Serco's Bastille Day Media Play; Fake Arms In A Rothschild Truck

Clerk Note: This has been heavily edited from the source, because lots of other items seemed to have been dumped into it. Look for nuggets of truth.


Serco's Bastille Day Media Play; Fake Arms In A Rothschild Truck


By: Field McConnell
Date: 2016-07-16

1. Abel Danger (AD) claims that Serco equipped Theresa May's UK Cabinet Office for a Bastille Day media play where news injects of an attack in Nice decoyed attention from a phony command-post exercise run by Serco out of the EU Situation Centre in Brussels.

2. AD claims that Serco has equipped elite Clinton Foundation donors with 8(a) private servers which use Zulu signals for real-time death betting where donor can watch a potential crime scene from a nearby hotel and bet on the times of death of the victims.

3. AD claims that Serco procured a VIA Location truck through the offices of Edmond de Rothschild Capital Partners and loaded it with fake weapons for a Bastille Day media play with the attack in Nice attributed to ISIS and not the Serco command post in Brussels.

4. United States Marine Field McConnell asks James Comey – a former director of one of Serco's shareholder bankers HSBC and the current FBI director – to hand over any evidence of Zulu death-bet timing signals on Clinton 8(a) servers which might help families sue for wrongful deaths of their relatives in Nice on Bastille Day, July 14, 2016 (http://www.abeldanger.net/2010/01/field-mcconnell-bio.html).

ISIS Claims Responsibility For The Nice Attack In France 

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