UFO WAR IN ANTARCTICA - Fact or Fiction?

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Vatic Note:  I have struggled with the entire issue of UFO's and aliens.  Why?  Because both the 1966 Iron Mountain report and Navy Intel officer, Cooper, both disclosed the plan under Majestic 12, to use bogus alien invasions to force the planet to globalize.  This could be part of that plan.  By the same token, Cooper also disclosed that there are good aliens and the powers that be were going to use the cover of them being bad guys to get us to fight them for the bad guys.  The good guys are on our side.  Just remember, Bill Cooper was murdered by our government for his disclosures.

Then we came across Phil Schneider who discovered, in Dulce, underground military bases with aliens working in them.  He was also killed in a most brutal way, because of his disclosure of their existance.  This site I found with this info on it, has always been right on and never wrong so far in what they have disclosed but that does not mean they are always right.  It just means their credibility factor is higher than most other sites.  So I decided to go with it and share this information along with the video. 

What you are reading below is from October 2012, so keep that in mind when reading this.  When it speaks in "current terms", it is talking about 2012, not today in 8/2014.  My suspicions increased when it was reported that the USA and China were battling these forces together.  It means that these two enemies were opreating as allies.  

Given that Goldman Sachs is China's "EXCLUSIVE INTERNATIONAL BROKERAGE HOUSE", with no competition for that priviledge, and its owned by the infamous Rothschild, the zionazi banker, and given that 3,000 of China's leaders were educated at Oxford, the home of secret societies,  (similar to Clinton) then it behooves us to be careful in what we believe without evidence.  

I have chosen to disclose this with the warning that it could well be a disinfo piece with a purpose.  Until I know the purpose, I am going to disclose it stating "be careful, cautious, but open to the possibility that this is true and accurate."   If it is, then we have allies and may explain why no Nuke false flag attacks since 9-11 and that is a very long time.  Now why is that?  

I don't know, but it could be that the good guys have the technology to neutralize our nukes.  No matter what war we have been in, no nukes were used.  Then I remembered the LA fiasco, where press and gestapo Homeland security announced a fear based warning that muslims had stolen suitcase nukes from Russia and were going to use them in LA.  Then magically, as if upon command, a submarine off the coast of LA launches a missle, heading toward LA and voila,  it starts to wobble, and finally falls into the sea off the LA coast with no explosion and since then, no Nuke warnings.  

Are the powers that be turning to bioweapons since the nukes are out of play in this game? Is that why the false flag,  CDC patented ebola virus was created with a whole game program developed around the idea of a pandemic, and vaccines ordered to meet the needs.  We have so far been warned, that like Baxter in 2009, that the vaccines are carrying the "live"  Ebola virus and we have been warned not to take the vaccine.  You decide for yourselves. 
   by Michael Salla
        October 26, 2012

According to John Kettler, a former US military contractor and scientist, there is an expanding UFO war that is now taking place in waters off Antarctica.

Kettler cites unnamed “sensitive sources” to substantiate his claims that a US led coalition of naval forces is militarily engaging with hostile extraterrestrials. This UFO war is an extension of alleged naval battles off the coast of San Francisco earlier reported by Gordon Duff from Veterans Today who refers to his own unnamed “reliable” sources.

There is little more than a collection of unnamed sources supporting such allegations, and there is good reason to conclude that Kettler’s and Duff’s claims are part of a psychological warfare operation that may be related to planning for a false flag alien event. There is one historical incident that casts light on whether or not Kettler’s claims are part of a psychological warfare program being slowly unveiled to the world.

There is new evidence that Admiral Richard Byrd’s famed 1946/1947 naval expedition Operation High Jump did encounter and battle a mysterious UFO force in Antarctic waters.

According to John Kettler, who has written a series of articles claiming that the US Navy along with its allies are battling hostile extraterrestrials based in underwater locations in the Pacific (watch below video):
The UFO War continues to expand, with heavy action in the Antarctic Ocean… according to highly sensitive sources.

Two submarines of the Chinese PLAN (Peoples Liberation Army Navy) have been slammed together, resulting in injuries, but no fatalities, to the submariners inside them.
Kettler goes on to claim:
Last night, 20 UFOs, traveling at 25,000 mph, left the Antarctic Ocean in a group and went to Guadalajara, Mexico. Another group of 15, flying at the same speed, went to Argentina. This morning, 12 more emerged and went to Chile.
Duff made similar claims to a UFO war in the Pacific that he originally reported in September.
Now an Asian intelligence agency reports that a combined fleet operation between the US and China has been going on, a full combat operation against what we are told is a “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.”

The verifications of the fleet operations have been many, there have been no confirmations from the US side though the ships have been seen by every vessel that makes it offshore.

