Judge Sentenced for Selling Kids into For-Profit Prison

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Vatic Note:   I did what I always do and checked on CCA's board of directors, which tells us who the owners are and who they elected among themselves to run the corporation and this company was smart in "who" they selected and their background.  Many were not only business experienced selections, but many were also a combination of bankers, or finance people, but also globalist graduates from institutions with secret societies as well as ex government officials, which explains the contracts they were able to get to buy or build prisons as a form of business model for profit. Paying off the judges was just part of the "cost of doing business" for these fascists.

Same with GEO corporation and  this link
explains very well what this company has done with its contracts as well as what impact they have had on the increase of prisoners within the USA system, by criminalizing, civil offences, non violent crime with prison sentences instead of community jails. etc.  Judges are being paid off as this article shows, so its a profit building criminal activity that they should go to jail for ripping off the tax payer who funds all this.  Imagine what you can expect if they EVER GET CONTROL OF THIS GLOBE.  NO WAY!!!!

When you look at the evidence we have obtained over the years, you can match these appointees, or elected board members with the goals of the globalists.  Let us revisit those goals again.   One such goal was to eventually get our population to become more like China and other third world countries in reducing our corporate employee population down to slave labor.  Not only these companies use these prisoners for slave labor, they are now also including illegal immigrants into the agenda and from what I just read about "JADE HELM" that went live this past week,  they are rounding up the homeless and will use them for slave labor for corporations, so its a rapid rise to FASCISM.

Because no one cares about the homeless, the inmates that should not be in jail for civil issues, and the illegals being imported up into the states,  I guess when they are done with all of them, they will start on the rest of us.  Should prove interesting, you will either sell out your country and continue in your job at reduced wages, and live in ant colonies, or you will be one of the mafia with an RFID chip that the smart readers can read and send to the grid they are putting together as we speak to make sure you do not resist and stay with the agenda. Not a pretty future either way. 

Those coming up from Mexico with the globalists help, are used to working for slave wages in Mexico and they are seeking a better life up here.  One such example is Wal Mart.  In Mexico, Wal Mart does not pay their baggers.  Rather they work for tips with no hourly salary.  Wal Mart, I discovered through workers I know who have a job there that they are definitely a globalist company.  They not only pay a barely livable wage, but they treat their employees as anything but human.  Further their functions that require call centers are all overseas in 3rd world slave countries.  I just heard that half the employees they hired have quit already and they haven't even opened the store for shopping yet.  They are still stocking shelves etc.  Well, at least we know for sure about Wal Mart and where they stand with respect to a fascist state.

Amazing just how many of our major corporations are becoming fascists in this short time between WW II and now.  Finally, many have the names associated with the khazars, which is no surprise to me.  Zionists were always the fascists using others to blame and cover for their inhumanity and their psychopathy.

Our juveniles are our future and they are throwing them in jail instead of trying to redeem them.  When I was of middle class working age, I belonged to a citizens group that worked with first time offender Juveniles within the community to try and help lead them back into a productive life and it worked.  Our recidivism rate was very very small and it brought our community closer together in aiding and helping each other.  As you can see, I have a thing about this issue, because those leading the globalist movement, have no soul and thus lives of our citizens, AND ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN,  are treated as "throw away" lives for profit and that is all that matters to them.

I saw this happening with seniors who worked all their lives and paid into the system without any complaint since they saw the value of their contributions, and now are being treated under the concept of Eugenics..... getting rid of the "SO CALLED USELESS FEEDERS".  The powers that be cut their food stamps for seniors AND THE PERMANENTLY HANDICAPPED.

Seniors will be allow or denied treatment based on their 'work value to society'.  Which to these animals would be nothing, useless.... same with the permanently handicapped and that is why OBAMA CARE WAS PASSED AND FOOD STAMPS CUT TO $16 PER MONTH,  & its some obscure committee that will be making those decisions about treatment, not the doctor.   These prisons even withhold medical treatment to save on money, so in those cases, prison sentencing can be a death sentence, which is inappropriate for the crime.  Don't get me started.  lol

So, this headline is no surprise to me.  The system is set up to promote what this judge has been convicted of doing.  It would be a surprise of it turned out any other way.  I believe in the "fair market capitalist system", but I do not believe in the fascist philosophy that all that matters is money with no civic sense of responsibility, and unfortunately with virtually no enforcement of the law, they are getting away with murder.  This has to stop.  If they are going to want to be treated as citizens, they are going to have to start acting like citizens, instead of fascist greedy "roll in the mud" pigs.

Judge Sentenced for Selling Kids into For-Profit Prison
By Jill E. Bond, Blue Nation Review, 

A Pennsylvania judge has been convicted of selling children into prison for cash. The former judge, 61-year old Mark Ciavarella Jr, was sentenced to 30 years for taking money under the table from a developer and jailing thousands of adults and juveniles, some as young as ten. Ciavarella made more than a million dollars selling people into incarceration.

Are you outraged? You should be. This occurred in 2011, and in many states we still have a corrupt prison system that is owned by private corporations that profit from filling their jail cells. States and private prisons have struck deals that guarantee high prison occupancy rates, or “lockup quotas,” and when those quotas aren’t met, taxpayers pay for those empty beds anyway.

Some of these deals require a 90 to 100 percent prison occupancy. Arizona has three privately run prisons that have a 100 percent inmate occupancy requirement. If any of these beds goes unfilled the state has to cough up the money to the prison. Three for-profit prisons in Colorado have forced taxpayers to pay an additional $2 million because of the occupancy requirement deal, making the drop in crime irrelevant to the budget. You pay either way, might as well fill the beds, right?
Practices like these incentivise putting people behind bars. Forget about justice, and fair representation; and when the state is compelled to keep prisons full to capacity, rehabilitation and community building are null and void. Harsher sentences are encouraged, promoting corporate profits instead of protecting the public.
Ciavarella was ordered to pay nearly 1.2 million in restitution, a mere pittance compared to the worth of the lives he harmed and ruined. These are human lives we are dealing with, not some sort of commodity.
According to the International Centre for Prison Studies, the United States has the largest population of prisoners per capita in the world. That’s a crime in itself. We can do better. Education and employment programs for at-risk youth would be a better alternative to locking them up, and it would cost less, as a teacher’s salary is approximately equivalent to the cost of incarcerating an inmate.
Children and adults shouldn’t be being sold into incarceration, there shouldn’t be money to be made in locking people up. It should be a last resort, not a contracted goal.
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Jill E. Bond is a contributing editor of bluenationreview.com who regularly competes for time on the keyboard with her cat. Jill can be found on twitter: @JillEBond
Jill Bond
Jill E. Bond is a contributing editor of bluenationreview.com who regularly competes for time on the keyboard with her cat. Jill can be found on twitter.

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