Real Maya Prediction of 2012 !!!

Vatic Note: This is amazing. A MUST VIEW....... It fills so many gaps that we had from all that is going on around us. We played the first video for a very important reason. Listen carefully to what he says is going to happen on that date. Remember though, there is a disconnect between the maya calendar and our gregorian calendar. Its speculated that these changes will  finish in late  2011 instead of 2012. Back to his predictions, listen and remember them carefully as I believe he has told us there will be aliens returning at that time. Then watch the three videos after that one which gives the more scientific aspect of the calendar. Earth changes, etc.... but the bottom line will be what the old Maya man said. "A return of the wise men and ancestors" and most of all "DO NOT BE AFRAID" there is no reason for fear. If anything else occurs  outside of the  first video......IT WILL BE MAN MADE.  Notice the last three videos are hosted by a BRITISH PERSON,  WHICH TELLS YOU VOLUMES ABOUT WHO IS GOING TO MAKE ANYTHING BAD HAPPEN THAT WAS NOT PART OF THE MAYAN PREDICTIONS.   THEY ARE MAKING IT UP TO KEEP  US IN FEAR.   Rothschild controls Britain and has for a long time, so keep that in mind as you listen.    The Mayan Calendar DOES NOT SAY THE EARTH WILL END ON 2012.   It says the calendar will end and a  new era and paradigm will begin with a new calendar.  See the difference and yet,  they say "the world will end",  well poppy cock.  FEAR MONGERING unless that end is man made, then someone can be held accountable, one way or the other.   JUSTICE WILL BE DONE... THIS IS NOT PREHISTORY TIME....  We are as advanced as any civilization prior to this one and now we know the agenda, so its not going to be so easy nor a free ride.... IT WILL COST THEM THIS TIME AROUND. 

Real Maya Prediction of 2012 !!!
May 06, 2009

A Mayan Elder gives the inside prediction of the ending wheels of the
Mayan calendar on dec 2012

Vatic Note:  Keep the Mayan Shamans prediction of the coming of the Wisemen and the Ancestors, it will become apparent in subsequent videos following this one.   Now what is the result of all this plasma energy and galactic alignment to us, our bodies and our DNA????   Watch and listen to this next video,  Then remember it when you revisit the power of our mind, water and DNA...... this is actually predictive of how we are evolving, but the elements of that event have been covered in previous blogs and others yet to come.  THIS IS MARVELOUS STUFF WE ARE DISCOVERING.   Let go.......of this paradigm and welcome in the new one..... Its a great message.

2010 - 2012 Important Message : Bashar

December 29, 2009

Now watch this next video that gives a deeper detailed description of what the maya prediction entails which is wholely different than what we have been led to believe by the "evil ones". It is the end of the world for them, not us.  Further this is more along the lines of both mythology and science finally meeting at a point of truth.  Worth the watch all the way through.  I WANT TO REITERATE, DO NOT BE AFRAID, SINCE WE HAVE SURVIVED THESE THINGS BEFORE.  But take from it the seed of why and who will or could survive besides those that go underground.

Everything 2012 Earth Changes Part 1 of 3
zerosum2012, November 07, 2007

Part I -


Part II - This is critical to watch and understand now about the gulf, why they did it and europe and weather changes, this explains it all.


Part III


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Blue Rose said...

Basher's real name is Darryl Anka, and he's the brother of Paul Anka, the 50s-60s pop singer. I dislike channelers as a rule (they always come with a leftist agenda and are often just plain crazy), but I found Basher to be the least obectionable of them all. He gets one point for being the brother of Paul Anka. I would just stick with the scientific people.

Vatic Master said...

I have stuck with the scientific people in all the other blogs but I wanted to use this to show these people were talking about all this well before the science showed up. It makes it even more valid to have that happen since they did not know the science either yet they knew the power we have and how we don't know that and don't use it.

Wait till you see all the science on these blogs. It blew my mind. lol

Blue Rose said...

I don't think the New Age community knew things before the scientific community. There is no way to prove that. I think the New Age community evolved, separately, from ideas that took hold at different levels, the scientific community among them. It's best to 'frame' this movement with other things going on at the time:

Ideas also originated with the 60s hippies, and may have begun with the hippies, with the opening of the Third Eye with hallucinogenic or psychogenic drugs. The books by Carlos Castenada led to an interest in the the shaman perspective and sacred plants, and also the religious perspective of the American Indian cultures.

If you know what to look for, you can see today the elements of the sacred plant, the amanita mushrooms, in today's Christmas paraphernalia, right out there but unseen by the masses because this knowledge is kept hidden. Have you seen this very eye-opening video on the subject of the amanita mushroom and the hidden knowledge of the sacred plant, among other fascinating ideas about religion?


The opening for alternative ideas also began when John Lennon and George Harrison, in particular, embraced the Maharishi in the late 1970s and early 1980s that led to interest in the Eastern philosophies. A lot of what is known from the quantum science end they now see proves a lot of what the Eastern philosophies were saying all along.

Then the alternative thinkers like von Daniken and Sitchen, Graham Hancock, David Hatcher Childess, and others came along to challenge the status quo ideas on ancient history. They blew the lid off of the status quo.

I've nothing against the New Age community, don't get me wrong, but they do not consist only of 'channelers'. Channeling, imo, is a direct offshoot -- or rather direct rip-off -- of what the spiritualists do -- commune with the spirit world of those who crossed over.

Channelers are not always what the seem. I've read there is a CIA infiltration into the New Age movement, and I've come across one channeler who appears schizophrenic and to have a mind control handler. In any event, they are a looney bunch, telling believers they channel extraterrestrials or higher dimensional beings. The New Age community is also rife with charlatans, like anything else, and there is also an ugly underside to it -- I've read things.

