The Charlie Hebdo Shooting HOAX: WHY Are The French And British Suddenly Giving Special Treatment To The Jews ONLY?

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Vatic Note:   Once again, just like Sandy Hook, no photos of the dead bodies, no blood,  no indication that harm was done to anyone.   I am now so used to false flag events that now I look immediately for the very signs missing in previous false flags and sure enough they made the same mistakes.

They must be using goyims for planning all this, given the Zionists say we are so stupid we will buy anything they tell us.  And this was stupid as all get out.  We haven't even begun to analyze, and already we find problems with the scene and press coverage.

This below was the only on-site scene filmed.  Now what does that tell you?   The press was avoiding any scene of the actual event site.  Maybe that is why the Khazars sent in their own security guards, to make sure no unauthorized press got in to tell the truth.

Once they read the alternative press reports, they may go back and fix their mistakes.   We won't know til this has hit the alternative press with fabricated proof of something more than just a bunch of cars to film.  The front of the store would have been nice. Even if this had happened,  I would still believe it was manufactured by the powers that be.  I mean, look at the list of all of the fabrications that have been exposed, about these zionist bankers and their movie making industry.


1.  Sandy Hook  -  now admitted by Obama as being a drill.
2.  The Boston Bomber - proven to be a false flag and no one is denying it.
3.  The Aurora movie theatre so called mass murders, manufactured and proven with photographic evidence it was a false flag done by someone other than the individual arrested for it.
4.   Two Indonesian plans shot down,  and proven it was done by the globalists to try and start WW III.
5.   Two mall shootings that were so badly done that discussion ended in the MSM abrubtly and nothing more was done about it.
6.    The OKC bombing, with Timothy McVeigh working for the feds and now proof that he is alive under a new disguise, name and life.  There is also proof a real bomb was placed in the building and killed children in the day care center.
7.     3 separate terrorist attacks in Britain,  the first on on 7/7, where the perps who supposedly did this were filmed by the security camera and it proved to be technically developed and presented.  It was maufactured.   Then the Call to the Israeli visiting prime minister to london, telling him not to go to that part of town and it was done in advance of the bombing.
8.   The second British so called attack was by a so called Muslim who killed a British soldier, and that was soooo badly done, it went no where.  No bogus press coverage at all after the first, and second day at attempting it.  It was caught for what it was.  A total false flag. 
9.   The bogus missing nukes from Minot Airbase in South Dakota, which turned out to be loaded on to military cargo planes by the military and those that did the loading and their executive officers were killed within weeks of the event, which turned out to be bogus due to the leaks given to the military Times....who published the fact that they were loaded up by the military.
10.  The panty bomber,  was on the terrorist list, was tortured in Gitmo and Cheney had him released.  Remember that one?  AND GUESS WHO WAS IN CHARGE OF SECURITY FOR THAT AIRPORT?  RIGHT, AN ISRAELI COMPANY.
11.   My favorite - FUKISHIMA AND JIM STONE DEMOLISHED THAT ONE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.   That sent waves of exposures they may not have wanted.   For instance,  It exposed Rense dot com as a globalist front.  How???  Makow got told by Rense not to publish the proofs that Jim Stone had and he did it anyway and Rense banned Makow from his radio program.
12.  Remember the warning in Los Angeles where the Israeli run Homeland security gave out a warning that a suitcase nuke was stolen by Muslims and was going to go off in LOS ANGELES.... Then a tourist filmed a missle coming up out of the water off of Los Angeles and it went haywire and never reached its target and is now sitting at the bottom of the harbor in LA?  Well, that would have been used as the suitcase nuke, if it had ever reached its target.  I remember that one well, since that was when we thought maybe  we had friends watching out for us.  It was during the time when news was out that the US had Israeli subs on both the east and west coast.
13.  Remember the Nuke Officer who was released from duty in the pentagon because he did not set a nuke in North Carolina harbor as ordered, rather he sent it far out into the Atlantic and it went off, but did no harm to any cities?  He was fired.
14.  Remember Benghazi?  Need I say more?
17.    And now we can add the Hebdo Shooting Hoax to this list.  Where are the families who are not crisis actors?  Where are the names of the victims?  I could go on, but you know the drill. 

There are so many more that I would be eating up the entire blog listing them all.  We blogged on almost all of them, over the years, so you can search and find more.   But I think we gave enough proof that NOTHING IS BEING DONE BY ANY MUSLIMS ANYWHERE, AND THAT ISRAEL AND HER DUAL CITIZENS IN EVERY COUNTRY ARE THE ONES KILLING OFF AMERICANS AND OTHERS NOW.  Does the USS LIBERTY ring a bell?   The USS Cole?

Yet we have killed millions of Muslims who have done nothing to us and we let Israel go free and give her billions of dollars to do these acts against us, THE MUSLIMS  and our people.  SHAME ON US.  We are allowing Israel to paint us with the NAZI BRUSH in order to entice the world to war against us, INSTEAD OF AGAINST THEM, WHO ARE REALLY DOING ALL OF THIS.  I AM SURE HISTORY WILL SEE AMERICA AS THE SAME AS NAZI GERMANY,  IF THESE ZIONIST WIN. 


