Planned Parenthood video shows abortionists laughing at the sound of a baby's skull cracking, talking about how to avoid getting caught trafficking baby parts

Vatic Note:  I simply have no words.   No wonder we are in a spiritual battle for our very souls, along with our various nations.  We better wake up and smell the evil.   This is self explanatory and does not need much more from me.   I am sure you can imagine how I feel about this below.   Here is a video that will set the stage for the rest of this.  

Its a "MUST WATCH"..... and then when you realize that it was Bill Gates father that created planned Parenthood, you will then understand why Bill has no problem using vaccines to harm those procreating our future generations and then call it population control.  



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Planned Parenthood video shows abortionists laughing at the sound of a baby's skull cracking, talking about how to avoid getting caught trafficking baby parts  


(NaturalNews) An impressed Planned Parenthood medical assistant can be heard on camera saying, "Five stars!" looking at a high-quality, newly-harvested fetal heart lying in a Petri dish. This heart is one of several organs and limbs that had just been meticulously extracted from a living fetus. The sight of the extracted organs and the sound of sinister elation in the assistant's voice is enough to make anyone's stomach turn inside out.

In another shot, a medical assistant is seen picking through several recognizable body parts in the Petri dish, singling out a pair of legs while announcing, "Another boy!"

This is what goes on in the pathology labs of Planned Parenthood, where one of the most sadistic, for-profit organ-harvesting enterprises is operating in utmost secrecy. Thankfully, these secrets are being brought to light.

The undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress reveals what really goes on behind the scenes at Planned Parenthood "care centers". At one point in the video, a medical assistant laughs about the sound of a baby's skull cracking as the life is taken from the innocent one.

Unmasking Planned Parenthood's facade of providing "women's healthcare services"

Behind the facade of Planned Parenthood and their "women's healthcare services" hides one of the most grotesque for-profit operations to ever exist in civilized society.

On camera, Dr. Savita Ginde of Planned Parenthood was caught talking to potential body part buyers about how to best get around federal law so she could sell the fetal body parts that are meticulously extracted from the wombs of women. Hovering over intact body parts separated out in a Petri dish, Ginde discusses that they often go for anywhere between $200 and $300.

"I think a per item thing works a little better just because we can see how much we are getting out of it," she says.

This conflict of interest proves that Planned Parenthood is not about women's health or women's choice. Planned Parenthood has a vested interest in pressuring women to give up on the life developing inside of them. This heartless enterprise is not only pressuring women, but it does not consider the emotional impact this procedure has on the woman and potentially the man who co-created the new human life.

It doesn't matter how they do it; selling, trading, or donating fetal body parts to satiate the desires of the twisted agendas of biotech companies is a war on women, a war on men, and a war against all human life. Experiments on human life must end now. The guiltless disregard for who we are and where we come from should no longer persist. Compassion for all human life must return, and that means Americans should put an end to organ harvesting operations disguised as women's healthcare.

Are women even told they are being used for profit and that their wombs are being abused? Are they being told the life inside them is being choked out and the remaining body parts are being sold?

Planned Parenthood doctor reveals way to get around federal law to sell baby parts

Many parents who did everything possible to protect the health of their children since conception are appalled at the vision of these doctors hovering over baby body parts and discussing how much money they are worth.

On top of that, this video reveals the devious and secretive manner in which these doctors operate. In the video, Dr. Ginde talks about ways to avoid getting caught.

"Because if you have someone in a really anti- state that's going to be doing this for you, they're probably going to get caught," she says. She can also be heard talking confidently about how their lawyers protect them from being caught.

"We talked to him in the beginning, you know, we were like, 'we don't want to get called on,' you know, 'selling fetal parts across states.'"

"I'm confident that our legal will make sure that we are not put in that situation," Ginde asserts.

Watch the video in its entirety here.

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