Oklahoma City Bombing: Reality Check with New Rare Footage

Vatic Note:   So my question is,  who were the traitors working at both this TV station and the city officials who hid the fact there were two other bombs?   As you can see from this video,  EVERYONE IN OKLAHOMA GOVERNMENT KNEW THERE WERE THREE BOMBS, WHICH MAKES THEM ALL TRAITORS AND MURDERERS SINCE THEY AIDED AND ABETTED THE CRIME, SO ARE SUBJECT TO THE SAME PENALTIES AS MCVEIGH.  I bet if they confront the officials who knew about the other three bombs, they will get someone to spill the beans on the whole thing.  Justice will be done.  It might take a while, but when it is, it will be big, massive and for real.   Now, the announcer says this was a Very sophisticated bomb.  Clinton says very sophisticated   terrorists that did this, and I agree,  the CIA AND MOSSAD.  They are very good at this.   As brasscheck says,  IF THEY HAD TOLD US THE TRUTH BACK THEN WE COULD HAVE AVOIDED 9-11.  That means whoever did this will also then be eligible for mass murder due to 9-11.   This was the war game on bombs and their affects and I suspect that is why they decided to do  a nuke  in the twin towers. 

Oklahoma City Bombing:  Reality Check with New Rare Footage
by brasscheck TV,  A Utube video

People who questioned the  government/media's Oklahoma City bombing story were mostly ridiculed  and ignored.

Then came 9/11.  (VN: search the blog site for "Israel did 9-11, all the proof in the world", so now we know who did OKC, don't we???)

Another look at the other bombing where  the story didn't add up and made no sense.   Maybe if more people had paid attention then, there wouldn't have been a 9/11.

- Brasscheck

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American Action Report said...

At the time of the event, the news I heard was that the additional bombs were just training dummies, which I thought sounded fishy. Wikipedia lists "additional bombs" among "conspiracy theories."
I took special note of the sources of information on these clips. They came from three different news stations: 4, 5, and 9. The news stations' sources included scientists, a bomb squad, Governor Keating, and other reliable sources. They clearly state that the bombs were defused by the bomb squad.
That video is a huge smoking gun.