Developing Story: Does "what is inside the New Penny, Indicate a New Big Currency Crisis?"

Vatic Note:   What he is stating below, is leading up to a  global currency if we do not prepare for the crash of our sovereign currency. Hang onto all the currency you can.  Pull your currency out of the big banks and deposit it into the small locally controlled banks.  Same with your soc sec deposits monthly.    He does a great job explaining, not only history of this, but how to get around it and prepare.  Keep in mind the incredible rise in the price of copper that is used on the US Penny.  So, while the cost to produce has gone up using zink, its still cheaper than it would have been had they continued to use copper.

Listen and read and remember, the end game is WW III so the evil psychos can replenish their losing wealth as well.   Every fiat currency system has to have a world war at some point in order to save the system and if they globalize currency, you can take it to the bank it will continue to be fiat currency backed by nothing.   Even the EURO is losing value and it was backed by 15% gold.  Not enough to make it behave as it should as a currency.

That is why the Rothschild's Israel wants to attack Iran.   Iran began selling oil using the Euro and beating out the US dollar used by Rothschild.   That act alone has changed everything and that is why Israel has taken over America, to use it to fight their economic and currency battles.   We must not cooperate,  we must not overthrow our government as previous preconditions to world wars and why????

Because it weakens the most powerful nation sufficiently for the rest of the world to bring it down as happened with Russia in WW I and Germany in WW II.  Now its our turn for WW III.   WE MUST NOT COOPERATE IN EITHER OVERTHROWING OUR GOVERNMENT,  RATHER WE NEED TO PURGE ALL DUAL ISRAELI CITIZENS AND ROTHSCHILD BANKERS OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT AND THEN REFUSE TO FIGHT IN ANY WORLD WAR FOR THE BANKERS.

They are going after the USA and Russia TO OBTAIN CONTROL OF ALL OUR NATURAL RESOURCES.... and this is how they are planning on doing it.   THE INFILTRATED KHAZARS TO OUR GOV ARE MAKING US INTO THE NEW "NAZIS", JUST LIKE THEY DID TO GERMANY IN WW II.   They are so soul-less and uncreative that they always use what has worked for them in the past.   That is what we are seeing right now.  Only this time, we must fight back as a PEOPLE, and not just our government which has been threatened, blackmailed, into submission.  We, the people, must free up our government to be able to take the steps needed to prosecute these people for their continued crimes. 

We must also prepare for them to attack us with space weapons if their plans go awry.   I SEND OUT A WARNING TO THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE AS WELL.  DO NOT LET THEM MANIPULATE YOU INTO A WORLD WAR EITHER, AS THEY HAVE IT SET UP FOR THEM TO WIN AND BOTH OUR COUNTRIES TO LOSE.  Russia will lose in a different way than the evil ones have planned for us.  If you think you suffered in 1917, you will see even more if they prevail.  We all will. 

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We count on you to help us achieve that agenda by using our EXPOSURE to all their deeds, as a weapon of mass destruction, that means distribute this and make it go viral, especially to your congressman and senators.   So many people are truly waking up that I have never felt more encouraged as I do right now, so lets keep the heat on and finish this once and for all.

If we do not meet our goal, the I will have to discontinue this or severly cut back, and I won't know which until I find an alternative source of income to meet our needs.  If that happens then we will leave the blog up for you to use as a reference since there is 6 years worth of research and work in this and a revamping of history that is vital to our survival and continued existance on this planet with the truth as the gift from all of it. 

Developing Story: Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step to Prepare for America’s Next Big Crisis
BY Mike Palmer, Stansberry Research, 09.05.2015

If you question whether or not our country will experience yet another financial crisis, look no further than what’s inside the 2015 penny.

 The new 2015 U.S. Penny – The warning signs are obvious if you know where to look.
WASHINGTON, D.C. –  This is a fascinating story with implications for every American…

Dr. Ron Paul – the former U.S. Presidential candidate and 22-year Congressional veteran – was briefly back in Washington, D.C., recently.

Dr. Paul was in the nation’s capital to educate Americans on what he believes our country’s next financial crisis will look like.

He says America is on the verge of a real “currency crisis” — the likes of which we have not seen in more than 50 years.

One sign that a crisis is imminent can actually be found inside the new 2015 penny.

Most Americans don’t know this, but the government is losing tens of millions of dollars a year making these coins.

It’s incredible… According to The Washington Post, the value of the dollar has fallen so much, it now costs the U.S. Mint nearly 2 cents to make a penny and up to 10 cents to make a nickel.

And according to a report from ABC News, investors with deep pockets, including some hedge funds, are buying and storing huge sacks of pennies, as an investment.
President of the U.S. Mint, Richard Peterson says, “This [development] concerns us, and we continue to explore ways to address it.”

Typically, the government has turned a huge profit on these coins. The fact that they’re now losing money shows how distorted our financial system has become today… and it’s a clear sign our money is becoming worth less and less.

No one knows more about this important trend — the collapse of our currency — than Dr. Ron Paul, who spent more than two decades in Congress and years on the House Banking Committee.

While in D.C., Dr. Paul also announced that he’s found a way for citizens of every political party to prepare for the next currency crisis, including the specific steps you should take. He released a short video presentation to explain all the details. (You can watch it here below .)

Few people in America today have Dr. Paul’s knowledge of the inner workings of both the government and the U.S. financial system…

He sponsored more than 600 legislative bills. He met with every President of the past 40 years and every Fed Chairman. He spent thousands of hours in top secret, closed-door meetings.

And Dr. Paul believes a major currency crisis is coming to America… sooner than most people think.

During his recent visit in Washington, he said:
“The way you live, work, travel, retire, and invest in America… everything is going to change. Some of it in ways most people do not expect. This period is going to be particularly tough on seniors and anyone relying on a fixed income, or money from the government. Trouble is coming — please make sure you, your family, and anyone you care about are prepared.”
That’s why Dr. Paul recently worked to help put together a short video presentation that explains what’s gone wrong with the new penny… our nation’s currency and the #1 first step every American should take to prepare for America’s next, inevitable crisis.

I strongly suggest you take a look at this fascinating piece Dr. Paul has prepared.

You may have seen many of Dr. Ron Paul’s interviews, speeches, and Congressional testimony over the years…

But I guarantee you’ve never seen him quite like this.

Ron Paul Behind the Scenes

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