Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up

Clerk Note: The following was recommended by a reader of the Vatic Project. I publish it without review. The reader wrote:

Deeeep Love, peace, wellness, harmony truth on earth!!

Love you all on earth ***

Zio-Nazi-Illuminazi-Satanists certainly do not read Shakespeare , they make live movies a la Ed Gein empire kidnapping helpless people chasing them a la Jason style using axes to sacrifice victim on the altar of greed of Moloch'

People still pay to watch live movies about Satanism with live actors as killrs and live victims killed in the darkness of the night'

Ed Gein empire of butchers of wisconsin'

Wisconsin is the most satanic state in the US!! oh Lord!!

Hope you publish this one!


Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 14


By: David Parker Ray & Ed Gein

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