I agree with NT about why this was done.  IT WAS TO BEGIN GLOBALIZING POLICE FORCES and place them under the Globalist zionists and its why they used them in this case to test the French in their reactions to this occurring. UNDERSTAND THIS WAS TESTING THE FRENCH REACTION TO BE POLICED BY A FOREIGN COUNTRY AND NOT THEIR OWN.   If it works and the french do nothing, then we can start to see it happening all over the globe.

They can't get our guns, so this is the next best thing for controlling our population when they try to finish off their plan to take control of the planet. ON AMERICANS WHO ARE ARMED, THEY HAVE MILITARIZED OUR POLICE FORCES AND GIVEN THEM WEAPONS OF WAR ....... AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH AS WE SPEAK.  Contact your local Militia and/or oathkeepers group and sign up. 

The Charlie Hebdo Shooting HOAX: WHY Are The French And British Suddenly Giving Special Treatment To The Jews ONLY? 
By Northern Truthseeker,  January 13, 2015
The  Charlie Hebdo "shooting" is most definitely a hoax... I will state the  obvious right here in that NOBODY died in that absolutely false flag event.... The good people of France have now been suckered in by massive hoax much like the Americans have been treated as gullible fools by the fraud Sandy Hook "shooting" and the laughable "Boston Bombing".....

It is just too bad that with the Jewish control of the French mainstream BS media that most people in France will now be hoodwinked and suckered into the false belief that this fraud attack was caused by "crazed Islamic terrorists", and France will now go in lockstep with both the US and Britain into the equally fraudulent 'war on terror'.....

But I am troubled.... For there are a few reports that have come out since this fraud shooting where suddenly there have been "security" concerns about possible follow up "terrorist" attacks in France which could indeed happen...

However, strangely, according to this report from the Jew spew NY Times Online, it appears that over "5000" French troops have now been deployed to protect of all things.... "Sensitive Sites" that are all Jewish!  First, I have the link to that report here for everyone to see for themselves:


This is especially shocking, considering that these sites are absolutely and exclusively Jewish only... What troubles me is that everyone should be alarmed and asking the hard question: "WHY are only Jewish sites being protected?  What about Catholic? Protestant? ... Or even Islamic as well?".... Why the hell are the Jews being selected out of everyone as being so privileged?  (VN: Read the protocols and the answer is in there.   They are now our new owners, and they can order anything they want and they will get it.  This is your NEW WORLD ORDER,  How do you like it so far?  The French should have known when Jewish police were used to patrol as if they were French.  This is the danger of dual Israeli citizenship.

The bigger question is "Why haven't they done this in America?"  Because we are armed and "unorganized" with a militia, purged military  and intel patriots, as well as oathkeepers and 300 million armed citizens to back them up,  thats why!!!  thanks to the forsight of our founding fathers.)

That is bad enough, but today I came across the following report from the Daily Stormer website that absolutely sickened me and has raised a serious alarm bell that something more diabolical is about to happen that goes beyond this Charlie Hebdo fiasco... First I want to present that Daily Stormer article here for everyone to see for themselves:


Jewish Police Cars Patrol London After Paris Attacks

Published On January 12, 2015 | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

So a few Jews get killed in another country and the Jews are allowed to send out special Jewish police cars into London?  Meanwhile thousands of White girls got raped in Britain by crazy mud people and nothing happens?  Does this not show how much power Jews exercise in host nations?  We need to purge these parasites from  European nations immediately.  Send them on one-way trips to Tel Aviv as they cry six million tears.
From Daily Mail:
"Extra Jewish security patrol cars and police were out in force in North-West London yesterday following the kosher store siege in Paris.

The cars look very similar to police vehicles and bear the security group’s name ‘Shomrim’ – Hebrew for ‘guards’ – along the sides and back.

The Orthodox organisation, which works closely with the Metropolitan Police, tweeted: ‘Following events in Paris we will have on extra patrols throughout NW London over Shabbos [ the Jewish sabbath].’ 

NTS Notes:  This has raised warning bells with myself and it should with everyone else... I do suspect that something much much bigger is about to happen (Economic collapse?) and the perpetrators behind the impending disaster, the so called "chosen ones" are getting their so called "security" forces and their puppet regime government forces in place to protect their own people from the fallout that will definitely occur..  (VN:  SOUNDS LIKE A MILITIA ALERT TO ME.....PATRIOTS PURGED FROM OUR MILITARY AND INTEL AGENCIES AND OATHKEEPERS,  ARE YOU READY?  WE (300 MILLION OF US) ARE BEHIND YOU.)

The fact is again that the Charlie Hebdo "shooting" was indeed a hoax, but these actions by the British and the French governments to "protect" their masters' people,  should be a wake up call by everyone....

I have long suspected that this fraud shooting in Paris was a setup with the result being a loss of personal freedoms and liberties for the fraud of "security".......Now it appears that the shooting was also being used to cover for the forthcoming economic collapse and our (VN: foreign....) controlled governments moving their forces into place to protect the perpetrators behind that crime against humanity....  If someone has a better and more logical reason for this sudden push to protect "Jewish interests" exclusively, then I am all ears...

More to comee


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