VATIC ALERT: Dahboo77: Walmart Tunnels: DHS, NSA Venture Involves Hundreds of Stores

Vatic Note:     OH MY GAWD, THAT IS WHY IT TOOK SO DAMN LONG TO BUILD WALMART IN OUR TOWN. They were building underground tunnels as well.   We have a population of only 6,000 people and a county of only 12,000, so what is a huge walmart doing here?   I could not figure it out, but this explains it all.   We are only about 60 miles from Dulce, which has a huge UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE THERE, 70 STORIES TALL UNDERGROUND.

Wow, I had a heck of a time getting these up.   I always know when they are messing with my copy and paste and my cursor and they did it on this one.  They DO NOT WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT THE UNDERGROUND TUNNELS IN WALMART.  Well, now we know.  Too bad.  My cursor works on everything else, I am doing, so this was specific to this article.   I also cannot find it on Dahboo77.  So I don't know how long it will be up here, so download it all. 

We could not figure out what population explosion, they were anticipating coming here to justify such huge expense, but I just read a blog on the secret black ops budget that does not have to go through congress or the White House and its to hide things such as this.  So, put together, this has turned out to be a real eye opener.

It explains every thing about why multimillionaires from NY and DC are buying ranches here and I do mean very expensive ranches that we were shocked to see..... $43 million dollars for a ranch that sold earlier for only 2 million.  Now what does all that tell ya.  Yup, this is really bad news.  BOYCOT WALMART.  THEY ARE PART OF THE GLOBALISTS.  Figures they are Bush followers, just like Obama is as well.

I am also going to put up one comment on that site that hit me hard, for you to see and see what you think about it.  Its from "Indian in the machine".

Indian in the machine
Putting things together… they pushed walmart into the public marketplace, with the idea that slowly over time, people would become dependent on what is basically a martial law distribution centre.
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Dahboo77: Walmart Tunnels: DHS, NSA Venture Involves Hundreds of Stores
By John Ale,  Before Its News,  April 17, 2015

Walmart Confirmed:
According to NBC News “This Snippet below is from 2010. You can see where they announce the use of Hundreds of Walmarts Across the Country:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the unusual alliance Monday on the department’s blog and in a promotional video posted to YouTube.

“Homeland security starts with hometown security, and each of us plays a critical role in keeping our country and communities safe,” she said. “This partnership will help millions of shoppers across the nation identify and report indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to law enforcement authorities.””


Walmart Public Service Announcement 


Wal-Mart Tunnels: Joint venture w/ DHS, NSA, DoD

In this video you will see a article from 2009 that has been removed from the internet, but some one archived it and you can see it here. It announces that certain Walmarts around the country are actually linked by a tunnel system.

It gives cities and locations.



Rise Together:


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Anonymous said...

re., Janet Napolitan's plea
"if you see something etc"
Isn't this the dob someone in routine that opperated successfully in Communist Russia all those years ago, where even you spouse & children informed on your every move.
That sort of thing works very well, only that everyone does it & the phones run hot. Imagine investigating every tip off, eventually theu switch off.
They are all talk, but when it actually comes to action everyone is to tired.

Anonymous said...

How about MAL WART !

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous #1, You are so right, in fact, Russians have been contacting us and telling us NOT TO GIVE UP OUR GUNS. So we aren't going to do it. LOL

Anonymous #2, Here is my first reaction to your comment..... HAHAHAHAHA, Boy, is that the truth. That name is so appropriate if you have ever shopped there..... the miles high stacks of cheap crap they sell would have had my WW II parents turning over in their graves. LOL

Anonymous said...

I had to share this find.
This is a photo of a Booklet dated Feb, 2014, it shows an image of massive tunnels three traffic lanes wide, under what the title states is plans for "Walmart of tomorrow".
Could this be real?