Planet X Incoming Nibiru & the Secret Space Program

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Vatic Note:  What I remember is back in 2014, the so called alternet press said that this planet would arrive in December 2014 and it never showed up, at least not here in the states.  We have done numerous blogs on this subject and proven there is "something" to it.... we just don't know for sure what that "something" is.   Is this all real or is it  just another scam on us and we asked that question on a blog back a while ago.

Remember, there was a 1966 Iron Mountain report that gave several options to use to manipulate mankind into accepting a Global government, and one of those recommendations was to "pretend" there was an alien invasion that we had to unite together as a planet to fight them.

Bill Cooper also confirmed that with his found top secret report that he released to us and they killed him, or did they?  Timothy McVeigh is still alive somewhere, so its possible Cooper was part of the hoax, if it is one.  I have no evidence to the contrary so I will assume he was killed.

Further, we did blogs proving astronomers were killed probably to keep them silenced about the arrival of the dark star, since the khazars planned on depopulating simply by remaining silent about the event on its way.

Then, to back all this up, we did blogs with respect to the massive underground facilities that the powers that be built without notifying the filthy masses, only the elite khazar bankers and their fascist cohorts.  

Planet X Incoming Nibiru & the Secret Space Program
Published by Red Star Katchina on Jul 24, 2015
Planet X Incoming Nibiru & the Secret Space Program 2015. Nibiru (Planet X) researcher Bob Fletcher shared his expos√© of the return of Nibiru (Planet X), which he tied in with the disappearance of federal funds, the building of subterranean facilities, space program changes, and a whole list of other events. 

“What would cause the corrupted secret government to drop…billions of dollars into over a hundred underground facilities? And then of course we found out that they were being completely filled and supplied with survival foods,” and even the old location of NORAD was converted into an underground survival facility, for the return of Planet X / Nibiru.

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Anonymous said...

Video Proof That Nibiru Has Come and Gone

Vatic Master said...

There is no doubt that you could be right on with respect to what you say. However, there is this little problem that Rahm Emmanual give us "never let a GOOD CRISIS go to waste". In other words, under cover of Nibiru, they intend to do something to us to depopulate and make life unbearable so we will accept a global dictatorship. It was recommended in the 1966 Iron Mountain report to use either an "ECODISASTER" or an "ALIEN INVASION" both bogus, to force us, using "fear" to globalize us and this fits the bill perfectly. We have the space weapons to pull it off like we did in the Gulf Blowout, but now, the Weapons are much more sophisticated.

Just a recommendation to watch out for that. I also believe its gone back home as a blog I did shows. http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2015/04/update-42315-our-sun-this-morning-was.html

But that does not mean we should not prepare for something similar happening.