Vatic Note:  Remember, these occupants of Israel are not Jewish, they are Khazars.   We know they are Zionists and Not Jewish by religion and they hate the real Semitic Jews as much as they hate Christians and Muslims. We discovered they hate any organization with a moral core as its center.  That is why they hate Christ so much that they called him a sorcerer and said in the Babylonian Talmud that he should be boiled in a vat of his own excrement.  Nice, huh? 

Remember, the Noahide Laws that Bush Sr., signed back in 1991, that changed our US legal system from the 10 commandments as the base, to the Noahide laws which state that if you are a Christian, then you will be decapitated.  Its actually a crime to be a Christian according to this Satanist Zionism, and the punishment is "decapitation".  That is how I knew that the so called rebels were khazars and not Arabs or Semites, since they decapitated Syrian Christians when they had control of them in some small town in syria.  

This below actually has information that I did not know about Eichman, and the role he played in the infiltration of nazi Germany into the higher ups of the Hitler administration, somewhat similar as today in most of western nations, like all the commonwealth countries,  Germany, France, Italy, etc.   

The Jews' "Worst Enemy" is Now Ours
By Henry Makow, PHD

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In 1962, Christopher Story was the only 'goy' working at Jewish banker "S. Japhet & Co." in the City. The Eichmann trial was in the news and Story asked a Jewish co-worker, a "nice middle aged lady," if Adolf Eichmann wasn't himself Jewish?

She replied:" Didn't you know that a Jew's greatest enemy is another Jew?"
Story, 68, now a veteran British journalist, believes that many Nazis who planned and implemented the Holocaust had Jewish blood. Jews who belonged to the (Masonic) Illuminati conspiracy "sided with the Luciferian German Nazis to exterminate millions of their own race in what amounted to an inter-Jewish civil war and ethnic cleansing operation..." (532) (VN:  The war was Khazarians vs real Jews, and that was proven by a letter sent to the Zionists in Switzerland and their response to it.  Hitler wanted to let all the Jews leave Europe as long as they went to either the USA or Britain.  The zionists said no,  Palestine only, or nowhere.  So they intentionally blew any chance the Jews had of getting out alive.)
The motivation? Prevent Jews from disappearing as a nation and trick them into becoming Zionists and advancing the New World Order. He cites the famous article in the Jewish owned "Daily Express" headlined "Judea Declares War on Germany" (March 24, 1933). It states that Hitler "has aroused the whole Jewish people to a national consciousness." (535)
Before Hitler came to power, less than 3% of Germany's 500,000 Jews belonged to the Zionist movement.
The account of the Nazi Jews is one of many startling revelations in Story's new book, "The New Underworld Order" which at 740 pages is an encyclopedia of the Illuminati conspiracy, past and present. (The Illuminati is the highest echelon of Freemasonry.)
The author is a devout Christian who has contacts in intelligence services. His new book is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in the NWO. I'm not saying everything is the gospel truth; you'll have to weigh the information yourself. I question some interpretations and details but this is natural in a work of this magnitude.
I emailed Story about his Eichmann claim. He referred me to Jewish historian David Cesarani's "Eichmann: His Life and Crimes." The book states that as a child Eichmann was persecuted because he looked Jewish. Eichmann's stepmother had Jewish relations and he associated with Jews. Later, as a Gestapo officer, Eichmann learned Hebrew, visited Palestine and worked closely with Zionists preparing Jews for emigration.
Mr. Story says Reinhard Heydrich's maternal grandmother was Jewish and the fact forced Heydrich to commit heinous crimes out of gratitude for not being exposed. (Wighton, "Heydrich: Hitler's Most Evil Henchman" 1962).

According to Story, Himmler's grandfather was also Jewish, as Hitler's was half-Jewish. Hitler wasn't even an anti-Semite until he was recruited by the Illuminati.
It's possible that some part-Jews became anti-Semitic because they were persecuted by Jews who didn't accept them.(VN:  Ashkenazi Khazars vs real Biblical semitic Jews)
We must remember that by the 1930's, 60% of all German Jewish marriages were interracial. In his book, "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers" Brian Rigg states that 155,000 Nazi soldiers had Jewish blood, including some generals

One of these, SS Lieut. General Horst Hoyer submitted a report in 1952 on the role Nazi Jews played in the Holocaust. Helping plan the "Final Solution" were Jews named Walter Sonnenschein, Zuckerhorn, Spitze, Lowenstein, Gregor and Feckler. Organized Jewry offered  Hoyer 30,000 DM to suppress this report but he refused. He was murdered some years later. (533)
One commentator who read the report said:
"One must be mindful of the intense inter-Jewish tension and contrast, above all between the objectives of the nationally-assimilated Jews and those of world Jewry and Zionism. These divisions are much much deeper than the relationships between believing and non believing Jews...one group of Jews fell victim to another..." (532)
Last week I featured evidence that Martin Bormann who signed the cheques for the whole Nazi hierarchy, including Hitler, was working for the Soviets, i.e. Illuminati. In my view, the whole Nazi enterprise was a conspiracy to destroy the German people and trauma brainwash Jews into taking Israel for the New World Order.
The "Jewish Conspiracy" is really the "Half-Jewish Conspiracy." Many prominent members intermarry or are the products of intermarriage. John (VN: Cohen....)  Kerry is an example. Many are Jewish and many are not. What they all really have in common is loyalty to the Masonic Illuminati Order, which has subjugated the planet by manufacturing war.

