Rand Paul Offers Another Pro-Israel Bill to Cut Palestinian Aid

Vatic Note:  Rand Paul proves just how deeply  Israel controls our congress.  I just read an article on the new GOP members of both senate and House.  What surprised me is the deep tie ins these new GOPers have with the Bush, and the banking cabals..... we will see if they sell us out.  Is Israel really our ally?  Or is she our enemy?  Does the USS Liberty ring a bell, the USS Cole and 9-11?  Between all three, Israel has killed more Americans than all the Muslim countries put together.  The Zionists who run Israel are really khazars, and not Jews.  As the President of Iran stated so clearly, they are Ashkenzi Jews, who are European Jews and thus are Khazars and not Jewish at all. 

To me, there is no greater disappointment, as a Ron Paul Supporter,  than to watch Rand Paul,  Ron's son,  do a complete turn around from his father, and become a hack for the Israeli lobby and the Rothschild international bankers.  I wish Ron had another son that was not so intimidated by AIPAC.  I wonder if the AIPAC lobby kept playing the Zepruder film for Rand, to get him to turn around?

Who knows, but now that we, the people, KNOW what is what, he has just cut himself off from playing any role in our future, at least at the political level.  I find it ironic that the khazars don't believe him, and are not going to support him.  After all, they figure, he is his fathers son.   But then we don't know if the consumerism education he received, changed his basic value system and that he may now care more about money and power than about integrity.

I guess the question is "Is Ron Paul our last courageous high integrity  elected official?"  I am afraid I don't see anyone else on the horizon in either party that matches Ron's level of high ideals.  I never thought I would live to see such a sore lack of political courage and honor within over 500 members of our elected congress.   What a loss and what a shame.   That is why we must, next time, vote unaffiliated or independant and get rid of these partys'.  Jefferson told us to do so and he was right.  He basically said, tyrants will use the party system to overtake the USA.  By golly, if today is any indication of what that would look like, then its happening. 

Rand Paul Offers Another Pro-Israel Bill to Cut Palestinian Aid
By , National Journal, January 6, 2015

The legislation comes on the first day of the 114th Congress and right before a meeting with top Jewish donors.

Rand Paul.(Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images)
January 6, 2015 Rand Paul is working hard to polish his pro-Israel credentials.
Hours before meeting on Tuesday with some of the nation's most influential and well-heeled Jewish GOP donors—including billionaire Sheldon Adelson—Paul introduced his second bill in as many years to cut off American foreign aid to the Palestinian government.
The "Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid Act of 2015" would cut off funding for the Palestinian government so long as it seeks recognition in the International Criminal Court, according to a Paul aide. The measure comes in addition to Paul's "Stand with Israel Act," introduced last year, which would end U.S. aid until the Palestinian Authority agreed to a cease-fire and recognized the state of Israel.

The dual measures are a sign of Paul's aggressive push to win over the pro-Israel hawks who have long dominated the Republican Party. As Paul openly explores a bid for the White House in 2016, he has been greeted with something between skepticism and outright hostility by the pro-Israel community, many of whom were turned off by the noninterventionist politics of his father, former Rep. Ron Paul.

Paul introduced the latest pro-Israel bill on Tuesday, less than a week after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas moved to join the International Criminal Court, a move that would open the path to press war-crimes charges against Israel. Paul's bill would eliminate all U.S. foreign assistance, loan guarantees, and general aid to the Palestine Authority so long as it seeks to join the international court, according to the Paul aide.

Paul previewed the measure last night on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren, arguing that it "hardly seems to me a good idea to give American taxpayer money to a country or an entity that is now saying that an ally of ours—that their soldiers need to be investigated for war crimes."

On Tuesday night, Paul will make the same pitch in a far more intimate setting. He is expected to attend a gathering of the leaders of the Republican Jewish Coalition at a downtown D.C. steakhouse where giant slabs of red meat are visible through glass windows for passersby. The group is celebrating its 2014 successes—including the election of freshman Rep. Lee Zeldin, the only Jewish Republican in Congress.

The board—populated by many of the biggest GOP donors in the nation, including Adelson—has been at the epicenter of Paul's Jewish outreach, but with only mixed results. Ari Fleischer, the former George W. Bush press secretary and an RJC board member himself, told Politico this week that the board would unite around whoever emerges as the 2016 Republican nominee. "Now, one exception to that would be Rand Paul," Fleischer added.

As for his bill, Paul said on Fox, "I think there is a very good chance this could pass."

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