red dust, fiery red skies, blood red watersloud booms and shaking, sun rising and setting too far to the south or north, and the moon frequently appearing too high or too low in the sky,
"And all things on earth shall alter, and shall not appear in their time:
And the moon shall alter her order, and not appear at her time.
And in those days, the sun shall be seen, And he shall journey in the evening on the extremity of the great chariot in the west
And shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light."

Book of Enoch        

And last but not least…. send out a peacefilled vibe to our visitors… and keep learning how to discern who is who… and send this info. along with light and love, to those who have their poo in a knot over this situation… sorry Bond, the sky isn’t falling after all, as usual the whitehouse drops the ball like they do on all matters of extreme importance… but send the Light and Love, before they move out and make room for the people to  rule the world. ;)  


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