PARAGENETICS: Ancient Lines, Those Who Give Us Faces

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Vatic Note:  Excellent.  NO FAST FOOD INFORMATION IN THIS ONE. Be prepared to spend time on this and its well worth it.  It ties all history together.   So much covered in here that it will take several different times of sitting down and reading or playing the videos, in order to get the full impact of what we are seeing here.   I recognized the Chateau Du Rennes from a book I read about the Knights templar and the "treasure" they had brought back from the Middle east wars  and hid in the church basement.   No one knows what that treasure was.... but from that, came the first "stone" masons.  

Then we get a genetic history of Britain, Scotland and others.  For instance, the British are not "celts" genetically,  rather they are pics or a combination of both.  Now that was a surprise. No matter how much history I have gotten, I am always finding more than that which I ever knew existed.  I was surprised at the contribution in England of the vikings and Nordics. This is fascinating and timely.  To move  forward, we must know who we are and only our genealogy can tell us that.

This below covered DNA, migration patterns,  mythology, religion such as shamanism etc, so much that tells us about ourselves and evolution of our history and culture. A small thing, such as the discovery by man of finding a seed and knowing it can be grown into a plant, and then that man experimenting with it and thus creating agriculture. That act alone, had such a great impact on history that we  will never truly  know just how much impact it had.  For instance agriculture was the beginning of wars. This is a densely pact article of great depth and breadth of our past and lineage.  Its enlightening as well.

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