History of the Federal Reserve (Money Masters)

Vatic Note: This is a must watch. This is the most comprehensive historical and invaluable documentary about banking that I have ever seen, its extremely educational, and accurate as all get out.....thus its well worth the watch, especially if you truly want to know the truth about how we got here.

In fact, what he is giving us, I have already confirmed, including Caesars assassination, that these money changers were behind it.  These zionists murdered anyone who tried to do for their people and against the money changers.

Lincoln, JFK, Gadaffi, and others whenever the leader would try to change the system from the corrupt actions of the banks and move it to the benefit of their people.  Lets remember, many are khazars who are practicing pagans who worship the phallic symbol which explains a lot about their perversions and pedophilia. 

That is why the middle east has been under attack since they follow the Bible in NOT using "usury" and that gold backed, non usury system was growing in Africa, and that is why tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and others are now under Rothschild's Israeli control, using the khazar zionist controlled NATO and USA militaries.

If you have read the protocols, you know that it was listed in them, by the Zionists,  to garner control of the worlds gold.  And now China, who has Rothschild’s Goldman Sachs as their exclusive international brokerage house,  has built a 2,000 ton gold vault and they will be next on these bankers agenda.  It should prove interesting  how the Chinese decide to play this.  If they are TOO GREEDY, they will fall victim to the bankers in the end.  

AS we all know we had General Smedley Butler tell us, the military he was in was used to protect and help corporations such as these banks, extract wealth and resources from other countries and that is proving to be the state of the world today.  Militaries, in nations controlled by the Zionists, are now purged of highest commanders, who are loyal to the nation, and only staffed by those loyal to the bankers and the fascists corporations.

Obama just finished purging a further 92 of them from the Pentagon and that followed Cheney's purge of the first 100 top officers out of the Pentagon and Intel services.  We also now know that Israel was involved in 9-11 which resulted in the final take over of our nation, through the creation of HOMELAND SECURITY, run by the Zionists through Mossads, ADL, and SPLC.   Keep in mind these khazars are Satanists and pedophiles, since khazars are phallic symbol worshippers, turks and mongols and not Jews, either religiously or by DNA.  That has been proven many times over right here on this blog.

Anyway, take the time, pass this around to everyone you know, especially the sheep, and educate them to the core of the nations problem and the only solution that will work and that is the take down of the federal reserve, by any means possible, since the system itself is now under the bankers control.  Other means will have to be used.  What those "means" are, will have to be the subject of much discussion between us.

History of the Federal Reserve (Money Masters) 
Published by TheBicycleman79 on May 2, 2012
I found this old documentary, which today is still very relevant. This is long but really opens light on who really are the evil and bad people of history and our time. Enjoy and pass this on to your friends and family. Take into consideration the closing recommendations, they may be spot on.


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