Japanese Astronomer Murdered! Was He Involved With 'Planet X' Study? (Updated)

Vatic Note:  There has been a lot of news of an astronomical nature lately and we will be putting them up as fast as we can, but we decided to start with this one since it reminds us of the scientist in Antarctic that was "murdered" by poisoning while serving as a research scientist on that continent.  There are no dark alleys in the Antarctic, so why all the scientists being eliminated?  Is it because they are not part of the controlled scientific community done by the illums and their minions??  Were they going to tell us something we should know, but got stopped in advance???

It reminds me of the 69 microbiologists murdered beginning right after 9-11 just before the anthrax attack and continuing on for several years at least. Remember, the White House under Cheney and Bush took Cipro 30 days prior to the Anthrax attack.   Steven Quayle covered that extensively as well.  We tracked those deaths pretty heavily for that time and reported on each one as they occurred, none of the deaths have been solved.  Now for this below.  Please read and watch for additional blogs on the Antarctic, astronomy, sky anomolies, and of course, the eminent arrival of Nibiru or Planet X or the dwarf star, coming up probably daily.  We will try to find out the end result of the autopsy report and the police investigation.

Japanese Astronomer Murdered! Was He Involved With 'Planet X' Study? (Updated)
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Wednesday, May 09, 2012 7:06

(This first section is from a publication at the link just below the photo since the scientist murdered  is in that photo on the left hand side standing in the back)                                                    

Above picture from: www.almaobservatory.org/images/stories/science_newsletters/pdf/newsletter_nr1.pdf

Astronomer Koh-Ichiro Morita, back left corner in the picture above, a Japanese astronomer who was a member of the ALMA research team, was found Monday with an injury to the head in Santiago, Chile. He later died from his injuries. Coincidently, or not, Japanese scientists have been 'eyeing the mysterious Planet X, as outlined in the story linked directly below.  See related story @ 


Chilean police were investigating the death of a Japanese astronomer in Santiago on Monday (May 7).

Koh-Ichiro Morita was found still alive outside his apartment at around 2 a.m Monday morning reportedly with an injury to the head.

He died nearly six hours later at a nearby hospital. Investigators have not yet determined the cause of death.

Source: tv.ibtimes.com/japanese-astronomer-found-dead-in-chile/5489.html

RIO DE JANEIRO (Kyodo) -- A 58-year-old Japanese professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan was found collapsed Monday outside his apartment in the Chilean capital of Santiago and later confirmed dead in the hospital, NAOJ said Tuesday.

Local police told Kyodo News they have determined that Koichiro Morita was murdered. Investigators are probing whether Morita fell victim to a robbery or was deliberately targeted in an attack among other possibilities.

Local media reports said Morita suffered injuries on his head and bleeding inside the brain. There are witnesses who said he was screaming or groaning before he fell. The police are conducting postmortem examinations and analyzing security camera footages.

Morita, who specialized in software used for mechanical control and data analysis, was a member of an international team involved in constructing the Alma radio telescope facility in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, according to NAOJ.

Junichi Watanabe, professor at the Tokyo-based observatory, described Morita's character as "mild-mannered" and "not the type of a personality that could get himself into troubles."

According to the Chile facility, Morita was assigned to the country in September 2010. Local staff members said everyone is very shocked at the news, with one saying Morita was "someone who was very calm and always smiling."

Morita received his doctorate degree in engineering from Nagoya University and started working at NAOJ's predecessor, the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory of the University of Tokyo, in 1983 before becoming a professor in 2010.

More at: mainichi.jp/english/english/newsselect/news/20120509p2g00m0dm038000c.html
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About Nibiru: on a french site, someone had chanelling with cassiopeens, extraterrestrial entities, and they talk about nibiru. nibiru is asteroids group, who come here every 3600 years. The annunakis uses this group of asteroids to come here, it help them to come near earth.... maybe we can connect the dots. if you understand french, here is the link http://echelledejacob.blogspot.ca/2012/05/wave.html#more and search "nibiru" in the text to find this part of the text.