Kevin Annett's Responses to Alfred Webre's Accusations 12.24.14

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Vatic Note:   This is extremely interesting...... I have always had a problem with Alfred Webre, so I began searching around, after reading what Alfred said about Kevin Arnett, which was scathing.   I found this below to get both sides.  I am glad that Kevin was courageous enough to put himself up for responding to these accusations.   Just to let you know why this may be happening, I offer this link for you to read in how the Queen is after him and sometimes slander is more deadly than gunshots.


After reading both sides and listening, I am much more inclined to believe Kevin, he was very forthright in his answers and the interviewer was not bashful in putting it right out there for him to answer and he did very forthrightly.   The issue of the murdered native children has been confirmed by Vatic Project and was posted on a blog several years ago.

He is right about royalty and higher ups involved in these ritual murders of the Natives in Canada and Kevin has been digging and trying to get to the bottom of these issues and pushing for prosecutions and the result has been the efforts to destroy him and his reputation so these investigations will not
be taken seriously.   

Here is a blog we did on his efforts with the ITCC citizens grand jury that heard the evidence with no responses or defense from those listed including the Queen.
Here is another blogger that also covered Kevins work on the courts in Canada and the children that were the victims.

I can't find the blogs I did on the actual event in Canada with children as witnesses and the uncovering of the bodies 10 years later of those missing children that the two witnesses said were killed and they ran.  I will continue to look for them, but I have a feeling they have been gutted.

I will update this if I do find them.  Its why I believe Kevin is the good guy.   He tried very hard to get them before a jury for indictments.

Shortly thereafter, the Pope conveniently resigns as pope. 

Kevin Annett's Responses to Alfred Webre's Accusations 12.24.14 
Published on Dec 27, 2014


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Anonymous said...

Why the queen is after Kevin Arnette has already been gutted ,just proves they are what he says they are.Haha! hit a sore spot lol