Lucifer and deception through theology - Michael Tsarion

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Vatic Note:  The conversation about Lucifer begins at the 8:00 mark on the time schedule.  Luciferian is a religion, technically, in the worship of light.  Michael says that light can be used as a weapon, and there are the dark forces of the light worship. He acknowledges the followers of Satan are evil and dark, but that does not negate the truth about the whole concept of Lucifer. These people who take the Bible literally  do not do so to all the scriptures.  

He named Matthew where it says that Jesus teaches in parables,  and not to take it as literally.  And the followers of the Bible do not take that scripture literally.  I disagree,  they do take it literally and explain the reason is because the people during that time, are simple uneducated people, so he has to talk to them in language and examples that they understand. 

I think Michael does not understand the example he cites where Satan tempts Adam and Eve and then God gets mad at Adam and Eve for succumbing to Satan and God then destroys the garden of Eden.   He said that he felt that an all powerful God would have no reason to do that.  He calls this whole subject Astrological Theocracy.  He even shows how the British elite still use these symbols like 10 downing St for instance, has an occult meaning.  That was interesting.

What he misses is the concept of "agency" which is the fight Lucifer had with God, since Lucifer wanted to force the people to do God's will and God, the father, did not.  God wanted people to choose between good and evil, suffer the consequences of that choice they made and learn and grow wise from it.  If they suffer, due to their own hand, and choice, then they realize the power is within them to do better and make different choices with different results. 

I was a little disappointed that Michael missed both of those points.  However, the entire program is about all the contradictions within the Bible.   His point is valid, that this whole opposition of Satan has cost million of lives in wars and massacres for non believers.   Once he explains the definition of the term "satan" means in ancient times.... "the opposer" and that is all it means.  Its very interesting how he was showing how it expanded into what it is today.  

He gets into saturn and other metaphysical issues and how they impacted the Bible through those that wrote it.  This is a very philosophical and spiritual treatise from Michael and he treats it historically as well.  Its certainly interesting and enlightening as to the evolution of religion, both Jewish and Christianity.  The interviewer was good also and asked very good deep questions.   I found this interesting.   He shows these astro-theological symbols are part of corporate logos.  That is how far out these corporations are.

Lucifer and deception through theology - Michael Tsarion 
Published by Morph314 on Oct 18, 2014

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