There is a disturbing aspect of mind control with these channelers that I see. IMO their messages are one of mind control. Try questioning them, and they appear to go ballistic, but in a 'New Age' sort of way.

In any event, Bashar is the least objectionable. I am able to watch one or two of his youtubes without flinching.

Indeed the rabbit hole goes deep. I never do seem to reach the end of it.

Vatic Master said...

Blue Rose, are you on our distribution list? I would love to discuss this comment with you further, and dig a little deeper. I think you have done the very best job of outlining how we got here than anyone I have read so far and would like to discuss this with you further.

I agree about the spirituality movement, new age movement and aliens group have all been infiltrated and I have discovered one way to identify who is what, but do not want to discuss it out here, since then they will change things to hide facts further.

This is a very good subject to further explore and I would like to discuss it with you. Can you email me at vatic2010@gmail.com? Also are you on our distribution list?

david griffith said...

"Do not be afraid." and "Let go." ... really inspiring and encouraging at a time when nothing less than a global change in consciousness is likely to dispell the fear and the hatred prevailing.

that's cheered me up no end.... and I didn't find this until late January!

thanks very much for your effort.... I've got sod all funds to offer in the way of assistance but if my music helps - let me know and I'll cheerfully send you what's in the cupboard.

Vatic said...

yes, David Griffith, please send us your music, I would love to hear it. As you can see we love music here. We hve a whole section just devoted to it called 'Vatic Music Videos", so please contribute if you wish. Thanks... send it to us via either the artist email or vatic email.

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest another hypothesis of how in 2012, that we may reach a shift in consciousness.This is just something that crossed my mind a few years back, and I don't claim it as being fact, but with the people that I have discussed this with, it isn't as far out there as some theories are on the topic.
Please consider this- Electricity is directly inverted with magnetism, and we have 4 types that we are aware of, e.g. AC, DC, Static and the one that sustains life within our bodies.
Now if we have an Earth magnetic polarity change, the Earth itself is the dominant magnet that we are influenced by, what "MIGHT" this mean to electricity, in the case of AC elctricity it may mean a 180 degree turn around of phase, no big deal, all electrical equipment that only has AC circuitry will still operate just as before e.g. old washing machines and refridgerators, valve operated amplifiers will function just as before, this is easy to prove just by swapping the pins where these devices plug into the wall.Interesting to note the the Russian military stills uses valve technology even though it requires more power consumption than DC technology.
DC electronics is another story completely, "IF"
the polarity change also affects the polarity of the electron flow, electrical components that are polarity dependant will simply cease to operate, e.g. diodes, transistors, IC chips and capacitors to name just a few. What this may mean is no TV, mobile phones, computers etc. until all these devices can be remade with the components adapted for the reverse electron flow. I won't say well we have lived without electricity for thousands of years, the Baghdad batteries prove different, a battery by itself is a useless device, until it is powering something, what they had I am yet to learn.

Anonymous said...

So if DC current does reverse, it will prevent most modern cars from functioning and transport vehicles and in the meantime people will become more dependent on the local people around them, real communities will develope, and as there will be no more immediate electronic money, people will have to barter their skills and real communication between people will develope, I personally don't have much faith in a change of consciousness with out some kind of major event like this, the last time I went to post my theory here (and it is only a theory) we had 5 blackouts that day,but we all did survive, and it was a good example to me of just how dependent that I have become on these electrical gadgets myself. I have an analouge TV and had a digital settop box, that has since stopped operating, my first thought was to replace it, but due to financial restraints I had to put that off, it has been over 2 months now and I think that I have grown a little in so far as I now have no intention of replacing it, no TV programming is definately a good thing, thinking for yourself is.
As far as my favourite comedies go, they are available on line and I never really used the lamestream news media anyway, I look at sites like this one, and think for myself about what I am reading, I may not always reach the conclusion of what is really happeneing but I know that I am a lot closer than I could get if I relied on TV to tell me.
So to sum up, if the pole change changes electrical flow it is no big deal in the long term, in the short term it would have profound effects, but most of those I see as positive, no operatable nuclear bombs could only be a good thing, and if I have ample food stuffs stored (rice and beans as the major ones, non GMO's) and with extra to be able to barter with, a good seed stock to grow with, we can all get through an event like I have imagined really could be the change that we all hope for.
This is also why I think that the "powers who wish to be" are ramping up their efforts now to gain as much control as possible, because they realise just how much power they will lose if a change in the electron flow was to occur, the police and military would be severely hampered. We live in an electric universe, and will continue to do so, but the things we replace that cease to operate will be of a different priority to different people. Now to be perfectly clear, I am not saying that this will happen, but it is a nice dream none-the-less.
Peace, love and harmany to all.

Anonymous said...

You said -

"DO NOT BE AFRAID" there is no reason for fear. If anything else occurs  outside of the  first video......IT WILL BE MAN MADE."

With the spiritual awakening of the collective, and the awareness of the evildoers, I don't think most are afraid of natural changes, a transition if you will - It's that we're alert to the evil hand and we know what they are capable of... But, with that said, I'd rather liken our abilities to the spiritual Whos down in Whoville. No matter what the evil Grinch did to them, they joined together hand in hand and carried on, singing joyously!

This spirituality, it is not new and it knows no religion and for some maybe it gets lost with religious worship. Spiritual beings, what we were meant to be only many have forgotten...minnie :)

Vatic Master said...

Boy, I couldn't agree with you more, Minnie. I have already has such an experience althought not quite as dramatic as it will be in the future. I believe that is why they want us in fear, to be able to bring us down with them.

Anonymous said...
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Vatic Master said...
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Vatic Master said...
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