Christopher Story's new book is packed with too many revelations to list. He goes into Masonic ideology and symbolism, drug importing intelligence agencies, and the details of 9-11. He talks about the former KGB generals running Homeland Security. There isn't much dirty laundry he doesn't record. A typical bombshell: he says Hurricane Katrina was a regional test for Illuminati takeover:
"Following scalar promoted Hurricane Katrina, a large number of pre-prepared orders Executive Orders were implemented, providing for the seizure of power supplies, personal vehicles, food supplies, ...and even the Amtrak station which was converted into a prison.  A US Navy ship sat outside New Orleans jamming communications....Some weeks after this catastrophe-atrocity Vice-President Richard Cheney paid a visit to New Orleans [uttering] the following Freudian slip: "We are on top of this exercise." Senator Mary Landrieu ..criticized the Federal Government for its criminal behavior."  (485)


The Jewish beggar is killed for the crimes of Jewish bankers. The Jewish bankers have intermarried with the corrupt aristocratic dynasties of their respective countries to advance their Masonic world dictatorship.
Throughout history Jewish banker leaders have used pogroms (i.e. anti-Semitic massacres) to control their fellow Jews. They tell the Jewish masses they are hated for no reason and thus dupe them into advancing their Masonic one-world agenda (i.e. Communism, Zionism, Socialism.) But this is exactly the reason for anti Semitism.

One-world government is about moral degradation, atomization, homogenization and tyranny. People want to keep their culture, race, religion, nation and family. They want to keep their freedom.
The Holocaust was a giant "pogrom" that convinced Jews they had to establish a national home by throwing the Palestinians out of theirs. The Illuminati want Israel as the capital of their world government. We can see this in the Masonic design of the Rothschild-sponsored Israeli Supreme Court.
The events of 9-11 were another "pogrom" aimed at the American people, designed to make them forsake their freedom and wage a phoney "war of terror."  Just as in the Holocaust, Illuminati Jews were probably part of 9-11. The Jews' worst enemy is now all of ours.
Christopher Story's "The New Underworld Order" exposes the satanic cancer that threatens to destroy civilization.
Note: In a 1960 Life magazine interview described a deal he made with Zionist Reszlo Kasztner who was:

"a fanatical Zionist. He agreed to help keep the Jews from resisting
deportation -- and even keep order in the collection camps -- if I would close my eyes and let a few hundred or a few thousand young Jews emigrate illegally to

It was a good bargain. For keeping order in the camps, the price of
15,000 or 20,000 Jews -- in the end there may have been more -- was not too high
for me. And because Kastner rendered us a great service by helping keep the
deportation camps peaceful, I would let his groups escape"

("I Transported Them to the Butcher," Life [5 Dec. 1960], p. 146).
List of Nazis claimed to have Jewish blood in Dietrich Bronder's "Before Hitler Came"

"der Fuehrer und Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler; seine Stellvertreter, die Reichsminister Rudolf Hess und Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering; die Reichsleiter der NSDAP Gregor Strasser, Dr. Josef Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank und Heinrich Himmler; die Reichsminister von Ribbentrop (der mit dem berühmten Zionisten Chaim Weizmann, dem 1952 verstorbenen ersten Staatsoberhaupt von Israel, einst Brüderschaft getrunken hatte) und von Keudell; die Gauleiter Globocznik (der Judenvernichter), Jordan [and] Wilhelm Kube; die hohen SS-Führer und z. T. in der Judenvernichtung tätigen Reinhard Heydrich, Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski und von Keudell II; die Bankiers und alten Förderer Hitlers vor 1933 Ritter von Stauss (Vizepräsident des NS-Reichstages) und von Stein; der Generalfeldmarschall und Staatssekretaer Milch, der Unterstaatssekretaer Gauss; die Physiker und Alt-Pg.’s Philipp von Lenard und Abraham Esau; die Uralt-Pg.'s Hanffstaengel (NS-Auslandspressechef) und Prof. Haushofer (s. S. 190)."

The Nazi Jews are the subject of Hennecke Kardel's "Hitler: Founder of Israel" available on line.

