Scientific Studies Bring Further Evidence That Young Blood Can Reverse Aging

Vatic Note:  Is this why all those globalist cabal leaders are so old and  not dying off?   Brezinszki,  Kissinger,  Queen Elizabeth,  Her Husband, Prince Phillip, Rockefeller,  Rothschild, Bush Sr.,  etc.   Most of them are heading toward 100 years old.  Having said that and keeping in mind the cabals penchant for deception, I also warn that this could be another manipulation device to get us to start a revolution just before a world war.

These bankers did this in both world wars.... and the country that was the economic power house of the day,  (Russia WW I, and Germany WW2) both lost in their respective world wars.  Now we are being manipulated into thinking and speaking revolution while our military is also under attack by the ruling cabal as well as our veterans are also under attack and all of it demoralizing to the military members due to their treatment by the system.  Demoralize militaries always lose wars. 

The powers that be are concerned that the Vets might well decide to train, aid, lead and help civilians in this venture, and the cabal cannot, under any circumstances have the veterans in good enough shape both mentally and physically to do the job of leading and training us. Just think about it.

Then you have the foreign occupying government that attacked us on the USS Liberty, who are occupying key positions in DHS,  Pentagon, with the patriots and loyalists purged from their jobs this past year and once  under Cheney.  That negates any resistance within the Pentagon.

So keep an "open" mind when reading this and see what you think.  Remember HARVARD AND STANFORD ARE GLOBALIST INSTITUTIONS WITH Rumsfeld working for the Hoover School within Stanford.  What I try to look for is the "benefit" to the cabal of publishing this and how does it advance their agenda?   They always use truth to manipulate, at least "SOME" of the truth, not all.  

So the bottom line question is this:   Is this why the mongols kicked the khazars out of Mongolia in 750 AD, because they were killing their young and drinking their blood?   Remember, you have to do something really bad to get kicked out of Mongolia as it is a safe haven for criminals.   Ghengis Khan would raid and the run into Mongolia for safety.

We have published many blogs on the elite's Satanic Ritual that included killing babies and young children and drinking their blood.   Is this the reason why?   We know that RH neg blood can be restored back to life after thousands of years of dead mummies, and samples being taken and experimented with.   Its not possible with Positive blood but it is with Negative blood.

Anyway,  you read and decide.  Give their level of perversion and their allegiance to Satan, I would not be surprised if that were the case.  Remember, they track RH negative blood.  They also pedophile the children before they kill them, in order to sacrifice the child's innocence to Satan.

Scientific Studies Bring Further Evidence That Young Blood Can Reverse Aging
By Admin, Humans Are Free,  May 2014

A few years ago, scientists from Stanford discovered that it's possible to reverse cognitive decline in old mice by injecting them with the blood of the young.

Now, researchers have isolated the mechanism responsible for this rejuvenation — and it's a protein that's found in humans as well.

Back in 2012, when Stanford University scientist Saul Villeda showed that young blood has rejuvenating qualities, he wasn't entirely sure how it reversed the effects of cognitive decline — but he suspected that it has something to do with the limited production of stem cells as we get older.

And now, two new studies suggest he was on the right track.

Recharging Body and Brain

The independent research papers, one from Harvard and one from Stanford, are reporting that injections of a protein, or growth factor, known as GDF11 is capable of rejuvenating a number of seemingly unrelated physiological aspects.

Above: Reconstructions of blood vessels in an old mouse's brain (left) and in an old mouse that received young mouse blood. Lida Katsimpardi.

The Harvard study, which now appears in Science, used the protein to improve the exercise capability and skeletal muscle function of mice (tests showed improvements in recovery from muscle injury, along with improved performance on running and grip strength tasks).

The Stanford researchers showed that the transfusions encouraged the growth of new blood vessels and improved the function of the olfactory region of the brains of older mice, allowing them to detect smells just as well as younger mice.

The injected mice were also shown to perform better on memory tests than mice of the same age that hadn't received the youthful blood plasma.

Previously, GDF11 was shown to make the failing hearts in aging mice appear more like those of young healthy mice.

As noted, humans have this protein, too. According to Amy Wagers and Lee Rubin of Harvard's Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology (HSCRB), barring unexpected developments, they expect to have GDF11 in human clinical trials within three to five years. The goal is to develop interventions that treat neurodegnerative disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

In a prepared statement, HSCRB co-chair Doug Melton said that he couldn't...
...recall a more exciting finding to come from stem cell science and clever experiments. This should give us all hope for a healthier future. We all wonder why we were stronger and mentally more agile when young, and these two unusually exciting papers actually point to a possible answer: the higher levels of the protein GDF11 we have when young. There seems to be little question that, at least in animals, GDF11 has an amazing capacity to restore aging muscle and brain function.
It's definitely an amazing discovery — and the first example of a rejuvenation factor that's naturally produced by our own bodies, one that's capable of reversing (or slowing) aging in multiple tissues.

Restoring Stem Cell Function

Both research teams examined the effect of GDF11 in two ways. First, they created a parabiotic system in which two mice were surgically joined, so that the blood of the younger mouse could circulate through the older mouse.

The second method involved direct injections of the protein into the older mice. Subsequent tests, along with comparisons to control groups, revealed the therapeutic effects of the procedure.

Previous studies have shown that GDF11 works by regulating and restoring stem cell activity. This protein is abundant in young organisms, but drops off as animals age.

After the experiments, 3D reconstructions of the brain and fMRI scans showed more new blood vessels and more blood flow, both of which are normally associated with younger, healthier brain tissue.

The researchers speculate that GDF11 improves vascularity and blood flow, which is associated with increased brain re-growth.
"However, the increased blood flow should have more widespread effects on brain function," noted Rubin.

"We do think that, at least in principle, there will be a way to reverse some of the cognitive decline that takes place during aging, perhaps even with a single protein. It could be that a molecule like GDF11, or GDF11 itself, could [reverse the damage of aging]."
Rubin says that a potential drug is not "out of the question."

Treating Humans

To date, the only other interventions known to reverse or slow aging have been caloric restriction, rapamycin, and the administration of nicotinamide mono nucleotide (NMN). But one of the primary advantages of GDF11 is that it's found naturally in the blood.

Writing in ScienceNews, Jocelyn Kaiser discusses the potential for human applications:
Harvard has filed for patents on GDF11, and Wagers says she and her colleagues are "in the process of talking with people" about commercializing it to treat diseases such as Alzheimer's and heart disease. Giving GDF11 itself "would require huge amounts of protein," Wagers says, so it may be better to use a modified form or to target the GDF11 pathway with a different molecule. "These are tractable problems," Wagers says. "The most important hurdle was figuring out a pathway to go after."

Temple agrees that GDF11 has therapeutic promise, but she says she will remain cautious until more is known about GDF11's mechanism. She also notes that some of the "old" mice in the Harvard brain studies were only middle-aged, and whether the effects would hold up in elderly people is unclear. "It's a matter of where you can step in," she says. Nor have any studies yet shown that the treated mice live longer.
By George Dvorsky, io9; | References: Science Now; Harvard Stem Cell Institute; | Top image: The Moth Diaries;

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