VATIC Change of Pace: Parody of Dean Martin's -"That's Amore", by Al Mahan -That's A Moron

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Vatic Note:  Not  much to say here,  it truly does speak for itself.   It just shows how sometimes,  youth is a curse, and not a benefit, especially in our current school system.   Watch, chuckle and enjoy.  Take a break from the fear porn kings and enjoy a laugh or two at their expense.  After all, they are fashioning the youth of today through their bogus federalized school system.  

Parody of Dean Martin's  -"That's Amore",  by Al Mahan
Published on Jul 31, 2013

Hilarious parody set to Dean Martin's "That's Amore" by Al Mahan.
Young People doing dumb, daring, and dangerously stupid stuff.
(VN: Mahan, calls his rendition which is a parody "That's a Moron").  It is hilarious.  We needed some good laughs about now.


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