See also my  "Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews"  and "Illuminati Hired Hitler to Start WW2"
- See more at: http://www.savethemales.ca/002030.html#sthash.cl8ODOMc.dpuf

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Hitler's father, Alois an illegitimate son of Baron wrathschild ? There is some mention, somewhere on the internet that Hitler's grandmother was a maid in a wrathschild residence when she became pregnant with Hitler's father. Apparently, the illegitimate wrathschilds, carry a chip on their shoulder and feel a need to "prove" their worth !

Anonymous said...

The word 'jew' is a word created by the khazars to hide their true identity while trying to immerse themselves within the Israelite nation of the Old Testament. Like the word 'jewel' - jewels had always been known as gemstones, aka gems, until the khazars became the monopoly holders of gems at which time they became known as 'jewels'. It would behove people to forget the word 'jew' and call the liars what they are - khazars. The true Israelite nation was NEVER known as 'jews', they were Israelites, not even 'israeli' another 'jew' word to distinguish themselves from the true biblical Israelites. Even the area from which they supposedly originate - Judea - the original people were called Judeans, not 'jew'. The history of the khazar is much deeper than most will ever understand, and khazar history mutilated to ensure they were never found out. It requires lots of research, but then most would never believe it anyway - it isn't in their 'jew' written textbook. The khazars forced themselves upon Judean Israelites, adopting their customs, pretending to be 'Israelites', but mixing their customs with those of the remaining Israelites becoming the 'law givers', pharisees. By the time of Christ the true Israelite nation had been dispersed to the four winds except perhaps 10% which was the REMNANT of two tribes. All twelve tribes are now 'lost' regardless of secular teaching, and contrary to popular thought that the 'semites'(some of the Palestinians) in the area are the true Israelites. After the death of Christ the Israelites were completely scattered, and any who were left in the region were swallowed up in the regional ethnicities without any remaining knowledge of who they were. GOD struck them with amnesia - as HE has done all mankind, thus, we slowly learn that ancient civilizations were just as smart as we - if not smarter.

Anonymous said...

dear vatic. there is a book written by Hjalmar Schacht in 1968 "the Magic of Money" pg 58
in it he claims to have created an economic scheme where Germany was to issue bonds, backed by german jews property, to finance german jews to immigrate to any country who would take them. germany would then pay back the bonds, with interest. he says hitler personally approved of the plan, and schacht used his international finance contacts to try to implement it. He says zionist chiam weizmann rejected it.

Vatic Master said...

Posted by Anonymous, I, the Vatic Master am putting this up for him, since someone is screwing with the comments that are coming in. I clicked on "Publish" and it did not show up with the other 3 that came in with it. So, I am doing it here, since HE MUST HAVE HIT ON SOMETHING THEY DO NOT WANT US TO KNOW.


The origin of the 'Cestui Que Vie' act was the fire of the City of London in 1666. The fire (arson ?) has Khazar Zionist/Vatican "dabs" (fingerprints) all over it. As a result of the fire people left the city, land was sold off for 'cents on the dollar' and the Khazar/Zionists (and possibly reptilians) purchased/expropriated the City and re-built, at great expense to one and all. These "entities" then declared the "square mile" an independent City State, a la Vatican City !...link is......https://exodus200.wordpress.com/step1a-understanding-cestui-que-vie-act-1666/ Why should this affect the USA ? Well, "apparently" the USA "possibly" remains a Colony of 'The Square Mile of The City of London'and, the 13 families who are said to "own" the City. The reason being "shoddy" paperwork/admin/signatures, of those who thought they had created an American Constitution, independent of the UK. NB the UK population is as disenfranchised and debt oppressed, by these "alien occupiers" as on

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous 1, that is a very interesting take on the word "Jew", since I had never heard that before. Do you have some links to it that we can follow up with? It would be great if you did.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous at April 13, 1:09 pm.

I believe so, however, I decided to google that issue and found 6 other major write ups on the fact that Hitlers father was the illegitimate son of Solomon Rothschild. I had researched those sites in the past and they are all legit, but I have to say that Alois's birth certificate does not have the real fathers name on it, so at this point its correct as far as we know.

Another site says that was not true, but I checked out the sources and the individuals involved in the article were secret society graduates of an elite college, so the "source" did not pan out for me, while the one I used to make that same conclusion has turned out good every time, with no connections to the elite, or khazars in anyway. So I am going to stay with that. There is just too much evidence to ignore it.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous at 6:56 pm. I will try to find that book, if its still available, or try to get it from the library. That is fascinating item that I had never heard before, so thank you.

I swear I learn as much from my readers as I give to them, if not more than I give. I appreciate it, since it deepens my knowledge when that happens and I am grateful for it. Thanks again.