A Delightful Change of Pace - Flash Mob In Russia - NO WW III; NO Way,

Flash Mob in Russia, " Puttin On the Ritz".  
Uploaded by  on Mar 2, 2012

Vatic Note:   The  reason I have reput this up and is important for us to see, is because the khazar zionists are ratcheting up the war machine against Russia, and this below in this video is who they want to war against.   Well, they are us, and we are them, as you can see, and we are also the victims of these sick and insane pigs that are trying to rule the world.   It is that this is the country and these young people are the ones the rotting insane khazar zionist bankers want us to fight in a third world war and after watching this video,  I VOTE NO WAY. IT IS UP TO US TO STOP IT AND THIS VIDEO IS TO REMIND YOU OF WHY!!!  

Zbig Brezinszki wrote a book in 1997 called "The Grand Chessboard:  American primacy and its geostrategic imperatives."  He should have called it "Israel and British/ROTHSCHILD Primacy and their geostrategic imperatives, USING AMERICAN MILITARY AND WEAPONRY, AND THE BLOOD OF OUR  CHILDREN TO DO SO. 

The purpose of his book was to act as a blueprint for surrounding Russia, and taking control of all their massive natural resources,  oil, gas, diamonds, etc and thus WW III is for China to win, and Russia to lose, but to be used as they were in WW II as guards and occupiers, while the Chinese, who work for the bankers, take over all our industry and natural resources here. THAT IS WHY ISRAEL WANTS US TO INVADE IRAN (NOT FOR WMD, OR NUKES,) RATHER, SO WE CAN SURROUND RUSSIA.  YUP, ITS ALL IN ZBIGS BOOK, YOU CAN READ IT YOURSELVES.    NO WAY.  THEY WANT WAR, LET THEM FIGHT IT AND USE THEIR OWN WEALTH AND THEIR OWN CHILDRENS BLOOD. we won our revolution because Russia helped us do it, and that made the khazars even madder at Russia.  iTS OUR TURN TO HELP RUSSIA, AND OURSELVES AND STOP ANY WW, EXCEPT AGAINST THOSE DOING THIS.

No way should we go to war with people who are just like we are.   What you notice is this could have been going on right here in America since it was sung in English.   Please watch and enjoy and keep this in mind when the internationalists try to get us to go to war with these people.  NO WORLD WAR THREE EXCEPT AGAINST THE ZIONIST KHAZAR BANKERS, ROTHSCHILD, AND ISRAEL.  ITS PAYBACK TIME FOR THE USS LIBERTY, ANYWAY. BY THE WAY, RUSSIA IS WHO RESCUED THE USS LIBERTY AND SAVED THE LIVES OF THE SURVIVING SAILORS AND ITS WHY WE NOW KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO DID IT.  




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Anonymous said...

thankyou for this wonderful display
of people just like us who just happen to be living on the other side of the world, as you say " no more wars for the jewbankers "

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL!!!! And aren't they all SOooooo very attractive! I love these flash mobs and I love humanity and this planet with ALL it's creatures....of course they'll be no WWIII when the majority of the people in the whole wide world just want to be free and have fun like this!

Vatic Master said...

I know, both of you, I posted it because it was a perfect example of just how evil these bankers are. After watching this several times now, I am far more committed to stopping any world war, than I was before and I was pretty committed before as this blogspot proves. We are constantly talking down war and talking up warring only against the zionist bankers and Britain who is their country of choice for dissing the world. No way do we fight this one.... except in the banking arena and I believe that is why 20,000 bankers have resigned. They knew who would be the targets. Lets hope the Russian people agree with us.

Vatic Master said...

I forgot to mention that we CANNOT count on our leaders in EITHER COUNTRY to stop this movement toward war, since the "TRILLIONAIRE" bankers need it to increase their wealth, and their evil is only exceeded by their unprecedented greed. IT WILL HAVE TO BE UP TO US ON BOTH SIDES TO STOP IT. WE LOT A PRESIDENT JFK, BECAUSE HE WANTED PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP WITH RUSSIA AND THE KHAZARS KILLED HIM FOR IT. All for money. Don't get me started. lol