'FEMA Coffins' Being Moved Northbound On Georgia Highway 5-8-2012; Are They Being Transferred To Chicago?

Vatic Note:  This is being pieced together from two different sites,  I am putting up a written description the driver of a car gave of seeing the truck and how they reacted to each other.  It was so interesting, that I decided simply to copy the text here verbatim to read.  He was driving in a car that was passing the truck as you can see below, took the photo, and here is what he had to say:

"I was doing about 82 MpH two miles south of Elberton Ga. When I realized what they were I slammed on my brakes and let the rig pass me. The driver was wondering what I was doing and I held up my crackberry. When he saw this we went into a braking war and I snapped the shot. He then immediately banked right onto the off ramp of the first exit toward Elberton. I humbly thank Revbo for initiating the thread. Thanks brother. People need to see this. I almost left Elberton the messiest turd they've ever had to Hazmat. Thanks again Rev!!!"

If you know anyone in the chicago area, you might want to give them a heads up.  Hopefully, this going VIRAL WILL STOP IT just as we have done over the past 4 years.  I believe the internet stopped at least three false flags since 2007 and that is why the internet censorship bill is in congress, but the good news is, work is being done as we speak by private individuals to set up and run a private internet to replace the government controlled internet and that should prove interesting, but we will see.  maybe with luck, we won't need to.  One last word,   Something is definitely going on as, in my area,  we are seeing massive numbers of heavy equipment trucks hauling heavy equipment, container trucks, etc with no labels on the trucks and they were traveling from west to east in SW Colorado,  I wonder if its related.

Watch the video of Jesse Ventura on the FEMA camps and  remember the ADL AND SPLC RUN THE HOMELAND SECURITY WHICH IS OVER THE FUSIA CENTERS..... Its in total violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. According to the ADL and SPLC, my just saying that these are in violation of the Constitution, makes me a domestic terrorist.   When in fact, the only domestic terrorists around are the khazar zionists who do such acts and continually get caught.  USS Liberty, USS Cole and 9-11.   That does not include the assassination of our leaders and other Americans  that they have done jointly with MI6 and CIA.   They are doing to us what they do in Israel to the Palestinians.  We will soon come to understand what the Pals are going through.

'FEMA Coffins' Being Moved Northbound On Georgia Highway 5-8-2012; Are They Being Transferred To Chicago?
by Live Free and Die, Before It's News,  Tuesday, May 08, 2012

When the driver of this truck noticed the photographer taking pictures, he immediately pulled off of the highway.


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Debra said...

I live in Woodstock, Illinois.
My office is on a main highway here and I have SEEN these trucks but did not know what this was. I thought it weird. The main tollroad to Chicago is not far from us here.
Also odd is that we now have dozens of odd silver metal structures going up along highway Rt14. There appear to be cell towers but are odd looking. Hmmm

Vatic Master said...

Yeah, another false flag in the making that they will blame on terrorists and gee whiz, it will happen to coincidentally coincide with the arrival of those Russian troops for training and be conveniently available to implement martial law because American military is too decimated by very long wars, and they are overseas so we need the help of the Queens' UN to implement it and to collect our guns of course, why not since its a perfect opportunity.

If I were living in Chicago, I would call upon every resource in every state to aid you in securing your town against these foreign monsters who are willing to kill MORE Americans than they already have. Remember there is still one missing nuke from Minot ND so called false flag lost mukes, that Cheney was going to hold war games on Friday the 14th of September in NY. It got out that the nukes were not stolen or missing, they were transported "ILLEGALLY" by military cargo plane and loaded under orders from someone. All those involved were murdered.... every single one of them including the commanding officer of the base.

We are a foreign occupied country, and we better start dealing with that fact and facing it no matter what the cost. Try to not get into fear, rather anger or see it as a new adventure and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.... BE CREATIVE.... COME UP WITH SOLUTIONS AND COURAGE, MOST OF ALL.

SWIFT said...

I wish I would have a sighting of FEMA coffins on the move. I'm retired and have all the time in the world, so I would latch onto the semi's tail and where he went, so would I. Put an end to all the guess work. And I don't care if he took me on a trip that ended in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

evilcheneycyborgzombievsvampireObamaGolem said...

Chicago, lets see... got rid of that pesky reporter, what was his name? Bollyn, yeah well he was only important enough to be smeared as an anti-semite on cnn, and later beaten down by the police. He's out of Chi town for good.
Ok, whats next on the list. get our boy RahmE into Chicago as mayor or something. As ex Israeli military Rahm will be able to coordinate things better if he's right there. Rahm can contact his bro in hollywood to help spread the "news" when "it" happens.
Well... the proposed area has been insured against a terrorist attack, and the jewish community health center has been established in it.
The 911 airliner fear has been put back into the americans by crotch bomber 2.
The Avengers is a big hit, news reports an entire cadre of AQ are preparing another terror binge, those coffins are on their way right now...
Most people are getting sucked into bitching about what out fabulous actors in the whitehouse are saying, not doing.
need I say more?

The Chuck said...

I got this link from a friend, and I'm honestly intrigued...but I find this particular bit of "evidence" rather lacking.

Do you have any proof that these are actually used as coffins? To me, they look very similar to the containers used to ship heavy parts for GM. (Not identical, but similar.)

The author is also taking a pretty heavy leap of logic by deciding that the truck was heading to Chicago, unless I'm missing something.

Anonymous said...

But, if it was important to keep this a secret, why didn't they throw a tarp over them?

Vatic Master said...

The good news is, as usual, the net exposing the plans has stopped them from finishing them. So it doesn't matter why. Maybe an ignorant driver who had no idea what he was hauling, just decided it wasn't worth the hassle given wind and speed traveling that might blow it off. Who knows why. Its the problem when you have to rely on those who are not in the know, to do the actual work for the "useless feeders".

It could also be they are just super giant plant potting things that happen to look like coffins being delivered to Wall Mart in New York.