(Proof WW III is Bogus) US, Russian joint military exercise goes ahead despite Syria tensions

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Vatic Note:  What???? Now does that sound like a world war in the making?  Not to me it doesn't.  It sounds like just another really bad scam by these Zionist controlled countries, which now are the norm instead of the exception.  It  sounds like Americans are training Russians on how to overcome our advantages in any war they will fight.  Doesn't it sound like that to you? In fact, didn't we just have some other joint exercises TRAINING RUSSIAN TROOPS ON HOW TO GO DOOR TO DOOR RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA?

They say they are calling these exercises which they say are aimed at combating "AIR TERRORISM",so they are able to work together.  Now keep in mind, we "KNOW" there are no terrorists except those that reside in Homeland Security, the White House, and Selected Military and intel offices.  AND SO DO THEY.  I keep remembering Kissinger visiting Putin to "reassure him that Americans would be under control by Sept 2009, when all of this was originally scheduled to happen.  They were going to blame everything on No Korea. I remember it well.

Otherwise, all terrorist acts so far have been clearly identified and proven to have been done by Homeland security, Mossad,  state dept on Benghazi, and false flag domestic attacks by Homeland Security as well.  Also remember, Britain plays a big role through MI6 on all these false flags, since they coordinate with CIA and Mossad.   Even 9-11 was done by Israel with the cooperation of insiders in the Bush White House.  I also remember a recent visit by Putin to Netanyahu, which was like a step son coming to daddy to get instructions on what to do.

Such exercises that they are doing below would be appropriate if you are globalized with all systems similar and consistant so that no misunderstanding or technical difficulties would be encountered and airspace is controlled by a single entity.  Wouldn't you need that practice and info if you plan on attacking or fighting the same people down the road? Especially with language differences since, in a time of excitement, that can become a problem... so yes, this smells to high heaven.

Like I said, do not fight the Russian people, rather fight the bankers and corporate CEO's who are doing this and every countries leaders who are working for the Zionist international bankers.  And don't forget to fight the zionist nazi's while your at it.  Those are the only real enemies the world has right now.

I am beginning to realize, they are the only enemies the world has had for hundreds of years.  I am glad its finally out in the light of day.  REFUSE conscription which is illegal, and refuse to pay taxes until they stop these games of death and destruction.   Refuse to cooperate and advance any of their agenda.

US, Russian joint military exercise goes ahead despite Syria tensions
by admin, OSNET daily, August 27, 2013

Editor’s Note…
Despite the massive tension over Syria, the US and Russia continue business as usual with the annual “Vigilant Eagle” joint exercise. Is that indicative of a rigged game between the super powers, possibly meant to boost petroleum prices for their mutual benefit, to be followed by the Balkanization plan of Syria, described last year ?
The Voice Of Russia

The Vigilant Eagle international exercises, in which the Russian Air Force and the North American Aerospace Defence Command are taking part and which are aimed at combating air terrorism, are about to start in the Far East and Alaska.

Their main task is practicing interaction between controlling bodies and plane crews during joint action to intercept, accompany and handover planes captured by mock terrorists, head of the press service of the Eastern Military District Alexander Gordeyev said. 

The maneuvers are being held on US territory, in Canada and Russia – in Khabarovsk, Anadyr and the Kamchatka Peninsula. The practical phase of the Vigilant Eagle exercises starts tomorrow.

The exchange of information between the parties concerned is ensured by the Russian A-50 Mainstay Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft (AEW&C) and by the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) on the part of the US and Canada. 

As the scenario has it, first a US plane takes off and flies along the Anchorage -Anadyr- Anchorage route. Next a Russian plane takes off from the Anadyr airfield. Interceptor aircraft attempt to force a passenger airliner, allegedly seized by terrorists, to land, Editor-in-Chief of the “Independent Military Review “magazine Viktor Litovkin says:

“Those who are in the zone where the seized airliner is flying, take action. All the others offer support. One must be quick to react.”

Such military exercises are of great importance in the fight against terrorism. And one more important point here. The area chosen for these exercises – the Far East and Alaska – was not accidental, Viktor Litovkin says:
The seizure of Boeing airliners by terrorists resulted in the attack on the International Trade Centre. Such events have occurred in a number of countries. 

The task the US, Russian and Canadian pilots are facing is to learn how to be warned and to react in time. Therefore, it is very good that despite differences in international relations, the pilots are interacting in combating terrorism. The zones of responsibility and the air spaces of three countries – Canada, the US and Russia are involved. And there the three countries are very close to each other.   (VN: there are no terrorists except those doing these exercises at the command of the zionist bankers to give Russia the advantage they need to ensure our loss, and the deaths of our children who fly those planes.)

"Combating air terrorism is one of the most important tasks for the power structures of big states today", Director of the Centre for Strategic Conjuncture Ivan Konovalov says.  (VN: not today, since the big states are the ones controlling the terror that is promoted since their leaders are in on the scam)

“There are military exercises for combating terrorism, including air terrorism and terrorism at sea. Joint exercises of ground forces are also aimed against international terrorism." The joint exercises of the Russian and French air forces were held for the first time recently. 

The annual military exercises, codenamed “Vigilant Eagle”, have been held since 2009 every two years: one year they involve exercises in actual flight, and the next year, command and control exercises.

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