Nissan Robin Williams ‘Family Guy’ episode, depicting a suicide attempt, aired on BBC shortly before death was announced

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Vatic Note:    Oh, this is exactly like every other event these globalists cause, such as the gulf blow out on the oil rig.  They predicted it and showed the news clip in a movie released 9 months BEFORE the blowout.  It was called "The Knowing" with Nicholas Cage as the lead actor.  

That is satans rule..... the event planned must be announced just before the event or even months before the event, and its usually TV or Movies where this occurs, I believe that is what this below has done, so the question is "What really happened to Robin Williams AND WHY DID IT HAPPEN?"  Who controls the movie industry?  TV programming?  Mainstream News?  We all know who!!!!  What we don't know is "Why?"  So why don't they tell us why? 

I think they made a huge mistake here.  Was it because the demons that harassed him were getting angry that he would not allow them to fully control him?  Was it because he knew about the Satanism or the rituals with children in the entertainment industry, that he may not have liked?  What is the reason?  Come on, go all the way and tell us.  You told us you did it by publishing it just before it happened..... so why not say why?

A day of reckoning is coming.   I don't know when or where, but I do "KNOW" that day is coming.  I feel it in my bones and it won't be pretty either.  They should be scared if I were them.  The Wrath that they have engendered will be horrific, especially for what they have done to the little children.  No question about it.  I just hope I am around to watch it.  In many ways, Robin was like a little child.  Good luck, bad guys, time is leaving you to your fate.  You are running out of time for sure.

Nissan Robin Williams ‘Family Guy’ episode, depicting a suicide attempt, aired on BBC shortly before death was announced  
BY Kirthana Ramisetti,  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, August 12, 2014

BBC Three aired an episode of the animated comedy prominently featuring the Oscar winner just moments before news of his death was made public. A spokeswoman for the network called the timing an ‘uncanny coincidence.’

Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 3:34 PM
BBC Three aired an episode of ‘Family Guy’ featuring Robin Williams just moments before news of his death was announced Monday.

In an instance of unfortunate timing, a BBC network aired a “Family Guy” episode about Robin Williams just moments before his death was announced.   
(VN: "unfortunate" is not the word I would use, I would use the word,  preannouncement as required by Satan before the satanist does an act.  We have covered this on this blog many, many times and its always the same. We are fully aware of BBC's connection to the Rothschild Zios.)

As first reported by the Mirror, BBC Three aired "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2" on Monday, which has a segment about Peter Griffin being bestowed with the ability to turn everything he touches into Robin Williams.

Even though Griffin receives the Midas-esque power because he’s a fan of the “Mork & Mindy” star, he soon becomes overwhelmed by the Williams’ clones overtaking the town. In an eerie coincidence, Griffin tries to kill himself, then resorts to cutting off his hands, in order to rid himself of his powers.

The episode’s airing occurred just a few minutes before news broke that the Oscar winner had died, which at the time was being reported as a suspected suicide. (The actor’s passing was officially confirmed as a suicide Tuesday.)
According to the Mirror, the episode aired in the U.K. at 11:25 p.m., with the news about the actor’s death breaking at around 11:50 p.m.

A scene from the ‘Family Guy’ episode featuring Robin Williams. In the episode, Peter Griffin is given the ability  to turn everything he touches into the actor. FOX: A scene from the ‘Family Guy’ episode featuring Robin Williams. In the episode, Peter Griffin is given the ability to turn everything he touches into the actor.
Many fans took to Twitter to express their shock at the coincidence.
“So weird that the family guy episode about robin Williams was on last night just before it was announced he was dead,” wrote one TV viewer.
“(A bit) weirded out by the news of Robin Williams' death after last nights episode of family guy being all about him?” another person tweeted.
A spokeswoman for the BBC told the Mirror that the episode’s timing was an "uncanny coincidence." She also said that the network will not re-air the episode later in the week, as had been originally scheduled.   (VN: it is no coincidence, its was a pre-announcement.)

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, who voices Peter Griffin, posted a tribute to the late comedian Monday.

“The world just got a lot less funny,” he tweeted. “Robin Williams is a tragic loss.”

Alex Borstein, who also voices characters on the show, shared her own simple tribute to Williams on Twitter by evoking his famous TV character, Mork.
“Nanu Nanu RIP,” she wrote.   (VN: hmmm, a very interesting comment, if I do say so myself)

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