NEO – Israel – More than Murder

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Vatic Note:   What this below tells us without a doubt, that any globalizing or NWO will be totally void of any justice for average people.   Laws will be passed or made for the elite khazar zionists who own and run "Banks, Corporations, Military industrial complexes, governments etc", to protect them against us, even if our complaint is fully legitimate.

The extent to which Israel avoids taking responsibility for their international criminal mafia actions, was unknown until now.   This below exposes the disparity between justice for average citizens, or the goyim and justice for Israel.

We are never going to be given justice by any means where Israel is concerned, unless we do it ourselves since our reps are unable to do anything without either blackmail, threats to their families or bribery if they are dual citizens.  If we have to do it ourselves, then the rules are out the window for them just like it is for  us.  The last question of this article, which is very well done,  is "Who owns the media"?   The answer is Rothschild/Israeli bankers who are khazars, just like Netanyahu. 

NEO – Israel – More than Murder
Posted by Gordon Duff on December 23, 2014

Sweden has nixed allowing litigation against Israel for war crimes and piracy over the Gaza Flotilla massacre.

New Eastern Outlook is headquartered in Moscow
New Eastern Outlook is headquartered in Moscow

…by  Gordon Duff, VT Editor    … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

-  First published  …  December 22, 2014  -
Turkish Flotilla mavimara attack
Turkish Flotilla mavimara attack

Sweden has nixed allowing litigation against Israel for war crimes and piracy over the Gaza Flotilla massacre. Their reason? Sweden says though Israel is obviously guilty, they are unable to name a guilty party.
Perhaps the “commandos” captured by Ken O’Keefe, whose tearful pleas plucked our heart strings are “non persons”. Perhaps Swedes don’t know how to spell “netanyahu,” though that, in itself is an invented identity.
There is in fact no real person of that name.
Only a few short weeks ago, the ICC, the International Criminal Court at The Hague, one of the best running jokes on “Rock Number Three” did much of the same thing. They can’t open a case against Israel, though they openly admit that Israel did in fact commit a wide series of war crimes during their recent genocide in Gaza because the court is “too busy.”

As American humorist Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make ‘stuff’ like that up.”

There are a few African leaders the court has yet to go after, part of the “busy work” they assign themselves to keep them distracted from reading the newspapers about the most recent revelations of CIA torture.

The current report is maybe the 8th or 9th such report, each one treated by the “press” as though it were a shocking discovery. Yes, the NSA spies on everyone and the CIA runs drugs and catches innocent people, tortures them and then goes on running world terrorism on its own as it has for decades.
The ICC has always been a joke. The Swedes, now that’s something else. For sure they are afraid of the slaughter rained upon their Norwegian neighbors, who decided to support a boycott on Israel.
Here is an interesting twist; quite recently Michael Shrimpton was convicted of making “wild accusations” regarding the existence of miniature submarines operating in the Baltic, in his case, delivering nuclear weapons as part of blackmail against the British government by Israel. The Crown Prosecution Service found the idea of tiny little submarines steaming up the Thames estuary so absurd that they consider Shrimpton both delusional and dead serious as well.
Is Michael Shrimpton owed a note of thanks?
Is Michael Shrimpton owed a note of thanks?

You see, Shrimpton was convicted not of making crazy statements, but quite the contrary. Shrimpton’s tale of miniature subs has a strikingly coincidental ring about it. During his trial, the Swedish Navy spent weeks hunting miniature submarines. There are only two nations that possess such systems, Russia and Israel.
According to a source in Swedish Naval Intelligence, one terrorist team landed by “tiny little submarines” was captured and interrogated and returned to their host nation. Was that Russia or Israel? The Naval captain, I will call him “Andy,” personally took part in the interrogation.
What we learned from Berwick/Breivik is that there are strong ties between pro-Israeli Freemason extremists within the counter-terrorist forces of the UK and Norway that work closely with their Polish counterparts, closely with rogue elements of the CIA that operated and may well operate secret prisons in Poland, such as we recently “relearned about” (for the 4th time).
The Poles, of course, are giving military support to Kiev junta backed genocide squads lead by Israeli trained specialists operating against the Eastern Ukraine. Wayne Madsen claims they are planning to open a new “Holy Land” there, a Khazarian Judea where the grandparents of “Netanyahu” and others of his ilk are said to have their ethnic roots. (See: Jewish Genome/Dr. Erin Haik).

Ukraine Partition map - a spoof, or is it?
Ukraine Partition map – a spoof, or is it?

On the other hand, is this what it is really all about? Did you know that friends of Erdogan, personal friends mind you, sent a fleet of trucks and technicians into Syria not long ago?
Working hand in hand with ISIS/ISIL, the “Islamic State” of Da’aish, the “acting troupe of a dozen names,” our Turkish friends actually stole an entire automobile plant, driving it into Turkey in plain sight of pretty much everyone but the less than curious press.
The profits were split with Al Qaeda/ISIS, such that it might be considered material support for terrorism. Yet, there the Turks are, unloading the machines, the truckloads of transmissions and axles, the office machines, the computers; in fact they stole everything but the dirt under the foundations.
Are we all going to run out and get one of those cars they make? This is one factory, they have taken a dozen. They looted banks, in fact, Turkey is looting occupied Syria and no one is saying a word.
When the world ignores Israel, finding them inconvenient or impossible to prosecute, a world afraid of nuclear weapons transported on tiny little submarines, a world afraid of a sea of dead children and missing airliners, that world not only ignores American torture, it ignores 200,000 Syrian dead.

It ignores looted temples, burned churches, entire regions sold into slavery and the tons of heroin and hashish being trafficked through the Islamic State as well.
Why would someone write about Turkey or ISIS and Poland? What could the slaughter of children in Norway have to do with the trial of a “delusional barrister” in Britain? Perhaps it is the things no one sees that stand to hurt us most.
Missing this “mosaic” is evidence of a shameful lack of curiosity on behalf, not only of the press but the world’s conspiracy addicts as well.
A mile of trucks and one stolen factory, or a dozen, missing things like this takes skill. How can a NATO member like Turkey loot one of their neighbors in partnership with a terror organization while simultaneously negotiating to host military forces to fight that same group? How is it no one notices? Note these things; Turkey may steal the factories, ISIS may cut of a few heads but who controls the media?

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