Revolution To Remove Cabal Corporations: World’s First Zero-Waste Grocery Stores: No Packaging, Plastic, Or Cabal Corporate Brands.

Vatic Note:   Yup,  the Western world is noted for its creativity, adaptability and resilience and this is living proof of it.  What a really seriously great article this is and well worth the read and pondering.   I bet creativity begins to emerge just from seeing such great ideas as this one below about the zero waste grocery store located in Germany.

He carries this even further giving suggested ways to stop our financial debt slavery to the banksters and to achieve financial liberation.  Again, something else well worth the read.   I am already doing half of what he has suggested.  I wish to add some on here, that I have already done.

1.  Service trades - In return for giving a 75 year old lady rides that she needs, she lets me put my trash in her bin once a week, so I save up and put it in her trash bin for pick up.  I pay for my gas, as I would anyway and she pays no more for my trash being there since she barely fills up the bin herself, so we both win.

2.   Bartering - I make jewelry as a hobby and I now barter my storage unit with the owner for her selection of one or two necklace sets a year  for a years worth of storage.  It's one necklace,  if its an expensive one, or two if both are less expensive.  We have been doing this for 6 years now.

She comes to town once a year from another state and that is when we do the deed.  It works for both of us since she loves my designs in jewelry and quality materials that I use. They are one of a kind creations so she has had great feedback from friends and family on them when she arrives home. 

3.   Work Bank -  Working for a local business and instead of getting paid, offer to bank the hours with them for merchandise.  I am meeting with my local grocery store manager to offer this to him and will let you know how it works out if he accepts it.

4.   Layaway -  If there is something I really need or want and do not want to go into debt,  I simply save up for the down payment and then place it on layaway at $10 per payday.  It takes a while to do it this way,  But eventually I pay it off and have no debt.  Its great.

5.    Freeze your credit cards -  When I decided to get out of debt personally, I took my credit cards, placed them in a small plastic bucket and poured water in and froze them.  If I changed my mind, it bought me time to rethink about it all, because it had to thaw before I could use them again.  Usually, that gave me the time to rethink and put them back in the freezer. 

6.    Plan your water usage to save on your water bill.  Same with electricity and heat. 

There is more, but this was just to show you how you can come up with similar ideas within your own community.   It totally eliminates the bankers/CEO of corporations from having any impact on your financial life.  If I did not do these things, my deficit would be $1,000 per month. 

I do not bank with a big institution, rather a locally owned and run bank and I found with all of it together, my life because much less stressful, and a lot more joyful.  I highly recommend you come up with your own personal way to become financially independant.  Recently,  this year a man I knew needed a ride to a town an hours drive away.

He paid for the oil and lube change on my car and filled my tank with gas before and after the drive and it worked.   I had no debt, he got his much needed ride for a very important appointment for him and  I saved money on my oil change since I did not have to pay for it and I had a full tank of gas by the time this was over. 

I have very little need for the bank.  I need it to accept my Soc Security deposits and after that I use their debit card, so I have so much less stress than I did before when things were going well economically and I was part of their system. Its amazing the "feeling of freedom" you feel when you do things like this to make your life enjoyable.   Try it and see how you like it.

***FUNDRAISING STATUSWell,  our monthly deficit is now down to $90 due in one day, and we have still not met our goal. But we are close enough to do so if those who can afford would donate.    If you wish us to be able to continue this work and labor of love that we do, and if you can afford it, we ask that you contribute through pay pal off to the right of this blog.

If we do not meet our goal, the I will have to discontinue this or severly cut back, and I won't know which until I find an alternative source of income to meet our needs.  If that happens then we will leave the blog up for you to use as a reference since there is 6 years worth of research and work in this and a revamping of history that is vital to our survival and continued existance on this planet with the truth as the gift from all of it. Remember,  "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE".  And believe me when I say "IT DOES"......

