SMOKING GUN: Fake CPR!!! Ottawa Shooting Hoax Officially BLOWN WIDE OPEN!

Vatic Note:   This has all the same characteristics of the Sandy Hook false flag.  I found it so disturbing that they truly think us goyim are so stupid that we will be a badly botched job as something real.   

Underestimating your enemy is always a mistake when conducting war..... and there is not doubt about it, this is war against the continent, with traitors on the inside assissting in the farce and scam.

Because I do not know Canadian politics, I am unsure why they chose to do this since I believe Canada already has gun control.  So why?  Is it to ensure that we end up hating Muslims so we will take them out for the globalist zionist bankers?  

I saved most of my comments for the actual article and they are listed below, where ever I found something to comment on.  Watch for the "VN:" symbol and read my Notes at each stop.   That will make this Vatic Note a short one, since most are below. 


Hard Proof Ottawa Hoax Nathan Cirillo’s Death was Staged
by Admin, No Disinfo. com,  October 29, 2014

Regarding the claim for an actual shooting by a fanatical Muslim convert at the Canadian War Memorial how could it get more phony than this? Look at these pompous buffoons. What a load of buffoonery it is. What a bunch of pomp and malicious arrogance: purely deceitful. At the War Memorial near the Ottawa parliament building no one died, and no one was injured.


The man is a powerful individual, extremely fit. How did that scrawny Zionist mole, Michael Hall aka Michael Bideau, sneak up on him and do so much damage. Cirillo had a gun. Didn’t he know how to use it? There were two sentries there regardless. They could do nothing to stop arch-Zionist mole Hall’s attack against them?

The miserable, wretched Algerian Jew, even with a history of drug addiction, achieved the impossible, overpowering a man of the stature of Cirillo. Moreover, he did so while Cirillo was in the presence of yet another Memorial guard. Does anyone really believe it?

How could he be so thrilled, pictured in the highest quality HD imagery, and then suddenly be killed? It was only three days later that he supposedly died. Who believes it?

OK, so the image above was taken purportedly three days before. What about available images from that day, as in right before the ‘murder?’  (VN: I told you they were making more and more mistakes, due to the stress of a very late time frame not being met to globalize.  This photo below is absolutely proof of the scam and this is the one that sold me on it all.)


Here he is, left screen, gun in hand, right before the supposed shooting. He is there in association with another guard. That is a key evidence in proving the hoax. Yet, what is the most crucial finding, which proves the scam. It is as pointed out by nodisinfo.com posters the presence of the unfathomable: police tape already in place in preparation for the scam.

Did they know that a crazed Algerian-heritage Zionist was about to strike at any moment and so they put the police tape there in advance? Didn’t the extremist Islamophobes responsible for this hoax think anyone would notice?
It’s the same tape that is in place when the arch-fabricators begin their hoaxing routine, that is the fake good Samaritan rescue of Cpl. Cirillo.


In this image as well that tape is clearly evident as the Harper government espionage moles put on their rescue act of the fake-injured Cirillo:

Yet, what else is seen? It is the gun. Yes, it is true, the guns that were previously held by the sentries; they are just laying there, stacked upon each other. Now, just how could that occur in the event of the chaos of a spontaneous shooting by a local terrorist madman? Did the terrorist stack the guns there himself? Moreover, what happened to the other reservist? Did he in absolute fear drop his gun, run away and hide?  (VN: and he conveniently dropped it right on top, perfectly, of the other gun on the ground. Wow, I am impressed.)


Again, the guns are HARD PROOF that there could not have been a real attack at the Memorial. There is no possibility that the other guard would have dropped his weapon, actually laid it neatly on the other long gun. Therefore, by no means was there a shooting at the Memorial. That means no one died, specifically the corporal. That’s fantastic news for the entire world, the Harper government, and, surely, the family. They should all be thrilled with glee:


Yes, they should be thrilled. That’s because arch-Zionist mole Nathan Cirillo is alive and well. The National Post said he “died in the arms” of the supposed good Samaritan rescue team. Really? Then, why is he obviously alive with good color, clearly not a corpse, in this image?


He is pressing his lip together. How could he be dead if he was doing so? (VN:  When a preson is dead his mouth is completely relaxed and open. Another mistake made by the non-goyim) Moreover, his color is excellent. Yet, by now he was supposed to have bled out from gunshot wounds to each side. Other than a bit of what appears to be red paint seen to the right-screen of the blue-gloved hand, where is all that blood?


Moreover, what about this image is real? The man who is down is supposedly a person who crossed a police barrier. Then, what is the mountie aiming at? The shooter had long ago been taken out.

Sure, absolutely, it all happened at the hands of a single crazed Muslim, a convert, no less: one who, in fact, converted from Judaism. Sure, it is so believable. Here is our super-man running from the black car, and his mere presence causes others to take off running.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.15.02 AM

He runs into the Parliament to advance the hoax, all on behalf of the arch-Zionist Harper government. That ‘Muslim’ did precisely the Harper cabal’s bidding, right when they needed him the most:

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.44.24 AM

The existence of the hate- and corruption-based bill is hard proof that the entire claim of a real shooting at the War Memorial is an absolute fraud.  (VN:  Just look at that mans face, eyes and mouth, and then  you wonder why I say these people are insane?  That face says it all.)

