Full Speech: Donald Trump Brings Down The House In Phoenix, AZ (7-11-15)

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Vatic Note:  Wow, what a refreshing speech and rally.   He is so honest and forthright, and it is so needed to have someone who is not a "politically correct" professional politician to run for President.   We are going down so fast that the only thing that will save us is a non professional politician who is smart enough to read the tea leaves and solve the problems.

The one reservation I have with Donald is his relationship with the "admitted" Khazars of Israel, which I understand is very very strong.  Since they wrote the protocols and run our federal reserve and Homeland Security and our military, its dangerous for us to be wrong about Donald.   But given the choices, its a better bet than Hitlary, the chronic liar, Clinton or Jeb "the mafia don" Bush.  The only other choice was Conrad.  

Listen to his speech, oh, and by the way I agree with him about McCain and I am a registered GOPer.  McCain works for Rothschild.  Yes, he was a hero in Viet Nam because he got shot down, but after that he became a traitor by spilling the beans on all of our military secrets that he had any knowledge of and no one ever talks about it.   I was in my thirties when the news hit us about McCain and his treason, and the subsequent special privileges he was given for selling out this nation.

Its not that I "remember" it,  its that I will NEVER FORGET IT.  The entire scandal was burned into my memory like a branding iron..... there was virtually no resistance on his part.  They didn't even have to torture him.  Anyway, watch the video..... both left and right should vote for Trump if he repudiates his ties with Israel. He still does not know about ISIS being created by Israel's Mossad, funded by them and given hospital service IN ISRAEL for their wounded.  He needs to know about this and it will make a difference in whether I vote for him.

It means he has bad intelligence, or that he is part of the Israel, Khazar, Rothschild NWO cabal. 

Full Speech: Donald Trump Brings Down The House In Phoenix, AZ (7-11-15) 
Published on Jul 11, 2015
"We'll take our country back": 15,000 PLUS gathered in Phoenix, AZ to hear GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump speak today.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Brings Down The House In Phoenix, AZ (7-11-15)


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