The Secrets of Mary Magdalene

Vatic Note:   This surprised me, it was a very scholarly treatment of a difficult subject, and they did a very good job on it.   It does not surprise me that when the Nicene conference took place 325 AD, that they left her completely out of the Bible in any important way, rather just as a representative of all women, especially in the category of sinful behaviour.

I was also surprised when I read the Nag Hammadi Library  that she was a major part of the writings both her own, but also references to her by the other apostles contained within the library.   So, when I found this, I decided to share it for you to decide whether this was an important find or not.

This below makes you think..... I knew that the times that the Catholic church was created that control was the most important consideration rather than the spiritual aspects.  The recent essays by the Essenes support the teachings of Christ as spiritual in nature and not about control of the people.  But that has not been the case about religion since Christ started his church.   It will take everyone reading and listening to the video to decide who and what to believe.    

The Secrets of Mary Magdalene 
Published on Jan 22, 2013
A documentary about Mary Magdalene and how important she is to the history of Christianity and the Modern World.

Secrets of Mary Magdalene strips away the veils of history to reveal the flesh and blood woman who served as Jesus' foremost apostle and possibly the love of his life. 

Based on the nonfiction book "Secrets of Mary Magdalene" by bestselling authors Dan Burstein and Arne De Keijzer, this documentary special uncovers the latest information on one of the world's most controversial religious figures.

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Anonymous said...

I do not believe the love relationship of Jesus & Mary, only because Jesus was special purpose, a man on a mission.
In whos interests is it that Jesus be a mere mortal (?)
ISRAEL wants to build the Third Temple & Jerusalem to be the capital of their nation.
To discredit Jesus as a nutter wannabe will help to clear away Christianitys claim to the Holy Lands.
The said daughter of Jesus & Mary supposedly married into the French Royal Family, this would give the French a blood connection to GOD in heaven - direct. You would be surptised how much prestige this would give them & how many bawdy Jesus jokes.
The Holy Bible is the story of the Jews embelished with Jesus so as to give the Jewish story credibility.
Christians are not descendants of Abraham but of Jesus direct. So what the hell is the Jewish race doing in the Christain holy book (?)
They never were in ancient times -
Yahweh is made up, when Israel & the one god was to have existed the land was EDOM & their god was QOS. At this point in time many nation states were implementing the one god principle as a better way to consolidate power.
It is time for the second coming & Jerusalem will be destroyed. Israel have left it to the last minute to wipe the Middle East of the blood of Jesus & His descendents. A little to late.