Why Did Fox Terminate Glenn Beck?

Why Did Fox Terminate Glenn Beck?
Uploaded by zionget on Apr 11, 2011

Vatic Note:    Oh, my Gosh, This Jewish man speaks truth to power. What a courageous man. Its beyond time that the "real Jewish" voices are heard instead of just the Khazar Rothschild Zionists AIPAC, SPLC, & ADL propoganda line. He is blunt, direct, honest, and does it without a political bias. It also made Beck a Hero as far as I am concerned for risking his career for the truth. This is well worth the watch. He has the advantage of being inside the "Real Jewish" community. He also highlights Soros critical role for Rothschild on this continent , who is another dual foreign citizen impacting negatively the interests of the United States.   He needs to go back to hungary or the former Khazaria, where he came from. 


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American Action Report said...

With a moniker like Brother Nathaniel and two crucifixes hanging around his neck, you can be sure that the speaker wasn't a rabbi.
Maybe it's the beard that threw you. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson had full beards, but they weren't rabbis.

Vatic Master said...

Yeah, I know..... sometimes, not often, I mess up. Your right, It was his beard and his hat. I looked at him and said "Rabbi". Me bad.... LOL But his message is great because he is speaking for torah Jews anyway who are religious and not for the zionists who are satanists.