Revolution To Remove Cabal Corporations: World’s First Zero-Waste Grocery Stores: No Packaging, Plastic, Or Cabal Corporate Brands.
by , Political Velcraft,  September 27, 2015

The first zero-waste grocery store in the world.
It’s here and it’s being claimed “The first zero-waste grocery store in the world”. A zero-waste grocery store recently opened its doors in Germany and everyone should get excited.
80% of items sold in supermarkets is wrapped in toxic packaging. In effect, Americans still produce near 3 pounds of trash every day, and this is a big problem. So what could be an intelligent solution?

How about a zero-waste grocery store that utilizes no waste materials.
U.S. Food Alert Update: From 2012-2015 The Coming EBT Food Riots

To eliminate food-packaging waste before it even gets into the shopping cart is the success behind Original Unvertpackt, a new supermarket in Germany that takes things into zero-waste territory by encouraging consumers to tote reusable containers to the store.
Nothing that comes in a disposable box, bag, jar, or other container is sold at this store.
And instead of shelf after shelf of boxed items, this supermarket utilizes bulk bins, attractively displayed produce that’s not shrink wrapped or stored in tetra packs, and beverage stations for refillable water bottles.
The first zero-waste grocery store in the world.
The first zero-waste grocery store in the world.

It is the brainchild of Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, two Germany-based social impact innovators. They want consumers to have a choice about how much food they buy, as well as eliminating unnecessary waste associated with the packaging.

Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski

As the creators noted on their website, this generation has “littered the world,” so maybe the next one has a chance to make it better.

Do you think this concept could be implemented in America or any other parts of the world?  (VN: absolutely and much to the chagrine of the sellers, since marketing is their cheap advertising through packaging art. If that is gone, so is the advertising and that does not hurt my feelings one bit.)

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Means of Waging Personal Financial Revolution Against the Banksters

Netanyahu Sells Syrian Golan Heights Oil To Rothschild & Murdoch Breaking International Law.
Netanyahu Sells Syrian Golan Heights Oil To Rothschild & Murdoch Breaking International Law ~ The Banksters

The world is enslaved to an economic system designed to create tremendous power and wealth for those who own the system, while forcing the rest of us into mathematically insurmountable debt and the stagnation, austerity and poverty that comes with it.
Corrupt and patently unsustainable, the world’s currencies and financial markets are rigged, and an economic collapse is inevitable at some point. Sad but true, and the ongoing dramatic narrative of the interplay between engineered boom and engineered bust is a chief psychological tool in sustaining the popular belief that this monetary reality as the only monetary reality possible.

The truth, however, is that as long as this economic reality is the reality then we will be slaves to debt economics, and the pursuit of endless growth is certain to consume everything on the planet.
Obama Has A Food Taster: For Real.
The good news is that the task of migrating an entire civilization from one economic system to another is so enormous that as individuals we don’t have to feel encumbered by the pressure of having to come up with the one and only solution to save all of human civilization.

We can instead be empowered by the knowledge that any meaningful adjustment we make in our personal lives is a contribution to the future realization of a greater shift for the better, sometime in the future. Our role is merely to be the trim tabs, and when enough momentum builds, watch the ship change its course.
“Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary — the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trimtab.
It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trimtab.
Society thinks it’s going right by you, that it’s left you altogether. But if you’re doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go.
So I said, call me Trimtab.”R. Buckminster Fuller
Someday the combined good efforts of millions and millions of people will pay off and the human race will buck the financial criminals that suck so much or our resources and spirit. Until that day comes, though, we may as well enjoy being creative and active in envisioning an alternative future. To that end, here are 3 critical things you can do to wage personal financial revolution against the banksters and 1%’ers.

1. Get Out of Personal Debt aka; Their System – You CAN do it!

Personal debt has ballooned to mind-bendingly absurd levels. The average ‘consumer’ now owes a combined $205k in credit cards, student loans and mortgages, for a national total of nearly $12 trillion in consumer debt. This is both a physical and metaphysical prison that restricts freedom and feeds psychological duress, coloring the rest of life with undue stress.

