Nice, France terror hoax July 14, 2016, Bastille Day

Clerk Note: This was sent to me by an alert reader. I do not have the ability to validate it. Don't take it at face value, and be on the lookout for nuggets of truth.

Any time a blogger wants to expose "Masonic Agendas", I cringe. The ability to have a "Masonic Agendas" differs by land to land, state to state, community to community, lodge to lodge. Every human institution through out all time is subject to infiltration and subversion, particularly if it has obtained a position of influence. Look no further than the Republican Party, as but one example. The subversion doesn't have to be across the board, everywhere, or for all time: it is so easy to give an institution a negative reputation. This isn't to discount history and valid instances of a subverted "Masonic Agenda", but power and influence migrated from lodges into other institutions by the 1970's, allowing Masonry (in the USA) to wither down to its worthy, die-hard roots.


Nice, France terror hoax July 14, 2016, Bastille Day- Expose the Illuminati (Masonic-Zionist) Agenda


Date: 2016-07-14

This video exposes the Nice, France terror hoax of July 14, 2016, Bastille Day, for the Masonic-Zionist psychological operations that it is. I show how this attack was coordinated with other psy-ops of the past, including; March 22 Belgium terror hoax; November 13, Paris terror hoax; December 20 Las Vegas terror hoax; Charlie Hebdo terror hoax and more. Also discussed, is how these terror hoaxes seem to be foreshadowing destruction for 'Washington', as in the capital of the United States.

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