"The Two WW's were an Illum plan to reduce the number of global power blocs to two." -

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Vatic Note:  What a fascinating take on the previous two world wars.  We recently had come across the news that all three world wars were planned way back under Albert Pike, and we published a blog on the issue.  That was a surprise to me, but it never really said why they had planned it, except in very general terms.

This below talks about this is the context of the first two world wars and truly,  underneath all the glitz and explanations, what this is telling us, these world wars were to undermine religion of all stripes in order to ensure global compliance with satanic Zionist banker rule.  I originally thought that the massacre of so many Christians in Russia and a likewise number in Europe under nazi rule, was out of a God issue.

That was not it, rather out of a "control" issue.   As long as each group had their religion, no man made institution could take their place on that level of commitment and obedience. This piece also provides real history in who were the players and what deceptions took place and how the wars leaders on both sides were in on it and of course all of  it orchestrated by the khazars, now called Bolsheviks.

But in reality,  Britain, Germany, and the bankers orcestrated this farce that cost millions of men, women and children, their lives.  This 3rd WW is the final stage of this plan, to then bring it down to just one global master, with the US losing the third WW to Russia, that is run by the zionists.  So they never lose control during this entire game.  The goal was to divide the globe up into two forces, each opposing the other, and thus have a final world war.  With that, the zionists would be in total control of the globe with us not having a clue about who was behind the curtain.  Now we know.   

That is why Putin is definitely in on it and why its Russian troops practicing with our troops on door to door military action in America.  Its also why Putin visited Netanyahu in Israel.  Keeping in mind its the Zionists who have always run Russia since WW 1 and the revolution of 1917.   It makes it all so clear now. 

Illuminati Plot History 50-Years in Advance 

The World War Deception, or how the two World Wars set the stage for the expansion of the Soviet Union and the Cold War. 

"The two World Wars were an exercise in reducing the number of global power blocs to two."
By Hamad Subani

In my first post, I mentioned how my persecution at Dalhousie University was triggered by my research into the role of the Soviet Union in the two World Wars. 

The two World Wars were not historical accidents but cold and calculated undertakings aimed at creating a bipolar New World Order, dominated exclusively by the United States (NATO) and the Soviet Union (Warsaw Pact).

To arrive at this template, it was necessary to destroy the Ottoman Empire, (VN: which Britain did very well, and created the middle east out of it and gave it to the khazar pretend arabs to rule as saudi's allowing Britain to control the oil. Remember, British royalty are not Britains, they are khazars.  etc),
Imperial Russia, Japan, Germany and even the British Empire. The most curious case is the British Empire, which almost like clockwork, started unraveling towards the end of World War II.

In the case of the Indian subcontinent, the British oversaw a violent partition that lead to the creation of two nation states, India (dominated by the Soviet Union) and Pakistan (dominated by NATO). It is interesting to note that nothing on the scale of the partition had occurred between the Hindu and Muslim populations of the Indian subcontinent in hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the British.

Elsewhere, we see similar examples (North and South Korea, North and South Yemen, North and South Vietnam, Communist China and Nationalist Taiwan). In other words, the two World Wars were an exercise in reducing the number of global power blocs to two. And populations of the world were forced to choose between either.

My essay has since then evolved into a book, available for free online reading. In my research spanning several years and more than two hundred different sources, I have come up with some very interesting questions, and some very perplexing answers.


Germany, the homeland of the Illuminati, had been earmarked for sacrifice well in advance of World War I.

During World War I in Europe, Germany concentrated its effort on stalemated trench warfare in Western Europe, whereas they could have taken advantage of the confusion prevailing in Russia. But they didn't because Russia had been set aside for the future Bolshevik state.

The stalemate on the Western front also insured that the war did not end until the Bolshevik state had been formed. Towards the end of the war, Germany even formalized a treaty with the Bolsheviks (The Treaty of Rapallo) in which they provided covert assistance to the Soviet military buildup for World War II.

During World War I, Japan received the full support of Britain so that it could inflict humiliating defeats on Imperial Russia. But once the Bolsheviks had consolidated control over Russia, Japan was marked for elimination as a potential impediment to the future Soviet takeover of South East Asia.

Only the United States had the resources to eliminate Japan (a task they gladly performed). The Soviets on the other hand, secured a treaty with Japan since they were in no position to fight the Japanese. While Japanese cities had been thoroughly devastated by B-25 bombers, the populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were spared from such aerial bombings because they were meant to be a sacrificial pyre to the coming bipolar New World Order, in which the fear of nuclear war played an important role in keeping populations allied to their respective blocs.


The rise of Nazi Germany was like the resurrection of a dummy corporation by Wall Street interests, designed to absorb the debts and liabilities of another "corporation," the Soviet Union.

It was thanks to Hitler's leadership that all of Eastern Europe as well as half of Germany fell to the Soviets. At every stage of the war, we find Germany auto-destructing as they did in World War I.

For example, British forces were stranded at the Dunkirk beach due to a logistical blunder. But they were never taken prisoner by the Nazis, and were allowed to quietly evacuate.

Hitler would advance into the Soviet Union in one of the severest winters. And when the Nazis had Moscow in their scopes, they were ordered to retreat!

Later, Hitler and many high-ranking Nazis disappeared. One of the most interesting case is that of one of Hitler's Generals, Fritz Kraemer.

Conspiracy theorist Mae Brussells claimed that a German namesake in the Pentagon (who oversaw the disastrous Vietnam War, which also resulted in all of Vietnam falling to the Communists) was none other than him.


The Jewish Holocaust did happen, and is consistent with the historical hatred the Powers That Be have for Orthodox Judaism. The State of Israel was created to centralize control and leadership of the Jewish people, so that they could be used in dialectical wars against Islamic powers. Sadly, the German people continue to live in a state of denial about their role as high-end-surrogates for undocumented criminal interests.

While things did go exactly according to plan in the West, the New World Order also faced reversals in other parts of the world. The Illuminati briefly lost control of the Soviet Union in the most critical years when Lenin took over. (Trotsky was the Wall Street candidate. Lenin was meant to be an underling.)

However, the disintegration of the Soviet Empire in the nineties was not a failure of this bipolar New World Order.

Rather, the bipolar New World Order had served its purpose. And the time had come to create new blocs based on religious-cultural identity ( Both Albert "Three World Wars" Pike and Samuel "Clash of Civilizations" Huntington would concur).

These new blocs are the West and Israel on one side (VN: That is why the USA paid for the nuke hardened bunkers in Israel way back in 2003) with the Islamic World (under the leadership of Iran, which is reaping the gains of the War on Terror and the Arab Spring) on the other side.

But since the Islamic World on its own is not strong enough to take on the West, Russia and China have been thrown in as its allies (despite their historical hostility towards Islam).

The wars between these blocs will serve to undermine and discredit the position of revealed religion in human society, as all inflict destruction on all its practitioners, leading to the conquest of human society by the Criminal Elite.  We are already well into this 50-year plan. - See more at: 


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