Turkish Prosecutors in case of Syria-bound trucks carrying weapons for western controlled rebels, suspended from duty

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Vatic Note:  What they neglect to tell us is that the President of Turkey is an ally of Israel and a cohort of the Zionists.   The weapons were bound for the Khazar rebels in Syria, that are working for the zionists.   Al Qaeda was the destination group, and they were created by the CIA and have worked for us ever since.  

Its funny how the MSM never mentions that, and yet we documented that on a blog we did.  Just a reminder,  Britain's MI6 created both the CIA and the Mossad at about the same time.  So these 3 intel groups BELONG TO THE GLOBALISTS AND THAT IS WHO THEY WORK FOR.  So the rebels actually belong to the Globalists, as well.

The Zionists believe they are in control and will prevail, however, It is impossible to control every single soul in any country.   Its one of the arrogances that these Zionists have.  They truly believe the goyim are sheep and will believe everything the Zionists tell them.  

That is underestimating your enemy and a basic tenant of war,   "never underestimate or 'overestimate' your enemy".... or you will lose the war.  This story below proves it.  Many in every country are patriots and won't betray their nation or its people.  I am glad to see Turkey is no different.

Notice the "666" on the side of the container?  Also notice the paper blocked out the faces of those involved?  Why?  What is interesting is the fact that Turkey is basically a Muslim country and yet those in power are advancing the Zionists agenda, especially with respect to Syria.  Why? 

This story is from a foreign press, and it was interesting to read something like this from a local perspective rather than a western or a global perspective.  It appears that every country is infiltrated and working the globalists agenda.  JFK was right when he said that these internationalists who are moving to bring down the United States, ....."Conscript enormous resources, including human resources".   That must be why they have managed to get this far along

Even international justice and local, national justice players are infiltrated in every country at every level.   The battle is between those who are idealists and work for the welfare of their people, and those who work for the welfare of the globalists.   Its a publication like this that can educate us in America to what is happening around the world, that we are never told about by our own sold out press.   Thank goodness for the net. 

Turkish Prosecutors in case of Syria-bound trucks suspended from duty
By Ankara, Todays Zaman, January 15, 2015 
                                              Prosecutors in case of Syria-bound trucks suspended from duty 
A group of gendarmes halted and conducted a search on a MİT truck that was en route to Syria in January 2014 in the southern Turkish province of Adana. (Photo: DHA)

Five prosecutors who investigated claims of illegal arms shipments to opposition groups in Syria carried out by the Turkish intelligence agency were suspended by a top judicial board on Thursday.
The suspension of the prosecutors has been seen as a government-orchestrated move to hush up scandalous revelations that were leaked by an anonymous social media user.
The 2nd Chamber of the government-controlled Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) decided with a majority vote to suspend Süleyman Bağrıyanık, Ahmet Karaca, Aziz Takçı, Özcan Şişman and Yaşar Kavalcıklıoğlu, who were all involved, in different capacities, in an investigation of the events.

The incident involved three Syria-bound trucks operated by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) that were stopped in the Ceyhan district of the southern province of Adana on Jan.19, 2014. The trucks were allegedly transporting arms shipments to opposition groups in Syria, including al-Qaeda.

The suspension of the prosecutors came a day after the government obtained a blanket gag order from Adana 5th Criminal Court of Peace preventing the media from reporting on documents that were leaked on Twitter on Monday night by anonymous Twitter user @LazepeM, who claimed the information came from General Staff and gendarmerie investigations.
Twitter has already suspended access to the account @LazepeM in Turkey, but the ban has not been implemented on Twitter globally. Reports have suggested that Turkish authorities already blocked access to four news portals that published leaked documents. Others may face the same restrictions.

Then-Adana Chief Public Prosecutor Bağrıyanık, acting on a tip, ordered gendarmes to stop and search trucks that were transporting weapons to Syria. When he was prevented from doing his job by the government, he filed a criminal complaint against Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ for attempting to interfere with the judiciary.

In the complaint, it was maintained that Bağrıyanık had been pressured by Bozdağ and Justice Ministry Undersecretary Kenan İpek over the operation launched by the chief prosecutor against armed trucks.
Soon after the truck incident, Bağrıyanık was removed from his post and appointed to the Antalya Public Prosecutor's Office.
Speaking to the T24 news portal after learning about his removal, Bağrıyanık said he did not even know what the charges against him were, adding that the HSYK inspectors did not seek his defense deposition either. “I will exercise my rights. It is good to know that I was right. The truth eventually prevails. I am sure about what I did and I don't have even the slightest hesitation [to investigate trucks],” he said.
Speaking to news portal Radikal after the HSYK decision, prosecutor Takçı said he was now more convinced that he had done the right thing back in January last year after seeing what has happened in Syria and France and considering the heightened risk of terrorism Turkey now faces.
“I stand by what I did. I believe I have done nothing wrong and I kept my dignity,” Takçı told Radikal, insisting that he had the legal responsibility to order the trucks be stopped after he had received a tip-off about the alleged arms transfer via the gendarmerie.
Takçı also flatly denied claims that he was associated with the Hizmet movement of Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, which the government claims has created a “parallel state” within the bureaucracy.
“I am a prosecutor of the republic… No group can or has given me orders,” he said.
The Adana Bar Association has challenged the court ban on publications covering the investigation into the MİT trucks, appealing to the Adana 5th Criminal Court of Peace to annul the court decision to implement a ban.

The petition, filed by Adana Bar Association head Mengücek Gazi Çıtırık and board member Sabahattin Gümüş, stated that the court has no jurisdiction on the matter because only the original court dealing with the case can issue a gag order.

The Adana 7th High Criminal Court has been hearing the case since last year. The petition also challenged the Adana 5th Criminal Court of Peace's gag order on "substantive grounds," stating that the decision contravenes constitutional articles and laws that protect the freedom of press.
The leaked military documents showed that the arms transport by three trucks was personally authorized by then-Prime Minister and now President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. According to one document, then-Adana Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş rushed to the scene when Takçı ordered gendarmerie units to search and seize the three trucks, which were full of arms and ammunitions. The governor was quoted as saying, “The trucks were moving under the orders of the prime minister [Erdoğan], and he would never allow any interference into these trucks, even if that costs him his life.”
At the time, Erdoğan described the search of the trucks as "treason" and claimed that they were only transporting humanitarian aid to Turkmens in Syria. He also said that Syria-bound weapons did not originate from Turkey.
The leaked documents also revealed that the military had knowledge that the cargo was destined for al-Qaeda in Syria following an intelligence tip it had received in advance.
The contents of the cargo, as listed by the military officers who searched the trucks, included heavy weaponry such as mortars and metal casings, according to leaked documents.
The list included some two dozen mortars measuring two meters long and 15 centimeters in diameter, metal mortar casings in smaller sizes, around 10 to 15 wooden boxes each containing 24 units of weaponry mechanisms that fire explosive projectiles, around 30 boxes of 60-millimeter mortar shells and five or six bags of anti-aircraft ammunition.

The military documents corroborated an account given by the suspended prosecutors who ordered the search and seizure of the trucks. A report drafted by HSYK investigators last year revealed that Justice Minister Bozdağ and his undersecretary both directly intervened in a judicial investigation, in a violation of strict rules prohibiting government officials from influencing ongoing investigations.

The government is worried the leaks of confidential documents and the testimonies of military officers in the investigation will damage Turkey's international reputation. It may very well create headaches for the government -- already under growing criticism for allegedly allowing arms and fighters to enter Syria -- if the case file and documents make their way to international organizations such as the UN and the International Criminal Court.

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