Changing Of The Guard Post Banking Cabal: Bankers Will Be Jailed In Next Financial Crisis!
Using credit and accruing debt is a matter of personal choice, of course, albeit choices can at times be limited by circumstance. Credit companies do deliberately entrap people in many clever ways and the student loan industry is clearly predatory, but no matter who you choose to point the finger at, and no matter how this has come to be, consumer debt is highly profitable to banks, and highly restrictive to individuals.
Revolt against this madness by getting yourself out of debt. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your quality of life and personal freedom, while revolting against the financial powers that be.
Easier said than done, to be sure, but this message is not intended to be a ‘how-to.’ A ‘how-to’ is of no use without first mustering the will power and resolve to face a challenge as massive as overcoming personal debt. The message in here is more important than a ‘how-to,’ because it aims at inspiring you to try, and at reminding you that any obstacle can be overcome with will-power, commitment, spirit and a plan.
In a time of universal debt, being debt-free is revolutionary act.

2. Deprogram Consumerism

For the past half century or so we’ve been socially programmed to accept consumerism as the new cultural paradigm, thus changing the way that people interact and relate to one another, and even to themselves. Now, the individual is easily lost in the angry seas of corporate marketing, propaganda, promotions, gimmicks and sponsors. This is a place where the ego can have a field day, but also a place where detachment from reality is itself a preferred new form of reality.
We are constantly being primed to compare, compete with, criticize, judge and out-do each other. As a pissing ground to prove ourselves to one another, we are offered a rather astonishing spread of consumer products, lifestyle options and services. Choices in the marketplace become critical to the fabrication of self-identity.
Insecurity is the psychological pump of the economy that keeps the debt machine moving. In the present paradigm, money is positioned as the chief force which can alleviate insecurity, and if money can do that, then even debt servitude is a small price to pay to for the feel of security. It is of course a lie.
Overcoming and the insecurity and fear that fuel consumerism is largely a personal task and is a natural part of conscious evolution.

3. Detach and Have Fun With Alternatives  (VN: I consider this a big one.  Its only through creative altrnatives that we can sustain an effort that bucks  the system with all its resources to shove it down our throats, as well as into our childrens heads.)

Any effort that you can make to withdraw your consent and tacit support of the current system is another chink in the armor of the gods of Money, and opportunities to undermine these crooks are abundant.

1.  Pay cash whenever you can,
2.  buy a used car,
3.  toss your credit cards,
4.  Refurbish and re-use stuff,
5.  try living without money,
6.  abandon big banks,
7.  divest from the Ponzi scheme stock markets.
8.  Use payment intermediaries like Pay Pal to bypass banks,
9.  invest in physical assets like precious metals or land, and
10. develop independent streams of income for yourself.
Breaking Point: Unsustainable Fraud Against The United States!
Have you ever tried bartering to acquire something you really wanted? Do you have a Bitcoin purse or know much about Ubuntu and the giving economy? Have you checked if anyone in your area has already started an independent currency, or have you thought about time-banking as a means of getting your roof or some other big project completed without even using cash?
Anything is possible, and if energy is withdrawn from supporting the status quo and re-directed to the imagination and practice of creating something better, then over time alternatives will emerge that will bring us closer to an equitable economy. Human beings are graced with abundant creativity and ingenuity, and if we detach from the current system, even in little ways, we weaken its grip on our reality.

In Conclusion

Financial freedom doesn’t mean you must have more money than you can spend, it simply means that you have the freedom to choose for whom you work and to determine how your money is spent. 

There will be no direct or easy route to the liberation of the human race from the debt-driven economic system that presently enslaves us, so we’d better get busy experimenting with possibilities.
Being born a human being on this abundant planet should not be an automatic life sentence of involuntary servitude to banks for unreasonable debts fraudulently incurred by others.
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