Former CIA Station Chief to Face Murder Charges in Pakistan

Vatic Note:   OK, great, we are not the only ones asking for justice to be done.  At least the Paki's have a system that still works, while we do not.  So our justice will have to be obtained by us,  "for" us.  There are international laws with respect to war.   If one side is doing all the killing without declaring war, and the other side has no idea and its being done without a declaration of war, then its out and out felony criminal murder, and is prosecutable and punishable under our laws.

That is what is now failing here in the states and we must pick up the mantel and be the ones that seek and obtain justice for those victims of such horrific crimes.  There is no way, I want the Khazar controlled history to make Americans into the "New Nazi's" as they did with Germany.  They always go back to what worked for them in the past.

It isn't working this time because many people who studied history recognizes the various parts put inplace, like Homeland security.  They are in reality,  the stormtroopers or gestapo.  So again, historically, no difference and both had khazars in high up positions that could act on behalf of the nation and make us look like really bad nazi's.  I believe they did this same thing in WW II.

Former CIA Station Chief to Face Murder Charges in Pakistan
Posted by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall on April 8, 2015

Jonathan Banks Charged Over Drone-Related Civilian Deaths

According to the Guardian, Pakistan’s high court justice Shaukat Asiz Siddi has ruled that murder charges be brought against Jonathan Banks, the former CIA station chief in Islamabad. The charges relate to CIA drone strikes against innocent civilians in North Waziristan.
Siddiqui also ordered criminal charges brought against John A Rizzo, the former CIA lawyer who signed off on the legality of drone strikes against Pakistan.
Banks’s undercover CIA role first became public in 2009 when tribesman Karin Khan filed a civil lawsuit against him over a drone attack that killed his father and son.

With his cover was blown, Banks was forced to resign his post and leave Pakistan.

The incident sparked major speculation how Khan and his lawyer Shahzad Akbar could possibly have known the identity of the CIA station chief. Many suspected Pakistani intelligence of leaking the name out of frustration with the illegal undeclared US war on their country.

It’s considered highly unlikely the Obama administration will extradite either Banks or Rizzo to stand trial in Pakistan.

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