Do yourself a favor: Get these health-destroying foods out of your kitchen now!

Vatic Note:  If you are to try and depopulate a planet, how do you begin to do so and still stay safe from resistance that may cost you your life?   You buy up all the food companies, since food is our most vulnerable product, since we need it to ingest daily to sustain life. Then you must buy up  at least one international airlines, for attacking the air we breath, again, a daily need for sustaining life.

And finally you buy up water companies.  And we all know what is happening with that!  Fluoride in the water.  So our basic needs to sustain life on a daily basis are all under control of the globalists and now we are seeing how the soft kill can happen, by attacking and poisoning our food, air and water.  We really do need to defend  our sovereignly control our own farm lands, have farmers within our country and certainly keep the chemicals and poisons out of the processing of such food.

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We count on you to help us achieve that agenda by using our EXPOSURE to all their deeds, as a weapon of mass destruction, that means distribute this and make it go viral, especially to your congressman and senators.   So many people are truly waking up that I have never felt more encouraged as I do right now, so lets keep the heat on and finish this once and for all.

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Do yourself a favor: Get these health-destroying foods out of your kitchen now!  
By H. D.  Heyes,  Natural news,  September 23, 2015


(NaturalNews) Most health-conscious Americans likely believe their pantry and refrigerator are stocked mostly with foods that are good for them, but the reality is that they might want to take another look.

Galvanized Media notes that our kitchens are loaded with otherwise innocent-looking cans, tubs, bags and containers filled with chemical-laden, nutrient-free foods. Moreover, this so-called dietary fare is not always easy to spot and could seriously impede your weight loss goals.

In the spirit of cleansing your countertops and cabinets of bad foods, the following is a list of things you should get rid of today and replace with similar but safer, healthier items:

  • Jellies and jams: While these classic spreads look fairly innocent, they are really just pieces of fruit slathered in sugar and juice and then emptied into a jar. A single tablespoon contains a little less than 10 grams of sugar and 60 calories, but who uses just one spoonful? Replace your jams and jellies with fresh pieces of fruit to get a similar flavor with none of the extra sugar and calories.
  • Sugary cereals: This one may seem obvious to most people, but you might be surprised to discover how many Americans are fooled into buying these kinds of cereals because they promise "daily" levels of various vitamins and calcium. A better option is to get your wholesome nutrients for a fraction of the calories by other means, such as steel-cut oats. You can top off a bowl with fresh fruit or nuts to add some crunch.
  • Wraps: Many people think these thin carb blankets are much better than most sandwich breads, but the reality is much different: If you look more closely at the nutrition labeling, you will find that most varieties are loaded with calories and nasty chemicals such as L-cysteine, a "dough conditioner" made from human hair and poultry feathers. No thanks. In addition, wraps are loaded with soybean and hydrogenated oils. Restock with something that is whole grain and devoid of high fructose corn syrup.
  • Soda: For one thing, even diet soda is unhealthy, so it's a good idea to avoid soda altogether. "Soda, both diet and regular, have absolutely no nutritional benefits and may even have serious health implications," Gina Consalvo, MA, RD, LDN, a registered dietitian, told Galvanized Media. "Not only are they loaded with empty calories, harmful preservatives, sugar or artificial sweeteners, they also have dangerous artificial coloring derived from coal-tar. The coloring has been linked to allergic reactions, fatigue, asthma, skin rashes, hyperactivity, headaches and even cancer."
  • Coffee creamer: A little "lite" coffee creamer can't hurt first thing in the morning, right? Wrong. Coffee creamer and sunblock have one thing in common, believe it or not: both contain titanium dioxide. The chemical, which is used to block ultraviolet radiation, also gives creamer its white coloring.
  • White bread and bagels: You might have grown up eating white bread and bagels, but they are starchy-grained foods that are anything but healthy. Since they are made with enriched flour instead of healthy whole grains, they don't contain any of the fiber that helps satisfy hunger while keeping your blood sugar stable.
  • Pretzels: Healthy snack? Hardly. These are essentially nutrient-free carbs that are covered in salt so they are prone to raising your blood pressure while offering no health benefits and lacking any ingredients that will keep you full or satiated.
  • Fruit snacks/gummies: These should also be avoided. "They might have a 'fat-free' label on the front, but these snacks are anything but kid-friendly," said Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., founder of The NY Nutrition Group. "Void of any nutrition whatsoever, all they offer are empty calories that can lead to weight gain, cavity-causing sugar and enough chemical preservatives to last a lifetime." The prime ingredient in many brands is high fructose corn syrup.
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