Former State Dept Official Exposes EVERYTHING About so Much. This is a Must Watch Video by Alex Jones.

Vatic Note:   Wow, no matter what you think about Alex Jones, he does have a good head for guest selection.  This is the most revealing and educational interview with a very well seasoned professional within the government and he spills all the beans without exception.   He not only calls Dick Cheney a coward, but also tells us how many of those in congress and previous presidents were part of the CIA just like Obama is today.   
This is incredible, lets just hope this man can stay alive long enough to get it all out for the exposure necessary to stop all this that is going on as we speak.  This proves that exposure of the truth is our Weapon of Mass Destruction.   Two of those named who are bad guys are both considering running for President, one each of the two parties.  

Feinstein for the Dem nomination and Jeb "9-11" Bush, running for the GOP  nomination.  (Remember Jeb was gov of Florida and as such he signed an EO ON SEPT "7", 2001 DECLARING MARTIAL LAW FOR fLORIDA TO BE "EFFECTIVE ON 9-11"..... So how did he know about 9-11, 4 days in advance????)   Because he was in on it.  I would rather shoot myself then to let either one of those two become President of this country.  
I say vote for and elect someone running on the unaffiliated or independent party and make sure they are only AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.... no dual citizens of a foreign country should hold that office of President.  Too bad Ron Paul is so old, or I would try to get him to go again.  He had the nomination last time, but the GOP  sold-out traitors rigged the convention so his delegates could not cast their votes for anyone.  That is how Romney got the nomination.  

Do I trust this guy?  No, I don't trust anyone in this government we currently have and have had since JFK. But all that he says is documentable if we want to look hard enough.  What I do like about one thing he said is about how Cheney is a coward and why?  

Steven says its  because Cheney got 11 deferrments for war avoidance while other sons were sent and killed, maimed or wounded, so that Cheney could avoid taking any risks.  Coward is a kind word.  Don't forget who was doing the war games the day of 9-11..... Your right, it was Cheney.  The only war he was willing to fight is one against unarmed 9-11 "AMERICAN" civilians, officially 3,000 of them as a matter of fact (WHICH IS REALLY 12,000 OF THEM BASED ON EARLY BODY COUNTS).

Dick Cheney Is The Most Cowardly Person Ever: Former State Department Official 
Published on Dec 10, 2014

Alex Jones talks with Dr. Steve Pieczenik about the torture report, the CIA, the Bin Laden coverup tie in and how it's all connected to the federal government.


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