VATIC ALERT: Jade Helm is Operational! Jade Helm IS NOT A DRILL!!!! (picture, video), MILITIAS GOING HOT!

Vatic Note:   This is up because it is out there right now and I do not have any "HARD" evidence  that this is really happening, and we are reading this on BIN, so I have put up the video below that gives this information for you to review and listen to.  Using caution, you then must make up your own mind.  Now, in addition to that I have a radio program interveiw going on at the same time and that also needs to be listened to. (SEE THE LINK JUST BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH, AND GO THERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW) It says that Jade Helm has gone live by gathering up and arresting all the homeless in a city in North or South Carolina, I don't remember which, but again listen to the audio radio program on this and again, you decide.  After that, read and listen and watch the video. 

Go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/americanfirestorm  

I believe they may have decided to do this for one or more of several reasons, the first being "MORE FEAR PUMPING" and adrenalin poisoning, or because of the Bundy situation that occurred in Nevada, between the BLM and the Bundy family,  where the armed thugs called BLM were acting outside of the Constitution and militia showed up to defend the rancher and his family and friends who were standing with him unarmed.   Because they had not planned on the militia showing up armed, they had to back down and leave the ranch. 

I suspect they are doing this to get the guns so that will not happen again OR they are trying to get us to be violent so they can over react to anything the militia might do,  and to determine just how organized the militia are. In any case, be careful and get ready. I also just heard that the Feds are arresting people who are saying that Sandy Hook was a false flag.  I don't know that is true either, but its out there. 

Further, we published a blog where a whistleblower told us that part of the cabals plan was to gather up homeless and put them into FEMA camps and RFID chip them and make them work as slaves for food and a place to sleep, for corporations that these bankers own.  That was a year or so ago, so this fits with that.  Remember, they also made it illegal for any of us to help, or feed or in anyway assist the homeless.  I believe we were all shocked at that response by our own government.

Anyway, the radio interview is very informative and interesting, so please listen to it first, then read and watch the video.   Here is where to listen to the radio program interview on this.  It was extremely informative and educational as well as operational in nature.

Go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/americanfirestorm

Jade Helm is Operational! Militia Units Fired Up! Gun Grabs Are Back! Jade Helm IS NOT A DRILL!!!! (picture, video)
By Muckraker1, Before Its' News, Friday, April 10, 2015

I received this update from Drake’s American National Militia site this morning and don’t know what to make of it. This message below is to militia members, of the Well Regulated American Militia.
Some are saying the militias have been activated because American citizens have been snatched right off the streets. I take it they know this was for real, and not a drill with volunteers? I certainly hope they know what they’re doing are aren’t going off half cocked or being incited to create a massive problem.
If the cabal uses these tactics to draw out the militia, they could find themselves rounded up and unavailable when the really big stuff goes down. Just my thoughts.
Since the Official Jade Helm initiative was SAID to begin July 15th in specified Southwest states, and we’re already seeing what was described unfolding in Eastern states and requests for civilians to assist, it looks like there could be a whole lot of confusion and subterfuge so that no one really knows what’s happening or why.
i.e. Who is in action? The good guys or the bad guys? I guess we need to be on our toes. This is a typical cabal tactic—to confuse, and use “drills” to cover for live events. Did they hijack Jade Helm 15?

We may get updates on Drake’s Cosmic Voice Facebook page, as well.
Someone posted this link on the Watchmen of America site, DEFCON chatroom… might be something to watch. ~ BP
Major ‘Dirty Bomb’ Drill Set for This Weekend in Northern California
Dear WRAM Member

What should have happened on my last show, a major announcement affecting all militias and militia members is, in fact, happening tonight! New show, new network, new URL…and a totally new direction!
Read the announcement below and make sure you are there tonight.
~ Firehawk
Jade Helm is Operational!…MILITIA UNITS GONG HOT!!!

Did you know DHS removed citizens right off the street in North Carolina a few days ago? Or that DHS units were spotted in Massachusetts and Florida…today! Jade Helm operations are underway this very moment! Major militia units need hard intel to execute effective responses in the right places and the right times. Join Firehawk as he interviews the Commander of one of the largest militia organizations in the nation. Discover what’s happening and what’s being planned to stop unconstitutional “extractions” (read kidnapping), in American cities and towns. Plus…
Find out how you can connect to the same nationwide intel and the leadership organization that’s light years ahead of most patriot militia units in the U.S.
Join us tonight “Getting Ready to Fight” on American Firestorm; brought to on Blog Talk Radio at 9:00 PM ET.
Go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/americanfirestorm
Visit WELL REGULATED AMERICAN MILITIAS at: http://wramsite.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

Gun Grabs Are Back! Jade Helm IS NOT A DRILL!!!!

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Anonymous said...

UN trucks on US soil ? Anyone can spray trucks white/add UN letters and, transport them on low loaders in broad daylight! What are their registration numbers ? Has anyone checked the UN website to ascertain whether they have GENUINE troops currently posted in US and, if so, how many ? Russian/Chinese troops in US ? Has anyone checked with the respective embassies to ascertain the validity of this "STORY".

Anonymous said...

Foreigners on US soil dressed in military uniform does not necessarily mean they are "legitimate" military of genuine 'Nation States'. They may simply be PRIVATE ARMIES, paid for by the US Corporations to engender fear in the US population...."Foreign" troops/"UN" vehicles..Exercise "Jade Helm", I see all the hallmarks of KHAZAR/ZIONIST "theatre and theft".....................My personal opinion, that's all.

Anonymous said...

The Dick Act of 1902, also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654 of June 28 1902, invalidates all so-called-gun-control-laws. It also divides the militia into 3 distinct & separate entities....Link is...www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/government/us_constitution/gun_control/news.php?q=1237163642

Anonymous said...

UN trucks on US soil ? Anyone can spray trucks white/add UN letters and, transport them on low loaders, in broad daylight! What are their registration numbers? Has anyone checked the UN website to ascertain whether they have GENUINE troops & equipment deployed to USA ? How many troops, their country of origin, area of expertise? Double check with their respective embassies, ie Russian Embassy to validate this "STORY"

Anonymous said...

Foreigners on US soil dressed in military uniform, does not necessarily mean they are "legitimate" military of genuine Nation States.They may simply be corporate financed, 'PRIVATE ARMIES' deployed to engender fear. "Foreign" troops/"UN" vehicles...Exercise "Jade Helm", I see all the hallmarks of Khazar Zionist "theatre and theft". My personal opinion, that's all.

Anonymous said...

"Threatened" ISIS invasion of America?...aargh/yawn...New World Disorder Running Scared-CIA Created ISIS....the link is...www.morningliberty.com/2014/09/23/new-world-disorder-running-scared-cia-created-isis/ The sheep are finally, waking up to the genocidal nihilism of the KZs. If the Khazar Zionists fail to start WWIII or, US Civil War, their own necks may well be on the "chopping blocks". Is is their turn to be afraid! imho