Syria: Media/movie industry manufacturing chaos, protests, and death like "CNN" and Sandy Hook?

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Vatic Note:  This is a must watch.  You are not going to believe what they are doing in Syria.  We just put up two blogs about how Hollywood is bringing down the United States of America, and this video proves it.   The whole purpose of this fiasco is to trick everyone into World War III, SO THE DAMN BANKERS CAN MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY.

Well, Hungary just kicked those bankers out of their country and they join  Argentina, Iceland and now Hungary and two of the three have economies moving into recovery.   Its time we did the same thing.  Watch this and see how they are manufacturing the entire Syria production  using Hollywood film making techniques, props, movie sets, actors, directors and other manufacturing tools of the movie making trade.

This is obscene and it reinforces my contention that our enemies are not who have been shoved down our throas, rather its the foreign occupying country that has used us in every way to empire build in the middle east, off of our backs, using our military, our tax money and our  movie production facilities and then blaming it on the innocent arabs who are suffering most from it.

If you can see this as I did, then you also have to accept that, beside Israel, that Syria's Assad is in on it as well.  This is a replay of WW II where leaders on both sides were fully in on the scam as were all the bankers, which is exactly the same as right now only more  sophisticated. This is exactly like the movie production, including the green screen, that they did in Afghanistan and Sandy Hook.

Tell the bankers to hop on their emergency escape planes and get the heck out of dodge (New York).  We are tired of their games.   Does anyone else see just how insane this all is?   I hope so, cause if not than those that do not see it are as potentially dangerous as those doing this.

Latest video of Syrian Genocide (Video)  
published by Marcus Allen on Aug 21, 2013

http://www.truthin7minutes.com/?PC=YT... This video demonstrates how the media manufactures chaos, death... even protests to convince us the world is one big unorganized mess...
H/T http://hoaxbusterscall.blogspot.com Chris Kendall of Hoaxbusters


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