An Afternoon with the Gestapo and the Stazi Khazar KGB

Vatic Note: This is very indicative of their new way of dealing with non criminal citizens. YOU VILL SHOW YOUR PAPERS OR GO TO JAIL. Its truly a police state now.... anyone who thinks this isn't going to get worse hasn't been paying attention. Its progressive and becoming worse than this.... soon at a neighborhood near you.    The biggest criminals on the face of the planet are now running it and you can tell.   They are the new Stazi and Gestapo masters.   Our police have big decisions to make soon,  down the road.   Nothing is going to save them except their own decisions.   Lets hope they have enough sense and brains to know that and who they can count on in a pinch.  The bankster vampires will turn on the cops in a New York Minute as soon as they are done with using them.  That is the only thing they do very well,  betrayal.  

Remember, Homeland security set up  FUSION centers in every state to train these cops on how to be gestapo agents for the nazis.  National socialist zioinist international Party,  (NAZI's).   They probably were told to get us used to "Your Papers please" and if we don't comply, haul us away (again, shades of nazi Germany).  It trains not only the person hauled away but also those watching.   Those cops need to realize that the khazars are racists and they are acting in their behalf to keep the black population down and quiet and this was a racist move.   He did nothing wrong,  he was not talking to them,  he showed his drivers license to the female cop, etc, yet they still arrested him because he did not exhibit the fear that the gestapo engendered in Nazi Germany and that is what they are trying to achieve here.  Remember we did a blog way back when,  showing how the khazars hired the mexican gang with "13" in their names to come to LA and shoot black students who are doing well in school.  Its to keep them down and fighting each other.  Notice the guy on the bike is white and he joked right back with this black guy saying he was being sited for not having his training wheels on his bike.  It was a funny response, but he got off scot free. 

An Afternoon with the NYPD
Uploaded by joshuabamboo on Apr 14, 2011

Here's the scene:

We were enjoying the nice spring weather from our balcony. A friend was visiting on his bike, and he rode up on the sidewalk from the street to our front door. In NYC this is illegal. You are supposed to stop in the street, get off the bike and walk it on the sidewalk. Although he was merely coming from the street up to our front door, those few seconds were illegal. NYPD rolls up and tickets him for this ($150 fine or appear in court!).

Meanwhile our neighbor walks by while this scene is unfolding. They exchange some banter. We all laughed. He keeps walking.

From there everything escalates... Seems completely unnecessary to me... At the end of the day, he was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Welcome to an afternoon with the NYPD


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