Kerry’s remarks on China are ‘outrageous’: Jim W. Dean

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Vatic Note:  I do not understand why Jim is surprised?  He must know as does everyone, that the objective is WW III.  Bilderbergs want it, the nazi zios want it, Israel wants it,  bankers want it, CEO's of military industrial complex want it, etc.  Every world war including this one that is planned, has been orchestrated by the Rothschild international bankers  and the leaders on both sides are in on the scam.

They did this in WW I and WW II.  Putin is in on it, but I do not know that for sure.  He would never have made it as high as he has were he not in on it and he has pocketed much wealth from those bankers.  He may betray them or he may seem to be betraying them for the benefit of his people, so they don't come after him and his minions.  We will know when its over.

Its only the millions of people dying for profits, that do not know its all a planned scam and we die for it.  I think that needs to stop in every country.  NO MORE WORLD WARS FOR PROFITS AND GAIN.  Remember, they always do what has worked in the past because they have no soul, thus no creativity or adaptability.  Those are our strengths. So, here we are moving into the third one within the past 100 years.

That means someone has to start the war and by who is selected, indicates who the designated loser is suppose to be, which is us, but lets surprise the heck out of them and only do a world war on our international bankers, in each and every country.  Then we go after the international child murderers, and pedophilers  in every country and mete out justice to them.

I can hardly wait. There is so much they have to be accountable for, so many crimes both locally here in the US, and internationally, that most of them will never see the outside of a jail when we are through with them.  If Iceland can do it and Ireland, then we can too.   In fact, some of the perps have already been arrested in other countries, so there is no reason why we can't do the same right here.

Kerry’s remarks on China are ‘outrageous’: Jim W. Dean
by Jim W. DEan,  Veterans Today Editor 

An American journalist says US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent remarks about China are “outrageous” and part of Washington’s psychological operations strategy against Beijing.

***You can listen to the 2:45 minute interview on Press TV here.

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On Thursday, Kerry said the US firmly opposes the “use of intimidation and coercion” by China in territorial disputes in the South China Sea, adding the US takes its interests in the Asia-Pacific region very seriously.

“The United States is an Asian-Pacific nation, and we take our enduring interests there very seriously. We know that America’s security and prosperity are closely and increasingly linked to the Asia-Pacific,” the top US diplomat said.
“I was really shocked to hear Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks today because they were just totally outrageous,” said Jim W Dean, managing editor and columnist at Veterans Today, in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.
“I’d like to say that I was surprised by what he said but I’d have to call it, I’d come up with the term these are Alice-in-Wonderland-type comments which have become routine coming out of US foreign policy. It reminds me of my favorite line in the Alice in Wonderland books that goes ‘When I use a word, it means whatever I want it to mean, nothing more and nothing less,’” he added.
“What we have going on is form an intel psyops [intelligence and psychological operations] perspective on this. He (Kerry) is just using the classic tactics of charging your adversary with aggressive behavior that you are actually engaged in so that anything you say in response makes them look like they are defensive and folks won’t even take a look at the US as actually the one that is the aggressor here,” Dean said.
China recently announced plans to build lighthouses on several islands in the region and last year declared an Air Defense Zone over the waters.
Dean said that whatever the Chinese are doing is “a totally defensive reaction to the US aggression because they are not about to let the US get a lot of that military power close to China where they can put missile bases in, supply ammunitions and planes so that we can threaten cutting off the supply lines and energy coming from the Persian Gulf, and they can also cut off China’s waterborne exports.”
 He also described the Obama administration’s “pivot” to Asia strategy “an economic containment strategy” in which the US military “is being used actually for preemptive trade wars.”
This is the United States, not China, that has hundreds of military bases overseas, Dean said. “China is not threatening energy supply lines and trade routes to the US, it’s the US doing that to China.”
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