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.46.08 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.47.32 AM

This is, therefore, the Canadian version of the hideous Zionist-orchestrated act of 9-11.

According to one shrewd Canadian poster:

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.50.14 AM

There is, therefore, no corpse of any kind in the casket. Nathan Cirillo is alive and well. He surely didn’t die on the steps of the War Memorial.


Sure he did. Right. He killed him virtually on site, and not a single bit of resistance was presented against him. Two sentries and not a shot fired?

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.35.46 PM

Sure he was. He was a hero, so heroic that he allowed himself to be gunned down by a lone, mad gunman, even though he was more than capable of defending himself – even though he had a fellow armed comrade at this side.

He did it all for the arch-Zionist Harper government so it could advance the vile, corrupt aims of world Jewry. What a perfect heroic soldier he was working, it would appear, in collaboration with that other crisis actor and Zionist minion, Michael Hall aka Michael Zehaf Bideau.


The pomp and buffoonery is clearly evident from the image above. All this for a single slain reservist? When has any soldier or mountie killed in the line of duty, that is really killed, ever been so honored?

What an absolutely diabolical and immense effort the Zionist-controlled Canadian government is making in order to maintain the ludicrous hoax of Islaamic terror.

It is all about, apparently, joint American-Canadian imperialism as well as a kind of martial law-like plot against the Canadian people.  (VN: of course, as the Zionists say "By deception, we will conduct war" and they aren't kidding.  We now see it allll the time.  Sandy Hook ring a bell???)


Where is Mr. Cirillo, now? Is he on assignment in the Zionist strip? With all such publicity will he be able to hide from the world forever?

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Anonymous said...

To clear up some of the confusion over what the guards did, it was in the Canadian press at the time that the guards at the Ottawa War Memorial had no bullets in their guns. It is supposed to be an honorary guard for ceremonial display purposes only. They obviously might have reacted different if they did have bullets.

Skepticon said...

When you say Zionist conspiracy, is that the brand name or the product? More research might get you closer to the brand and logo of your so said conspiracy. For instance a white Maltese cross on a black background.

Vatic Master said...

Troll...... exposure of this khazar induced conspiracy to rule the world is our weapon of mass destruction, so, don't worry about such weird things as product and brand name. Not sure what any of that means, but I am sure and have proven who is behind it big time. Even Netanyahu now admits in the Israeli Press that the leadership of Israel are khazars as are the migrants to Israel from Russia who are not the Jews of the Bible and its been proven and admitted. REAL JEWS HAD TO SEEK ASYLUM IN LONDON AND NEW YORK, FROM ISRAEL. They were being beaten and brutalized by the new khazar settlers.

Skepticon said...

I am simply stating that you might be on the wrong track for one very good reason, that the true Zionists controllers are not Jewish but rather use the jews as their shields. All the most intelligent men in the world were NOT jewish. Do you think some brain dead puppet in Israel namely Netanyahu is behind world control? Like I said, the maltese cross is your clue. You are talking to someone who fell in the same mindset trap as you. The most insidious people are the Anglo-Dutch. I carry that same blood. Trust me, having worked with many a jew in my time, they are simply not that deep. Good white collar work ethic but that is all.

Vatic Master said...

Oh, I agree that they are not Jewish. I have proven they are not. They are khazars from the eastern European and western Asia. Their country got broken up by invasion on the east from the Turks and on the west by the Europeans, and they migrated into estern Europe and called themselves the Ashkenazi Jews. We are on the same wave length here. I am not understanding the references to the Maltese cross. If you read the protocols, written b y the khazars using the Jews as cover, you would find out that these khazars had t his all planned that is going on right now and use many others as cover, just like they are making us into the new nazi's by invading Arab countries that have done nothing to us. Khazars have infiltrated our government at key levels of operations and they are the ones doing the dirty work to make us look like the nazi's so the world will hate us like it hated the Germans prior to WW II so the World war would happen and these bankers are doing the same thing to us now because it worked before. Its their pattern they use since they have no soul, no creativity, so they have to use was has proven to work in the past. What they don't realize is we recognize history, so we see what they are doing. They are stuck and are 15 years behind in their agenda. This all was suppose tobe done by 2000.

Skepticon said...

Ok, I will give you another clue to the Maltese cross by asking a question. In the United Nations, all states are recognized as sovereign bodies due to physical borders. Is there a stateless sovereign body that is recognized by the United Nations? If so, regardless of intention, why would the UN recognize a sovereign body that has NO STATE BORDERS?

Vatic Master said...

That would be Palestine, right? They have done nothing to anyone, except beg for help protecting them from the genocide of the Khazars running Israel, and their khazar owner, Rothschild.

Skepticon said...

Ok, Palestine is the ever shrinking state due to the encroachment and genocide of Israel but that was not my point. Those that wear the Maltese Cross are recognized by the United Nations, 13,000 strong and they have no state borders but rather exist internationally. The irony here is that there is supposedly an international Jew but this international Jew is not recognized by the United Nations. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was a Son of Malta and so were all his descendants. They wear the Maltese cross. They are recognized as a distinct governing body by the United Nations. Now do you get it?