George Bush’s Family Tree and the Bloodline Disease [HD]

Vatic Note:   We have done several blogs on the Bush clan and all of them tie the Bush's into the khazars of early Europe that called themselves "Ashkenazi Jews" and Bush Sr.  got himself baptized as Magog, which is not of a source of light and love, rather of dark and demonic.  His entire administration was the foundation upon which, what is happening now, was built,  Clinton was next and was an evil khazar as well, just like Obama.

Bush Jr was the "set up man", while Obama is what would be called "The Hammer" in any top level scam.  Just watch the movie,  "THE STING" and that is exactly what Bush Jr and Obama were, which is part of the same "sting", bringing down the USA after she brings down Russia. I have wondered lately if that movie was part of these satanists telling us in adviance what they intended to do and thus blame us for our own downfall, since "we knew" about it in advance.

Its funny how I am truly starting to see all this in a very different light.  We are awakening rapidly and the babies coming today are far more advanced than we were as babies.... so things may turn out much different than the powers that be had planned on.  I sure hope so.  Bush also had a direct decent from Count Dracula, through the Windsor family in which he is a decendant.  Is that how they got into drinking young childrens blood? And why they are reviled everywhere they settled.  Read Arthur Koestlers, "The Thirteenth Tribe".   Its all laid out in there or read our various blogs on these subjects, such as "were the leaders of WW II allies, all Khazars?

All those named are also khazars, and we showed that through a blog on the khazar connection, by birth.  The spokesman on here is half right in the reason this always continues.   The part he neglected to mention is that this is the history of the khazars going all the way back to the Canaanites/Edomites, turks, and Mongols.  Even Prince Charles has now admitted he is descended from Count Dracula, known as "Val, the Impaler".  So that would explain the blood drinking and the Queens age nearing 100 years old.  We did a blog on Bush killing a baby and drinking its blood and he is well into his 90's, so there is some support for that report by Andre Levays son who was there and witnessed it.

Both Turks and Mongols kicked these khazars out of their respective countries and the question is "Why?"  What did do that was so bad, that mongols, who gave safe haven to all criminals, including Genghis Kahn, actually kicked the khazars out of their country.  You have to be seriously bad to have that happen.

Was it the killing of babies and drinking their blood?  Count dracula's lineage had a long history of doing that and now we know that young blood actually stops the aging process.  We will be publishing a blog on that later.   So, that is why these people have absolutely no conscience and are pure unadulterated evil psychopaths. 

George Bush’s Family Tree and the Bloodline Disease [HD]
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George Bush's Family Tree and blood relations throughout history.

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