The true nature of both the threat and the extent of the multinational military force used is beyond any imaginable classification level.
Kettler also wrote an article titled, “UFO War Explodes Through Entire Pacific Ocean! Now A Coalition War!,” where he claimed:
UFO War in the Pacific has now become a five-nation coalition war through the Pacific Basin, per supersensitive terrestrial sources.

Naval forces involved include the U.S. Navy (U.S.), PLAN (People’s Liberation Army Navy) (China), JMSDF (Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force) (Japan), ROKN (Republic of Korea Navy) (South Korea) and ROCN (Republic of China Navy) (Republic of China/Taiwan)…

Total is around 200 ships, including two U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups, many additional surface combatants (frigates through cruisers), numerous submarines and multiple URGs (underway replenishment groups) to keep all the warships fueled, munitioned, crews fed and supplied with multitudes of items.

The UFO War is an unprecedented kind of coalition war - with all the headaches and political delicacies that entails.
Given that Kettler, along with Gordon Duff, only cite unnamed sources in support of an expanding UFO war in the Pacific and now Antarctica, it is tempting to dismiss their claims as part of some agenda to make the general public believe in hostile extraterrestrials attacking the US military and allies.

There is one historical incident that does give circumstantial support for Kettler’s and Duff’s claims. In 1947, a US naval expedition did appear to engage in a UFO war - one where the US Navy apparently suffered significant casualties and had to withdraw.

An extraordinary 2006 Russian documentary
...was recently translated into English

It revealed new information about the US Navy Antarctica expedition of 1946/47 - Operation Highjump. The Naval expedition was headed by famed polar explore Admiral Richard Byrd whose expedition ended after only 8 weeks with “many fatalities” according to initial news reports.

Rather than deny the heavy casualty reports, Admiral Byrd revealed in a press interview in Chile that his Task Force had encountered a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.”

After the Soviet collapse in 1991, the KGB released previously classified files that cast light on Operation Highjump.

A 2006 Russian documentary, recently translated, made public for the first time a 1947 secret Soviet intelligence report commissioned by Joseph Stalin of the Operation Highjump mission to Antarctica.

The intelligence report, gathered from Soviet spies embedded in the US, revealed that the US Navy had sent the military expedition to find and destroy a hidden Nazi base. On the way, they encountered a mysterious UFO force that attacked the military expedition destroying several ships and a significant number of planes. Indeed, Operation Highjump had suffered “many casualties” as stated in initial press reports from Chile.

While there is a possibility the report resulted from US disinformation fed to a known Soviet mole, the more likely explanation is that the report exposes the first known historical incident involving a battle between US naval forces and an unknown UFO force stationed near Antarctica.

In the Soviet intelligence report, never before known testimony by two US Navy servicemen with Operation Highjump was revealed.

The most revealing was Lieutenant John Sayerson, a flying boat pilot, who is quoted as saying:
The thing shot vertically out of the water at tremendous velocity, as though pursued by the devil, and flew between the masts [of the ship] at such a high speed that the radio antenna oscillated back and forth in its turbulence.

An aircraft [Martin flying-boat] from the Currituck that took off just a few moments later was struck with an unknown type of ray from the object, and almost instantly crashed into the sea near our vessel…

About ten miles away, the torpedo-boat Maddox burst into flames and began to sink… Having personally witnessed this attack by the object that flew out of the sea, all I can say is, it was frightening.”
There is a serious question mark over whether or not another USS Maddox served with Operation Highjump, and a further question arises over whether the US misled Soviet authorities with false intelligence in 1947.

Despite these unresolved questions, there is a very real possibility that the 1947 Soviet report is substantially accurate. If so, then we have a historical precedent for the US Navy battling an unknown UFO force in Antarctic waters.

The lack of confirmed sources makes Kettler’s and Duff’s claims of an undeclared war between hostile extraterrestrial forces and a US led naval coalition in Antarctica and/or the Pacific, something to be seriously questioned, if not dismissed altogether. This is especially so given whistleblower testimony that a UFO false flag war has been planned for several decades.

The likelihood that Kettler and Duff are unknowingly disseminating misinformation about hostile extraterrestrials as part of a false flag UFO scenario is high as I have written earlier.

The alleged 1947 UFO battle in Antarctica involving the US Navy either really happened or was US misinformation fed to the Soviets during the Stalin era, and later released to the general public in 1991.

If the Soviet report is based on disinformation, then its release serves to promote international conditions for a future false flag UFO operation.

If the Soviet report is substantially accurate, then the historical precedent of a 1947 UFO US Navy battle suggests that it would be unwise to simply dismiss Kettler’s and Duff’s claims as disinformation.

In either case, great vigilance is required on the part of those investigating claims of battles between a US led alliance of naval powers, and hostile extraterrestrials based in undersea bases in Antarctica and/or the Pacific Ocean.

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