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Vatic Note:   On the surface, this sounds like a great opportunity, but in fact how this works is deadly for their nation as it was for us.   Look who we had go to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, that we know about..... BILL CLINTON and he turned out to be a tool of the international bankers.  CHINA, be warned, they are beginning with you now.  History does repeat itself and its important we learn that lesson before its too late.   Your people are just dupes like we, Americans were.  Never let down your guard with these Rothschild bankers. They have no loyalty to anyone but themselves and their own.... the rest of us they consider cattle, and that includes you as well.    Lets look at some facts we DO know about.....

1.  Since 1913, when the Rothschild owned federal Reserve was created,  they have spent an enormous amount of time and effort to superficially build our economy to our previous status as the worlds great super power and evidence proves that was directed, managed and done by the Wall STreet Bankers. Its obvious it was for the purposes of creating and extracting our wealth from us periodically through history since 1913.

2.  In 1897,  the Rothschild Zionists international Congress approved and adopted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for the purposes of taking over the globe and the method was outlined like a blueprint for directing all zionists to move in that direction in whatever field they were in. This has been confirmed by a study done in 1919 by both the US Military Intel services and a congressional committee, they issued a report stating that INTERNATIONAL JEWRY WAS A THREAT TO THE INTERESTS OF THE UNITED STATES. That report was put into the library of Congress, where you can find it for yourselves. 

3.  We also know it was the British that first established our elite universities, in the early history of our country, such as Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge,  Yale, Columbia, Stanford, MIT etc.  We did a blog proving that these universities were inculcated with secret societies specifically geared to train and recruit the best minds to serve in their goal of global tyranny.  We know that the Tavistock Group hired some of these institutions to study mass psychology in order to manipulate masses of people within a country. 

They were also used to complete the training of the Illuminati's own legitimate children, and Oxford was used for the "illegitimate" children of the Illums and then they were further trained at the regular elite schools on a Rhodes scholarship, along with the legit children of the illums, to finish off their training, and I might add,  to finish off their "satanizing".

4.  We also know that Cecil Rhodes was a die hard globalist elitist.  He set up his scholarship program specifically to educate those we discussed above, especially the illegitimate children of the illums.

5.  We know that JFK warned us about "SECRET SOCIETIES" and their purposes, as well, as the international conspiracy to bring down the US and when he tried to stop it, he was assassinated.

6.  We now know that as President,  Bill Clinton, a student of Oxford, set up the foundation for laying the ground work for Anti-terrorism legislation because of the WACO fiasco that was a set up as was the OKC bombing.   Then we have another graduate of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship,  Susan Rice, who has played a major part in bringing down the US from her position in the White House.

We could do the same with the Intel services, like CIA director Bush Sr, who attended elite schools and joined skull and bones, as did his son, Bush Jr.  Both laid foundations for what we are experiencing today.  Then we have Obama who attended Columbia,  Harvard, etc, and neither university is cooperating with us on information regarding his time at their institutions.  Why?  Because they are owned and funded by the Rothschilds.

7.  We know they used drugs to fund their black ops against the world.  Their elite educated puppets, in our gov, used the Drug war and the oversight agency, DEA, to protect their system of drug distributions while making sure their competition went out of business.

8.  Every world war was preceded by a revolution and economic collapse, and the economic power of the day was the loser of those world wars.  That  is what they have planned for us, in America, for WW III and we, the people, have no fight  with the Chinese or Russian people.   Its a way for the international bankers and their illum bosses to extract enormous wealth from our nations, while depopulating us with their Satanic sacrifices of our people through such wars.  DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU like we have done. 

There is more, but this will have to do for now.   Once you read the above and then this below, you will understand what CHINA is being set up for in this global game of zionist domination of the world.  They even say in the protocols in protocol 15, that they are willing to get rid of, abandon, and set up their own puppets in order to advance their agenda.  That is exactly what they did to their puppets at the Nuremberg trials where many were killed.    So they have no loyalty to anyone but their own.   We are puppets to be used for their purposes.

China Rhodes Scholar Announced for,  Hong Kong,  2015 
By admin,  Oxford U China, November 27, 2014

The Rhodes Scholarship, one of the oldest and most prestigious academic awards in the world, has been awarded to Geoffrey Yeung Ka Wei representing Hong Kong for 2015.

Unique for recognising outstanding leadership qualities and commitment to service as well as intellect, the Rhodes Scholarship was established in 1902 to bring the most talented students from around the world to pursue postgraduate study at the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. 
The mission of its founder, Cecil Rhodes, its Second Century Founder, John MacCall McBain and other generous benefactors is to create leaders who would be driven to serve their community, to ‘fight the world’s fight’. Rhodes Scholars have gone on to serve at the forefront of public service and have advanced the frontiers of science and medicine. They include former US president Bill Clinton, US National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Pulitzer Prize-winner Siddharta Mukherjee.

Each year, one Rhodes Scholar from Hong Kong is selected to join 82 other Rhodes Scholars from around the world. The first Rhodes Scholar for Hong Kong entered Oxford in 1986 and to date, there have been 27 Rhodes Scholars for Hong Kong, who have pursued a variety of careers in fields including public service, academia, business, law and medicine.  The selection process is highly-competitive and the selection committee includes some of Hong Kong’s leading academics, professionals and business leaders, including many past Rhodes Scholars.

Applications are accepted between June and September every year. Candidates must be between 19 to 25 years of age, are Hong Kong residents who have received at least five of the last ten years of education in Hong Kong, or citizens of the People’s Republic of China enrolled in a university in Hong Kong for full-time study.

The Rhodes-Scholar Elect for Hong Kong 2015, Geoffrey Yeung is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong and Diocesan Boy’s School. Geoffrey received a Bachelor of Business Administration and the Bachelor of Laws with first class honours and is currently studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Laws. 
A student with a personal dedication to civil rights and equality, he impressed the selection committee with his energy and personal commitment to working with disadvantaged members of society, as well as his exceptional academic results. Geoffrey Yeung plans to pursue the Bachelor of Civil Law at the University of Oxford starting in October 2015.   


  • The University of Oxford is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top universities and has been first overall for medical sciences three years in a row by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
  • There are over 22,000 students from more than 140 countries studying at the University.
  • In 2014 there are more than 900 students from China and Hong Kong studying at Oxford and after the UK and the USA, China provides the largest number of applicants to Oxford for postgraduate study. More than 3,000 graduates of Oxford live in China and Hong Kong today.    (VN: We here, at Vatic Project, have made this point more than once on this blog.   3,000 of China's leaders are Oxford educated and Goldman Sachs is China's international brokerage house, that solicited major US corporations to abandon the US workers here in the states and move their operations to China due to slave wages and excessive profits as a result.  This all sounds good on paper, but reality for the average American proves a different result from that which they profess.)
 Read more about the Rhodes Scholarship for Hong Kong.

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